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    I'm very interested in all things maritime, but take a very dim view of contemporary naval architecture.
    I'm an active member of what we like to call the "Marine Reciprocating Steam Power Lunatic Fringe."
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  1. When Dmitri was twelve years old, he met Fjodor who was thirteen. They fell in love and grew and learned the ways of their world together. They knew that society would make some demands, but these appeared to be manageable. But in 1904, the eastward expansion of Imperial Russia ran into difficulties with Japan over questions involving Manchuria and Korea. War erupted, and like countless young men through the millennia Dmitri and Fjodor were carried away to war. And then came battle, and then came questions. Their world had changed. The full adventure is coming Saturday here on Awesome Dude.
  2. Joe

    That's not English?

    I am assuming that it is not dialogue. My friend Peter just sent me Sheffieldish: A Beginners Phrase Book. I suspect that just about anything in quotation marks is fair game. Could this be an error attributable to English as a second language?
  3. Joe

    Next Tuesday

    I rather like Beto O'Rourke just now. His run against Cruz was formidable and dramatic. I bet he'd carry Texas were he running for president. Still a long way to go. I like Joe and Bernie too, but I think that they, like me, are a little too old for the job. It will be interesting, but I confidently predict a Democratic victory.
  4. Joe

    Next Tuesday

    Of course it was lip service. Why look at our capital city. We don't let them vote. And look at our Monroe Doctrine we didn't issue that until we'd checked with Castlereagh to be sure the Royal Navy would enforce it. Not to worry. I've bet nothing.
  5. Joe

    Next Tuesday

    I believe that when the dust settles next Tuesday. The Democratic Party will reclaim the House with a number of seats to spare; the Democrats will retake the Senate by one seat. Here's looking at you...
  6. Joe

    Operation Hammerhead returns

    I think this is a wonderful story. When it's finished I'll start over again from chapter 1.
  7. Joe

    Alike in Dignity

    Michael Arram does just about everything brilliantly. He can unleash Operation Ruric against the hordes of Malik Ramu, and the horse cavalry rides again while a seraph becomes human; or, he might just discuss the trials and tribulations of a pair of long time lovers who in addition to dealing with a lost icon and all that entails, have problems with their housekeeper. In this case, we have star crossed lovers, great music both classic and contemporary, and the streets of Strelzen live again with the rattle of trams and stolen kisses. I could ask for nothing more.
  8. Joe

    Up Ship

    Justin and Colin, having been torn from high school to become a king and a champion have many decisions to make as they lead Earth Prime out of its somnolent past. For example, while skinny dipping in the palace pool, they decided to build a zeppelin thereby launching aviation in their new world. King's and general's make many decisions for their country, but these decisions are implemented by others. In order to do a better job of implementation, Corporal Winn is teaching himself not to drop his "h's". See the 'Hammer of Thor' wielded in the defense of innocence. And if there can be zeppelins again, why not space ships, too. But Justin and his lover, Colin, have been born to hereditary positions. They are happy in each other's arms, but there is the government in the background, worried about succession. So the heir pressure increases. Even at official functions such as the first flight of a zeppelin, where bagpipes skirl and the hoi polloi strut their stuff, a boy can admire the perfect curves of his boyfriend's bum. This too, is part of empire. So come along as the adventures begun in 'An Owl on My Sceptre' and the 'Royal Mail Delivers' continue.
  9. Joe

    Best Summer Ever!

    Looking forward to it. Certainly enjoyed the first chapter.
  10. Joe

    I can't believe Trump said this!

    I'm afraid we're being too abrupt and critical of trump. We need to remember that, as a youth, he was repeatedly in combat with bone spurs and fought them heroically to a standstill. As such, he is a combat veteran and we should all listen carefully to his opinions because of this valuable experience. He really should have a medal. He could give himself one now.
  11. There's a delightful challenge in progress on IOMFATS titled 'Just Hangin'". Three stories so far by: Pedro, Geron Kees, and Joe Casey. Well worth the read. Great fun.
  12. Joe

    The Frost Covered Marker

    I completely agree. This is masterful storytelling. A matter of life and death and old ski bindings.
  13. The Royal Mail is delivered by a little red truck with right hand drive. It delivers love. treasure, magic, and adventure. It also answers some of the age old questions such as: why do you smell the painting and whoever WILL clean the chandelier? Some of the characters that first got out and about in 'An Owl on My Sceptre', are here, as well as a number of new ones. I hope you enjoy it.
  14. Thank you Camy.  I was afraid that might be the case.

  15. I just read this story by Tragic Rabbit and was deeply moved. I attempted to drop him a line to say as much. I used the address tr@tragicrabbit.org but was notified that my email was undeliverable. Anyway, it's a powerful story. I've lived around and assortment of animals all my life and I'm not in the least ashamed to report that this story brought a tear to my eye. So if you see this, Tragic Rabbit: thanks!