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  1. Nigel Gordon

    The Language of Donald Trump

    Stating that Trump's language is 'oddly adolescent' is an insult to the majority of adolescents, they have a much better grasp of spoken language.
  2. Nigel Gordon

    Alike in Dignity

    I really enjoyed this. A great story, well told. Hopefully, one which will give rise to more as I suspect there is a lot more to come from Starcrossed in one way or another if the gods of fiction allow.
  3. Nigel Gordon

    Camp Refuge

    I agree it is a very good read.
  4. Nigel Gordon

    Ashes and Embers by Wayne Grey

    Chapter 2 has just been published on Story Lover. Well worth going to the site to read it.
  5. Nigel Gordon

    Ashes and Embers by Wayne Grey

    This story has just started posting on the Story Lover site, and Wayne has stated that he is not going to be posting it on Nifty. So, if you are interested in reading it you will have to go to the Story Lover site. I will say it looks like Wayne has gone up a notch in is writing and in his plot construction. He has indicated that this is going to be a slow burner and he will not be posting as often as he has in the past on Nifty, which I must say is probably a good thing. I suspect it will produce better writing and better plotting. If you would like to read the opening chapter, you can find it here: https://storylover.us/?t=2R6PCUp16iLMHehy
  6. Nigel Gordon

    Passing It On

    I loved it.
  7. Something that is not talked about very much in the gay community is domestic abuse within a gay relationship. Maybe we like to think it does not happen, but it does. On a couple of occasions, I have found myself helping to pick up the pieces after some domestic abuse in a gay relationship. On more than one time I have tried to write about it, to date with no success, which is one reason why I am so impressed with these two novels by N R Walker. The first, 'Galaxies and Oceans' is set in the South of Australia. It is the story of Aubrey, a young man who has to die to escape the abusive relationship that he is in. It is also the story of Patrick, an older man who has to overcome the grief he has lived with since the death of his lover. The second 'Yanni's Story' is about an aspiring actor who escapes an abusive relationship but then has to rebuild his life. In so doing he is able to not only build a new life for himself but to help others, who are trapped in the same hell that he was in. I have long admired N R Walker's writing, but I think these two books, which are available on Kindle, are some of her best works.
  8. I believe these lions have had a couple of other poachers in the past. The previous time all that was found was a head and two pairs of shoes.
  9. My only concern is are the lions alright? Surely there is a risk to their health from ingesting such low life forms.
  10. Apparently, there is a waiting list of cities wanting to borrow it!
  11. The UK Government has announced that it is going to ban Gay-Straight Conversion Therapy: http://theconversation.com/gay-conversion-therapy-proposed-ban-is-a-positive-step-but-the-battle-remains-to-be-won-98492 That is good news, so long as they bring in the ban. Already the religious right is saying that such a ban would be a breach of their religious rights as they believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, not an inherited orientation. Tonight I had one of my neighbours knocking on my door trying to get me to sign a petition to save their 'mission to the deceived' where they 'help put deceived young men back on the path to true family life'. I managed to keep her talking on the doorstep for a good three-quarters of an hour, during which time she could not canvas anybody else. Eventually I told her I was a witch so did not approve of any Christian movement. Her final words to me were "at least you're not queer". My final words were "don't tell my boyfriend, he would be very upset".
  12. Nigel Gordon

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    To an extent, I agree. This is one of those occasions when one wishes all the chapters had been published in one go so you could get it over with. I am enjoying the story and appreciate Cole's writing but wish I could get to the end of it and find out how it all works out.
  13. Nigel Gordon

    Why it's so difficult to get schools to deal with bullies

    Essentially that is how it works, a large open area with private stalls down each side. The stalls have floor to ceiling dividing walls and full height doors.
  14. Nigel Gordon

    Why it's so difficult to get schools to deal with bullies

    It is interesting to note that a number of recently built school in the UK have done away with gender-specific restrooms. They all report a drop in reported incidents of bullying.
  15. Nigel Gordon

    Camp Refuge

    Could not agree more. This is one of the better stories to have turned up on Nifty.