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  1. Sounds like a typical Joel story—which means it's a must read! C
  2. Ouch! C
  3. I had somewhat the same reaction: is Driver actually still writing? Wow! I hadn't known. Yeah, great story. C
  4. Welcome, Tom! The more the merrier! C
  5. Isn't there supposed to be a final referendum on the thing before it actually comes to pass? If not a national one, at least in Parliament? C
  6. Here's a link to a very informative article on Brexit, explaining how things stand and providing information I for one wasn't aware of. What a kettle of fish! C
  7. I got the following request today. I don't know this story. Does anyone here? Cole, I need some help. I'm looking for a specific story I've read , but can't seem to find. I'm almost certain it's not one of yours; I'm hoping you might have an idea. The story is about a boy who is kidnapped and held for several years. He ultimately manages to find a cell phone and calls his "best friend" with a somewhat cryptic message. The friend recognizes his voice, and from that point the authorities are able to locate where the boy is held. I've gone through the AD list several times and even used the search function, but so far haven't had any luck. Anyone have any ideas? C
  8. Someone's making a fortune selling concrete that may or may not be covered by state building codes because those people don't seem to see the need for that sort of protectionism, and who wants to pay for anyone to enforce regulations, anyway? Why that would be unAmerican, regulating businesses, cutting into their profits. What would be next, trying to regulate how much pollution comes from the back ends of cars? Heaven forbid. C
  9. The arts generally take government support and don't make much money for large companies. Therefore, Trump doesn't see the point in them. C
  10. Reticence is the hobgoblin of timorous minds. Or something like that. C
  11. I read that article, too, and it reminded me of some feisty discussions we had on the topic here a time ago. Colin is a great proponent of the Oxonian squiggle. Show's how even the brightest among us aren't always right. C
  12. Trump is taking financial support away from the arts and trying to roll back auto emission standards. I'm not sure there's not a single progressive step we've made in the past 20 years he isn't trying to undermine. He doesn't care about people. He has his own Trail of Tears in his immigration policy, separating families, sending wage earners away and leaving their families without that support, leaving kids without parents. He's a monster. C
  13. I discovered this online today and found it quite amusing. Worth reading. Imbedded in it was a link that took you to what were described as the 32 best comebacks ever. They were mostly very good, contrary to how they're described in the article that has the link to them. Here's the last one of the 32. You can always count on Dorothy Parker to hit the nail on the head: Parker had been on her honeymoon, when Harold Ross interrupted her to ask why she was late with a book review. 32. Dorothy Parker Vs. New Yorker Editor Harold Ross
  14. That's a good article, Chris. Thanks for the link. She's got a very valid point, she makes it well, and when she's accused of not understanding human biology, it merely shows her opponent doesn't understand either sarcasm or English language usage. He's the one who needs to return to school, preferably the lower grades. C
  15. We seem to have a man in power now who dislike facts and truth and trusts only his own opinion and the toadies he's surrounded himself with. Sounds very much like what Herr Hitler was like. "Don't confuse me with the facts." The common opinion now is that the latter was nutty as a fruitcake. C