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  1. Notes

    There are some stories which are good, there are some which are great. Then there are some like Notes which can only be called sublime. They work perfectly, capturing the feeling of time, place and events. To write such a story takes great skill and in Notes Cole has demonstrated that skill perfectly. Probably one of the best short stories I have ever read and certainly the best I have read on the internet.
  2. Another Summer in Georgia

    Cole, the absolute facts stated in Dodger are correct. Pratchett did a lot of research to make sure he got the details right. Even the positioning of the sewers is correct for the period when it is set. Pratchett is following the same rule that Ian Fleming set out. Whenever you have a checkable fact make sure it is right, then when you make a fictional statement it will be believed. I met Fleming on a couple of occasions and he always emphasised getting the facts right. Once they were in place you could mix in fiction to your hearts content.
  3. Another Summer in Georgia

    May be a long wait. Tied down in a lot or research. Learning that writing a linked series of novel where the key novel is set around real events gives rise to all sorts of problems.
  4. The Lavender Song

    Came across this when doing some research into the Berlin Cabaret scene in the 1920s. Maybe it should be revived big time: I am putting two links up for it in English and one in German, there are plenty more on YouTube. Personally I think the English words are better than the original German - they fit better. And here is the original German recording from 1921: This is the original German version from 1921 sung by Marek Weber:
  5. The Lavender Song

    Came across this when doing some research into the Berlin Cabaret scene in the 1920s. Maybe it should be revived big time: I am putting two links up for it in English and one in German, there are plenty more on YouTube. Personally I think the English words are better than the original German - they fit better. And here is the original German recording from 1921:
  6. Release of the new Haywood's Journey

    Just arrived on my Kindle, will enjoy reading it.
  7. Another Summer in Georgia

    Well it's come to an end. Just have to hope we hear more about the boys in the future. I am sure they are going to have an eventful life one way or another. Sequels are hard to do and more often than not don't work. This one did and I throughly enjoyed it. Thanks Cole.
  8. Article of interest to all writers

    I agree with Cynus.
  9. Another Summer in Georgia

    I am just enjoying this, will leave comments till the end.
  10. Contesting personal freedoms

    Cole, ninety-nine percent of all laws are routinely ignored. If they weren't life would be impossible. For a start I can't remember the last time I saw a London Hackney Cab carrying a bale of hay to feed the horse. Not sure if that is still the law but it was still a legal requirement when I was living in London. By the way the shape of the London Hackney Cab is defined by the legal requirement to have sufficient room for a gentleman to sit in it wearing a top hat. I doubt very much if your average American male over the age of sixteen and under forty is going out on a Sunday afternoon to practice with a long bow. That is one of those laws which you have inherited from us and so far as I know you have never repealed it. We only got round to repealing it this century. There are a lot of old laws and even more old regulations which exist and are routinely ignored. Unfortunately every now and again they turn up and bite you. I was with an officer of one of our teacher unions this morning and asked them about the rule. From what he said there is no specific rule on the use of names there is though advice from both the teacher's professional body and the Department of Education which states that teachers may refer to students either by their family name, their given name or any acceptable diminutive of the given name provided the the diminutive form is not considered offensive. Under that rule to call somebody called Thomas Tom would be alright, however, to use a nickname like Tich would not be acceptable, even if the student asked to be known by that name.
  11. Contesting personal freedoms

    Actually Cole I think you might find it is one of your laws. The legal principle that the instruction was based on came from case law in the early 17th century. As such it is part of Common Law prior to the Declaration of Independence, so part of US Common Law.
  12. Contesting personal freedoms

    Actually Cole I suspect there may be a legal objection. I am not certain if the instruction applies in education but suspect it does. There is a standing order from a number of government departments that people must be referred to at all times by their officially registered name. I know this applies in the prison service and in social services. This caused major problems for my ex-boyfriend who had changed his name by deed poll but found himself in a situation where he did not have proof of the deed poll and social services would not use that name for him. This caused all sorts of problems as they could not find half his records. I do know that in the late 1990s a teacher was suspended and later dismissed after an allegation that the teacher used a nickname for a student which the student found offensive. Apparently the name Paddy was used for him by most of the students at the school, the situation resulted in him attacking the teacher which resulted in an inquiry. The report of the inquiry specifically stated that all government employees should make use only of official names.
  13. Contesting personal freedoms

    From what I have heard of the case, the report cited above is rather biased, it seems to be one of those Catch 22 situations which catch everybody out. First, so far as I have been able to establish Leo had not changed his name by Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration. Until he had the school was legally obliged to use his original name. Unfortunately until he was sixteen he was unable to do this in his own right. To do it under the age of sixteen required the consent of both his parents, which appeared to be unobtainable. There was a way around this problem but it would have required an application to the High Court and taken some time to sort out. As it was Leo would probably been of age before the case got to court. There is a further complication in that under present legislation in the UK you can only legal change your gender on your birth certificate if you are over 18 years of age. The current legislation does not allow a person under 18 to get their gender officially changed or allow the parents or guardians of a minor to change the legal gender of a minor. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule but they require very expensive legal actions and also require that you show an 'error of attribution' at the time of birth. This legislation is currently under review but given everything that is going on in the legislative process of the country at the moment it is unlikely that any change will be made prior to the next general election. A further complication is that the school in question is a girls school as such is not allowed to accept boys as pupils. I am not certain but it may well be a charter school and governed in this by the charitable charter that established the school. As such if they had formally recognised the gender change they would have been required to ask Leo to leave. Although not involved directly I am aware of a case where quite a lot of counselling and support was given to a school and a pupil in the last year where a boy who was starting to trans to female was required to leave an all boys school. The problem is that there is insufficient support of young people who are transgender. Until that support is in place scenarios like this will keep cropping up with all their tragic consequences. I don't think the school handled this very well but at the same time I believe they were trapped by a series of legal and regulatory requirements that had unintended consequences. Fortunately there is a movement in English school to make most public schools gender neutral. Unfortunately it is going to take a long time for this process to be completed.
  14. Arkadelphia Plantation by Sequoyah

    Really enjoyed Book 1, can't wait for Book 2.
  15. Arkadelphia Plantation by Sequoyah

    If he does crawl back, what will he be bringing back with him. Probably some unpleasant STD!