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  1. Yeah, blame it on Rocky & Bullwinkle!
  2. AwesomeDude is very pleased to announce that Jamie's Quest by long-time AwesomeDude Author Joel will begin posting April 1st. JAMIE’S QUEST This is another growing-up story. James Arthur Stewart Drummond appears in ‘Flip’s Tale’ as does the school, Kinloch. The story takes Jamie from the age of nearly nine through to adulthood and into his career. Interwoven within his own life are a host of friends and his family. I hope there is humour, love, some excitement and a touch of pathos in the telling. You, the reader must judge. Joel
  3. Peter did a bang up job of editing John Lloyd's (Seth Newman) Moraine Plastics. I can highly recommend him! Mike
  4. It's true that Drake gave exclusive rights to The Mail Crew to post the story. However, he gave specific instructions that AwesomeDude could link the story through TheMailCrew's site due to our fraternal relationship with TMC. I'll modify the link to point to the archivee version TMC to make it available within the limits the author intended. Mike
  5. Snowblind94, It is a shame you're not staying around to defend your beliefs. But considering you joined the Forums recently and your four postings have only espoused deeply-felt political/religious views as well as push the envelope on our Golden Rule policy against personal attacks... added to the fact that you have never made a comment about the AwesomeDude site, its stories or its authors , it has become apparent that your only reason for joining the AD Forums was to promote your political/religious views. Having done that you are now preparing to gather up your marbles and go home. We have a very diverse group here and many, including myself, deplore the treatment of Native Americans in the USA and the First Nation peoples of Canada. I am sure that there are many who would benefit from reading a reasoned, civil discussion of the topics you raised. Gabriel Duncan our former Poetry Editor and AwesomeDude Author would especially be interested as a Native American himself. If you insist on going, however, we wish you Godspeed. Mike
  6. snowbird wrote: I think the Hitler reference was what Cole was referring to. Mike
  7. Arkadelphia Plantation—a story with a very long gestation period. Three years ago I started work on a sequel to Sentinel Mountain. After struggling with it off and on for a few months, it was obvious it was going no where, so I gave up on the endeavor. Somewhere in the backwaters of my mind, the basic idea behind a different story was a shadowy half-formed idea. I started playing around with it when, at the same time, an ongoing chronic back problem reached the point yet another back surgery was scheduled. Following the surgery the pain killers made any real creative work pretty much dead in the water. As the months passed, I picked up the story from time to time, but the chronic back pain and narcotic pain killers became a part of everyday life rendering creative thought problematic. Just over a year ago, I took up the story once again and managed to finish what is now being posted by the Awesome Dude. I hope you enjoy Arkadelphia Plantation. Note on the title. I think probably it’s mostly just a tale, but growing up I was told an African-American community, Colony, Alabama, was founded by slaves from Arkadelphia Plantation after the Civil War. Colony was originally in Jefferson County Alabama—county seat Birmingham—but is now in Cullman. Cullman was settled after the Civil War and had no African-American citizens and meant it to stay that way. It was not to be.The border between the two counties is the Mulberry Branch of the Black Warrior River. An Act of God, a flood, changed the course of the river delivering a whole African-American community into lily white Cullman overnight. Growing up I was always fascinated by the story, the irony of it all and the delightful name Arkadelphia. Sequoyah
  8. Beautiful!
  9. I miss Tom Lehrer -To save you all from searching for The Vatican Rag.... here it is:
  10. Amen! I propose a more appropriate title for the occupant of the White House for the next four years: Usurper Mike
  11. Note: Due to change of servers in December, the register@awesomedude.com email link was not working. It is now working again! If you tried to register, but failed, please try again. Thanks, Mike