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  1. Already done the Google bit. As for blocked sites, you can still get at ones kids ought not! (Found out by accident, honestly).
  2. It's not an ISP issue. I'm in hospital and tagging onto their wifi. They regard most Gay Story sites as naughty, the only ones I've found to work are Awesome Dude and Dabeagles Doghouse. Can't complain, my access in the first place is dubious!
  3. This seems to be the only Gay Story site that is not blocked! Please Dude, don't do anything that might affect this.
  4. Compulsory voting and a "none of the above" on the ballot paper. If there is a majority for "none of the above", new elections with new candidates. Always seemed logical to me.
  5. A failure. Google got me to IOMFATS, but it is blocked as are the seven or so proxy servers I tried, boo hoo.
  6. Thanks, as it's not the "naughty site " message, I think some caching has gone on. PCs are easy to force but I'm a baby with Safari. I'll carry on trying.
  7. Does anyone know what the problem is? I've been getting "under construction" all week. I had been following the latest Andrew Foote story, and am suffering withdrawal symptoms. I am using a borrowed iPad as I'm in hospital but I don't think it's the wifi blocking it, unlike Castle Roland which it considers very naughty. Can't complain, I think I'm not supposed to use the wifi anyway.
  8. If, and it's a pretty big if, he does not moderate himself and just be another president, there must be a good chance he won't serve a full term. It only takes one crackpot with a rifle, and there is a bit more than one in the USA. For some reason, it won't let me embed it, but this YouTube video says everything that's needed in 1 minute 57 seconds.
  9. Being now deaf, the music is lost on me, but one thing Spamalot was not, was musically unique. It's basically pantomime music or circus music. A lot of musicians could join in just fine after hearing three notes!
  10. Hate to disappoint, but the picture is the result of four individual photos, and photoshop. The cats were photoed individually, and put together on the PC.
  11. What!
  12. Yes, it reads like a screenplay for the last episode of a series on TV where they want to get series two made. Something that is rife in American commercial TV. And to a lesser extent, commercial TV anywhere. I don't blame Arthur for wanting a rest, but we all would have appreciated a bit of closure, and would have read book/series 2 as well. This way though makes me less likely to, not more. You don't usually have a second chance if you insult the reader.
  13. Issue is bigger than patriotism. Far more fundamental, I'd call it honesty, or doing the right thing. Good read too.
  14. To be truthful, those who make the most noise about gayness (or other issues) could well be deep in the closet themselves. A line from Hamlet seems apt, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks". One hopes the story is true, but I'm a bit cynical here, all too easy to invent such things these days. Fingers crossed.
  15. Indeed. I wasn't sure I liked the format, but it was so well done I just knuckled down and read the story.