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  1. Pretenders to the throne need to be stepping to the front now so as to be well-enough known to have a chance come election time. But who in his right mind would want to enter the mire we now have at the top? One has to wonder, too, if any moderate has a chance. We seem to be going through a period of eat-your-opponent-alive politics, and have a widely-divided and over-passionate electorate body. C
  2. Seeing hatred come alive and be personified is always a shock, always disturbing, always dismaying, and always more so when it comes from purported Christians. Strong video. C
  3. Burned buns can be quiet a problem. I'd suggest sunscreen. Oh, wait. That's comes before, doesn't it? C
  4. Easy to see how talented he is. He has the grace to go far. C
  5. I'm all for hot boys. Maybe that's the reason for all these dress codes for boys. C
  6. I'm sure all these rules made you all better men. That had to be the reason, didn't it? C
  7. Boys wearing skirts. Hmmm. These dress codes are silly. And most of them are sexist and stem from antiquated thoughts of sexuality that are no longer valid, if they ever were. Sex ed and the internet have made old fashioned ideas, well, old fashioned. But the topic does allow for an excursion into farce. Stick-in-the-mud oldsters trying to enforce ludicrous sanctions and witty youngsters taking them on. Certainly someone should write this! C
  8. Here you go:
  9. Rather like Samson, huh? Beardless you'd be wordless? Strength and creativity issuing from the foliclles? C
  10. I've never written a story that wasn't created using a word processing program. I doubt I ever would have. To me, having this tool is integral to the process. It's so easy to move things around, to try things and then discard them when they don't work, even to do silly things like changing from first person to third. The word processor is part of the creative process for me. C
  11. OUCH!
  12. Wait a minute. Chris has a beard? Has had one since time immemorial? I had no idea! Hard to imagine. He doesn't write like he has a beard. C
  13. Peter: A piece of unsolicited advice: don't overthink the thing. You've written a sound first chapter. Now the tendency is to go back the look at it from all angles, tweak this and fix that and change the other, and that isn't the best use of your time and creativity. What you might do instead is move on. You have many ideas for what comes next, and bogging yourself down making unnecessary changes to what's already written isn't terribly productive. Move forward, young man! That's where this story need to go. And Colin's right: waiting is an essential part of self-editing. Your first chapter will still there while you write more, and will always be available for tinkering. But it really should't be your focus right now. C
  14. Great of you to mention The Americanization of Alex S. In my view, it's one of the best stories I've read on the net. Peter, the work you have to do is writing more. What you've already written is very good. C