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  1. I hope everyone has a chance to read Colin's great new story. Fun read, and a very worthwhile way to spend a few minutes. You'll be glad you did! C
  2. De we get a sequel? C
  3. One problem is this shows a much larger portion of our population is of a medieval mindset than anyone thought possible. How do other nations trust us, knowing that? C
  4. They'll probably be 'coming for us next' in any case, especially if Pence gains any momentum. I'm not sure how best to prepare for this. I hope those wiser than I are already thinking about this. C
  5. A great story up at a great site. Wonderful! Something to cheer. C
  6. I too see errors I never saw twenty years ago in books, magazines, Internet articles, fliers, TV subtitles, what have you. I don't think it's because I'm more observant now, and certainly I'm no smarter. No, I believe it's the great American corporate overwrought need to cut costs at all costs. I think they've replaced very good people with much less good machines, and then perhaps gotten rid of the people who ran the machines as another unnecessary cost because, after all, who cares if there's a mistake or two in their copy? I do, for one. Not that they care. C
  7. Population-wise, Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world; New Zealand is the 127th, right behind Oman and Liberia. I would hope, if this causes some friction, it can be resolved amicably.
  8. I thought that was what he was doing, getting rid of all his intelligence agencies and networks. He dislikes any one or group of people who disagree with him, and intelligence analyses consistently show what he's doing is wrong. So, like in Alice in Wonderland, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. C
  9. Amen! C
  10. How did it happen? Well, why not draw an analogy with George III. He was a nut case in charge of a nation, and through his ministrations, England lost the Colonies. The nation allowed his malfeasance to exist. He was king. Now we have our own king, and allowing him to wreck his havoc may cause similar travails. Our only hope is for our system to triumph, for our courts and Congress to reign the man in. So far, I'd say there's a less than 50:50 chance of that; the bully is winning. C
  11. I was surprised to see this ended already! Thought it would be several more chapters. But end it did, and I have to say, it was a wonderful story, and a pleasure to read. Well done, Graeme! C
  12. Thanks, you two. This one felt good as it emerged from my fingertips. Wish it always worked like that. I'm getting mail from people who've never written before, and there's a common theme to their messages: 'Oh that my father had been like that!' C
  13. Carping? Sounds like a fishy complaint to me. C
  14. I don't think you can call that a chapter. It's a short story if it's complete. And, according to my mentor, Colin, it's a novella. Novellas are short stories that have between 17,501 and 40,000 words. This would be a Valentine's Day novella. C
  15. I've just read through the first 12 chapters of this story. Very good so far. Should be read by everyone. C