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  1. Rutabaga

    Bullies by Colin Kelly

    I have to take exception to @Cole Parker's position, but perhaps I didn't make my original point very well.
  2. Rutabaga

    Bullies by Colin Kelly

    A comparatively long "short" story!
  3. Rutabaga

    Hell To Pay by Mihangel

    There are no secrets on the internet. R
  4. Rutabaga

    Oliver by Richard Norway

    Excellent choice for a Pick from the Past. Still a fine story. R
  5. Rutabaga

    One space or two after a period?

    Those of us who grew up in the era where we learned typing on actual typewriters were generally told to use two spaces. I know I was. In fact, I put two spaces in after the periods in this post, even knowing that under HTML the extra spaces will be discarded. More recently, I worked for several years in an environment where we prepared what amounted to white papers in Microsoft Word for publication. One of the official standards was that we must put two spaces after periods at the end of sentences. This was because (and I agreed with this) it aided in readability of our work. We also set the font size at 13 rather than 12, and added a hair of extra line spacing (like 1.1 instead of 1) again for the purpose of readability. I think these ideas helped a lot -- I liked the look of our published product. But in a large number of cases, the two spaces after the period are meaningless. They mean nothing when text for web display is entered, because web browsers ignore all "white space" beyond the first space character encountered. In other words, even if you put five or ten spaces after a period, only a single space will be displayed on the web browser. The extra spaces also are not needed for manuscripts being submitted for commercial publication, where the publisher will be formatting the text to "pretty it up" with a selected typeface and justified margins. Nonetheless, the spaces are still hardwired into my typing fingers. They still show up in emails and word processing documents, and I personally like them -- as a readability aid. So there. R
  6. Rutabaga

    Hell To Pay by Mihangel

    +1 to @colinian's recommendation. It's a lovely bit of fun. R
  7. Rutabaga

    Tested at Test by Addym Kehris

    I found the behavior of the corporal inexplicable. R
  8. Rutabaga

    Child Abuse

    Nice story that ended all too soon. R
  9. I remember reading this in 2013 but it was worth rereading. It's not just for Halloween! Probably deserves to be a Pick from the Past one of these days. Im not convinced that the teacher character did not have more involvement in the research than he lets on. R
  10. Rutabaga

    Life After Death by Graeme

    Colin has featured this story and I read it again. It's a great tale. R
  11. Rutabaga

    The Right to Remain Silent by Cole Parker

    Always amusing to watch someone like Rod having a battle of wits with unarmed men. R
  12. Rutabaga

    High School Hero by Cole Parker

    A fascinating denouement. This story seems to explore new territory for Cole and I am intrigued to ponder what may have inspired it. R
  13. Rutabaga

    High School Hero by Cole Parker

    Can't say this latest development is a huge surprise, but we still don't know the reason for this trip down memory lane. R
  14. Rutabaga

    High School Hero by Cole Parker

    That shoe is hovering like one of those alien attack ships in "Independence Day." R
  15. Rutabaga

    February Surprise by Altimexis

    Those two are the ones. Thanks. R