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    Just LULZ

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    Ask yourself: do you feel lucky?
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    Don't bother Fred. He's just not right.
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    It's made of warm.
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    Just LULZ

  8. I'm for anything that makes us less of a police state. When I was a kid I drove a truck with deer rifles in the gun rack to school. Granted- they were locked in the racks and had trigger locks. No one even NOTICED. Anyone who might accidently do that today would probably get a hellfire missile in their face. You have to have the perspective of being alive for a few generations to see how far the country has slipped in the direction of authoritarianism. PS- For those of you where it's legal, cannabis tea is WONDERFUL for arthritis and rheumatism- especially when its related to cold weather. Might want to go light with it and have some snacks around if you are new to it.
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    The Long Way Home

    LOL... cat literature!
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    The Long Way Home

    auto-incorrect - I must set it on fire ⚡
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    The Long Way Home

    Cut me a break! My auto-incorrect spell checker is a real ballbuster.