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  1. Note: Due to change of servers in December, the register@awesomedude.com email link was not working. It is now working again! If you tried to register, but failed, please try again. Thanks, Mike
  2. Actually, that's some of the lyrics of the song "Officer Krupke" from West Side Story, Cole.
  3. Expect this to be the norm after January 20th.
  4. I just read this story to my cats and they laughed uproariously! Scruffie thinks they should consider tazing the owners for trying such a stupid thing! I won't comment until I check whether Florida law allows euthanizing pet owners. Mike
  5. Er, that's in case you want to post a poll. LOL If you want to post a poll, select "poll." Otherwise, just leave the selection at "content" which is the default. Happy New Year! Mike
  6. I have checked with the hosting provider and several readers around the world and am assured the DNS hiccups have been cured. Thanks for your patience through some anxious moments. We don't often make major changes like this (last hosting provider change was about ten years ago) and don't anticipate major trauma again until we're all into our (collective) dotage. Hint: Details coming soon on how AD plans to counter a major earthquake (reportedly coming soon) that will benefit Arizona real estate developers' beachfront home sales. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mike Whoops... time to turn off the snow!
  7. I still believe in Christmas miracles... and I woke up this morning to see that one more has come true! So great to see EleCivil is alive and well. Please don't leave us again , Elecivil, and continue to help us in the fight for good despite the dark turn we're about to make on January 20th! Mike
  8. Whoa... I have NO editorial control over CodeysWorld. Nor would I ever consider deleting anything from Colin's site. As I remember, Nick James' stories were once hosted at AwesomeDude.com but I believe he was asked to leave for picking fights with other authors. Maybe it was criticism of a story like this that sparked it. I only remember that -after he left- not a single reader wrote asking where he had gone. We'll have to ask Colin about this but he's off for a couple of days with family. The only reason I posted was that I was looking for something uplifting to read on Christmas Eve and found this in CW's update. By posting I had hoped to save others from severe disappointment at what should be a joyful time of year. Since you all probably read it.. I guess I failed. Sigh Mike
  9. This is the most depressing Christmas story I've ever read.
  10. Merry Christmas - Happy Chanukkah & Happy New Year to all!
  11. More Christmas Cheer!
  12. I have no explanations except to say that DNS servers along the way update at different rates. Also different browsers handle (update) their caches in different ways. Eventually, however, they all resolve and things are normalized. First time visitors have no problems, usually, the url's are the same but are just now located at different ip addresses. They won't change for the immediate future. We've made a move and sometimes current site users browsers need to update themselves. Anyway, I want to thank Colin for his cooperation in getting the sites moved. All of the @awesomedude.com email forwarding accounts should work. Let me know if you have one that doesn't. It took me all night on Wednesday night to make the moves and Colin most of Thursday to get little bugs that appeared at AD and CW exterminated. All this during a driving rain storm in the Southern California desert. Mike
  13. Straalen McCallum
  14. To mark the winter solstice, AwesomeDude.com and CodeysWorld.com have moved to a new hosting facility. We are sorry if you failed to connect during the hours the DNS servers took to propagate the new information. We're now hosted on servers in Germany. We hope we'll get good results by using the very reliable servers of 1and1.com. Their customer service and technical support is excellent. We'll now move into the New Year with new servers and the Forums with its new look. Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks. Mike