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  1. No problem. You just have to bake, or slightly singe, your pot. Once it's smoking, you're good!
  2. ChrisR

    Non-elegant poetry!

    Damn. I thought you said "palatable." My bad.
  3. ChrisR

    My Incredible Summer by Cole Parker

    You had to create a Country Western version? Wow! Talk about targeting your audience!
  4. ChrisR

    The Yellowjacket Nest by Colin Kelly

    Absolutely fascinating tale, and one that doesn't even approach anything I've ever read around here before. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Just fascinating, gripping, damned good writing.
  5. ChrisR

    The Secret Life of Nerds by Kewl Dad

    A truly heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing. Never really knew where it was going to land, but it hit just the right spot.
  6. ChrisR

    No more Gay-Straight Alliance

    Can't say I've read many stories here about the Girl Scouts of America! ?
  7. ChrisR

    Signs outside a church

    Anglicans, eh? Hmm. Eighty-five million down, seven point five billion to go. I'd say 'Rome wasn't built in a day' but I think that's WAY too mixed a metaphor!!
  8. ChrisR


    Cole - Not sure where you hail from, Cole, but we have different experiences. My county of 125k opened voting this morning and is doing pretty well with 17 polling places. A few hiccups early on, but if you're in line at 7 tonite you'll vote. I walked in about 10am and was done and gone by 10:15. And if anything, the number of polling places is growing in response to population patterns in the state. As for protesters who object to the flag, I am dismally amused watching a bunch of overpaid high school jocks 'protesting' the conditions under which they and their brethren must exist. Mind you, the minimum salary in the NFL is $450,000. Only 2 players are currently 'stuck' at that rate. So what you see when those concerned guys "protest" is a bunch of multi-millionaires whining about the poor and oppressed without actually doing anything. Then they return to their mansions and drink and snort the night away. Now if they'd each step up and pitch in $50,000 for each time they kneel, using it to buy some starter homes for the poor, then I might have some sympathy. Oh yeah - and the top five paid NFL players (Garropolo, $37m, Stafford, $26.5m, Carr, $25m, Flacco, $24.75m, Luck, $24.4m) -- just for the record, they're all quarterbacks and they're all white. But I don't yet hear the protests. Just sayin'.
  9. ChrisR


    Wow! Thanks. Seems sort of strange how complicated it can be. We vote tomorrow here (Arizona) and I'm pretty sure it's the same elsewhere in the country. The nice thing is that they're all politicians so it doesn't really matter who you vote for, right? ?
  10. ChrisR


    So let me get this straight... do you guys use a ouija board to set election dates???? A least we know our hours of doom with disgusting regularity!
  11. ChrisR

    Britishisms gaining a foothold in the U.S.

    And thank you for keeping us a breast of the news! ? (titter titter)
  12. ChrisR

    Britishisms gaining a foothold in the U.S.

    It's fun to see how language changes over time. That said, I'll question "gutted" being cited as such a recent American import. Firefighters have used the term for decades, indeed centuries, to reference a building still standing after a fire, but completely devoid of now-burned-out contents. To transfer that image to a person seems of necessity to have happened many many moons ago. If not, I'd be downright stunned and, well, gutted!
  13. ChrisR

    Something you've never seen before

    Always figured Mozart was for the birds. Finally there's proof! Thanks for this, Cole.
  14. ChrisR

    New National Flag

    ...as well as more than one party! Now that's one HELLUVA flag!
  15. ChrisR

    A Hole in My Ceiling by Colin Kelly

    "How about a nice game of chess?"