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  1. Nifty has a good story with a fresh plot: Ayden's Eyes https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/beginnings/aydens-eyes/ Still good at chapter 4, with more finished chapters yet to read.
  2. Link fixed in previous post. Sorry.
  3. I was about to start a new topic about this movie, but bilal beat me to it (by about a month). The acting is outstanding, the relationships of the characters is drawn really well in a fine plot, the cinematography is superb. The English subtitles leave something to be desired, but they are adequate to get the story across. I found the movie at http://tbiet.blogspot.com/ in a May 18th posting (jeudi, Mai 18), now on the second page or lower (click on 'articles plus anciens' at the bottom of the text)
  4. I think everything in the Oval Office is recorded, including the 18 or so minutes of Nixon's days.
  5. My ISP was down for over four hours this morning -- about 8:30 am Pacific Time to 1:30 p.m. The WSJ headline says there was a global cyber attack. Anyone else suffer?
  6. At chapter 11, still a worthwhile read despite the need for an editor.
  7. Still very good at Chapter 6.
  8. Sometimes a story will take the reader into an environment that is entirely different from the world he may live in but is fascinating and seemingly real. Black Sheep by Staten Krown is just such a story. The punctuation is atrocious and the grammar, at times, is lacking, but the narrative is well done (and to me narrative is 90 percent of a story's value). Black Sheep is about a man kicked out of his inner city home for being gay, who has found success in the world and who is returning for his brother's wedding after 14 years away from home. His father is a conservative-religious pastor, one of his brothers runs a gang, a sister is a heroin addict--in short, his home is a very turbulent environment. Highly recommended as of Chapter 4. https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/adult-friends/black-sheep/black-sheep-1.html
  9. I'm cooling on Cheddars, now at Chapter 11. The original premise--a young man is kicked out of his home and living on the street before meeting the other main character--has turned somewhat clich├ęd. I'll continue reading it, but my recommendation intensity is reduced a few notches.
  10. Six chapters in, I like Cheddar's enough to recommend it. Though many of the gay themes are well known, they are treated somewhat freshly, keeping Nifty as a site to keep scouting. https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/college/cheddars/
  11. Between the Push and Pull is a fine story; ten chapters will be posted over the next weeks. The story is erotic as hell, but the eroticism is central to the nuanced plot -- not tacked on and skimmable as it is in most stories of the gay genre. From about the fourth paragraph on, you realize that this is not your usual porn tale. https://www.gayauthors.org/story/hudson-bartholomew/betweenthepushandpull There is real character development all the way to the end of Chapter 10 in a story that I edited.
  12. From a site that has been around a long time, a list of the top stories posted there as chosen by the web owner http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/occasions/20-anniversary.html
  13. For Suzanne, something special: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/flashback-leonard-cohen-andjudy-collins-perform-suzanne-in-1967-20130425
  14. I know bi_janus doesn't agree, but the best version of Hallelujah is Jeff Buckley's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AWFf7EAc4 I'm not sure of the covers for Suzanne, another great song, but probably not Leonard Cohen himself.
  15. The popular vote is not really a reflection of the populace in a Presidential election because the electoral system causes candidates to ignore states in which they have no chance of winning -- e.g., California for Trump and Clinton in Wyoming. If the electoral college rules are changed so that California or Wyoming come into play, then the campaigns will move into those states and likely change the election result. Counting the total votes of an uncontested state the same as a votes of a contested state is not necessarily a reflection of the will of the people.