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  1. Rutabaga

    The Education of Tyler Prescott

    I agree that the ending seemed kind of abrupt. A couple of other things I missed or was puzzled by: 1 How could TJ possibly imagine that the whole school hadn't already figured him out? 2 Presumably Tyler said goodbye to Billy at the cemetery before the family moved. I kind of expected some kind of reflection back on Billy at the very end. But i thoroughly enjoyed the story. R
  2. Maybe I do have some thinking to do. Ya think? R
  3. Rutabaga

    Who Is It? by Graeme

    Apparently the search function will not address two-letter words, and possibly not even three-letter words. R
  4. Rutabaga

    Who Is It? by Graeme

    I battled the user-hostile search function for quite a while trying to find an earlier thread, and in between spells of locking me out, it insisted there was none. Useless. R
  5. Rutabaga

    Who Is It? by Graeme

    I was surprised to discover that there was no thread for this Valentine-themed story from 2016. It is a nice story in a mystery motif. It is interesting to discover at the end why "Hawaii" had to be introduced. Worth a read R
  6. Rutabaga

    A Valentine's Day story by Cole Parker

    Another dandy Pick from the Past. Read it. Again. R
  7. Rutabaga

    February Surprise by Altimexis

    Getting back to the original subject, I'm happy to see this story revived as a Valentine Pick from the Past. R
  8. It's all good, as long as your created words have enough wordness for readers to understand them. R
  9. Such a cute story. Cole does angst so well it's scary. But . . . "eyedness"? R [Yet everyone reading knows exactly what that word means.]
  10. Rutabaga

    Graeme again

    I missed "The Price of Friendship" when it was first posted, so I'm glad i was led to it as a Pick from the Past. Once it becomes evident what the "price" actually refers to, the reader finds himself in a really unexpected situation that turns the typical story line for this kind of tale upside down. It's a worthwhile read. R
  11. An entertaining New Year's chapter added to this saga. Somehow the word "precocious" seems dreadfully inadequate to describe Kyle and Freck. R
  12. Rutabaga

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    What a lovely ending. Great story R
  13. Rutabaga

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    So now we have, not a cliffhanger, but a shirt-hanger. And I don't mean the kind used in a closet. R
  14. Only 5 chapters in and there are already enough twists and turns to make me dizzy. An intriguing and entertaining start. R
  15. I discovered that right after I posted my comment. Kyle's ideas for the post-employment world have not worked at all well in France R