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  1. Incorporating Music in a Story?

    Chris, I have just finished writing an article for a local website. In it I have three links to pieces of music. The way I have solved the problem has been to obtain copies of the music which were either copyright free or for which I could obtain a copyright release. Then I copied the files into the same directory as the text for the article placing local links in the article. I know this approach is not always possible but it is probably the best way to avoid broken or highjacked links.
  2. Incorporating Music in a Story?

    A word of warning. Be very careful about embedding links in stories to outside resources. You have to think about what will happen if the link is no longer valid. I was reading a story on another site and clicked on a link to a piece of music. The story was about six years old and the link came up with a 404 error. That is not too bad. A few months ago I was reading a technical article on a closed site and clicked on a link in the article. The article was from 2006. The link rather than going to the quoted article, went to a download, which turned out to be malware. Fortunately Avast caught it and blocked the download. Some investigation found that the original site ceased to exist in 2010 but its domain had been taken on by people who had reinstated the links and connected them to malware. So if you are embedding links in your story, think about what happens if the link is broken.
  3. Lightning in a Jar by Cole Parker

    Great story - I loved it. Maybe Cole we could see them ten years on when Nick gives that performance? I for one would like to see how it all works out.
  4. Workbench Chat, by Nigel Gordon

    I am not so sure. There is now a growing market of people who want hard copies off their favourite ebooks. Spent a few hours last night reformatting an ebook into a pdf file, then used Bookbinder 3 to generate the signatures, which I printed off. This morning I sowed the signatures together, this evening I will make the case binding for it. My friend is calling round on Sunday to pick it up. He is going to have a nicely bound hard copy of an ebook. I know a number of bookbinders who have done similar jobs. There is also quite a market starting to build up in putting decent bindings on Print On Demand books coming out of Amazon and the likes. I have done two in the past month.
  5. Workbench Chat, by Nigel Gordon

    A question one of my beta readers asked was could a book have been hand bound in the time allowed for in the story, just over a couple of hours. The answer to this is that for a cloth bound book with a simple gold blocked lettering on the spine, then yes. I am part of a bookbinding group in Leicester and new comers to the group usually leave the first session with a bound book. Each session is three hours.
  6. Workbench Chat, by Nigel Gordon

    Glad to oblige, have a look at:
  7. One Fish, Two Fish

    I keep going back and reading it again and again, it is so good. Though it is costing me a fortune in tissues.
  8. With A Whimper

    Unfortunately I have read it before I go in for my operation, due in 12 days. I will no doubt be thinking about it, but also about a programme that was aired last week on the same subject. We are loosing the fight and it is only a matter of time before we find out how badly we have lost. A great story well told. Personally I would like to see it posted tot he main site, where - who knows - somebody might see it who can do something about it.
  9. At The End Of The String

    One of the best.
  10. A boy found trying to sleep in a doorway. An old man pursuing a age old craft. A chat about being who you are. So why are things not quite as they seem? A 'Workbench Chat' is coming soon.
  11. A boy found trying to sleep in a doorway. An old man pursuing a age old craft. A chat about being who you are. So why are things not quite as they seem? A 'Workbench Chat' is coming soon.
  12. Today's commentary on Trump

    It appears that intelligence analysts in at least three countries have been instructed to remove 'origin and strength' information from reports before they are passed to US intelligence services. Yes, the CIA and NSA will still be getting the same intelligence but they will not now know how much weight to put on it. It is one thing to read "our agent in Damascus has ... ", quite another to read "a report has ..." Unfortunately for the next few years the latter is probably all US Intelligence is going to get, which is going to make the US a lot less safe.
  13. Lightning in a Jar by Cole Parker

    Well, the writing is certainly one of your best. Can't judge the story till we get to the end but I suspect it will be.
  14. Global cybernet attack

    Just a small but very important point. No computer was hacked in this cyber attack. They were INFECTED. There is a major difference between being hacked and being infected.
  15. Fire Your Investigator?

    It appears that the Donald is somewhat concerned that there might be some tapes of his conversations around. News reports state: In a tweet on Friday, he <Trump> said Mr Comey had "better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations". Why should he be concerned about any tapes of their conversations? What did he say that could be have been recorded?