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  1. Camy -- Thanks for posting the photo. I looked in vain for it in real time coverage, but one of the networks said it had only been permitted to fly for a couple of hours or the Royal Air Force (or somebody) would take it down for them. Glad to see Donny got his time in the sun.
  2. ChrisR

    Passing It On

    There is one real problem with many short stories: they're so doggone short! Passing It On is a beautiful vignette, the likes of which many of us could only wish for. Thank you, Ivor, for granting it to us.
  3. ChrisR

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    Having now finished reading this tale, I can almost hear a "That's a wrap!" off camera - it was that good. Having spent most of my younger summers at camp I truly felt the "reality" of the scenarios (except that your lake seems closer to the size of Lake Titicaca than the bathtub we had). So thanks for reawakening some wonderful memories along your pathway.
  4. ChrisR

    I hear it's some day of note to you Yanks...

    GEE: We'd gladly join in your recovery, but then tragedy struck in Kentucky so we're sort of in mourning. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/rest-whiskey-storage-warehouse-collapses-kentucky-56370492
  5. Colin - Your experience with the GSA alliance at PAHS is probably not unusual. But it's also why I'm opposed to keeping out the UnClean. I suspect an open meeting where parents can attend and participate, particularly with a police officer guest speaker, and dealing with topics that would have an obvious interest for those parents, would be extraordinarily important. It might even open some eyes. But by the school district hiding the topics and making it clear that parents are unwelcome the group is begging for trouble and, I hate to say, lawsuits. PS: Colin - I didn't realize we'd sorta crossed paths before. I used to sell Macs in downtown PA! :) (Back in the late last millennium.)
  6. Sorry about that, Colin. Let's see if this does the job: https://www.toddstarnes.com/faith/school-bans-parents-from-viewing-lgbt-videos-shown-to-kids/
  7. Gee -- The worst thing here, of course, is there's nothing I can really disagree with on a factual basis in your argument. It's interesting to note that even in your addendum of health issues the only one that doesn't directly involve sexuality is blood transfusions. It seems a lot of "modern" society is caught up with the whole sexuality thing and works overtime to separate parents and their kids from discussing it openly. But if I had a child who was participating in school-sponsored football, band, LGBTQIA or other school activities without my permission and was hurt or died in the process, whether by accident, murder or suicide, there would be a reckoning. Fortunately my progeny are well past school ages so keeping them in the dark worked fine. Though it doesn't quite explain THEIR progeny! - - - - - - [There's an article about GSA actions at a Pennsylvania High School online today that relates to the topic as well: https://www.google.com/search?q=boys+hpv+advert&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=RrcScsNp-BZuuM%3A%2CWCqzw1-jyyx-ZM%2C_&usg=__sZF9bNN3g5tbxVzhJ-HkF3APmjI%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj0nrLov_nbAhV4IDQIHRSxBA8Q9QEItwEwEQ#imgrc=Mf0bPdj01DsnDM: (Be forewarned that the author, Todd Starnes, is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun.)]
  8. Sadly, this is a mixed blessing and will likely last only until the first gay or questioning student attempts or successfully commits suicide. And according to the Trevor Project statistics, that's a fairly high percentage of young gay people. For parents of such a young person, deliberately kept in the dark regarding their child by the very people to whom they legally must entrust them each day, hell would have no fury like their pursuit of vengeance. Parents and the home are traditionally the preeminent place of refuge for kids. The incredibly fast changes to our societal makeup, particularly dealing with aspects of our human sexuality, have tossed a monstrous monkey wrench in the works of normal maturation. And today's parents aren't a whole lot better prepared for these changes than anybody else. Many of them are products of families themselves with challenges. But by the very nature of the parent-child relationship, it must take precedence over other 'fears' we may have. Perhaps a mandatory "Modern Parenting" class starting in Middle School could be a start. Yes, there are parents who will be intolerant. There are others who are perceived as such by their children, but who honestly want only happiness for their kids. There is likely no middle-of-the-road here. But when schools communicate with parents on every detail of their children's lives except one, trouble will most assuredly follow. The Trevor Project - Facts About Suicide https://www.thetrevorproject.org/resources/preventing-suicide/facts-about-suicide/#sm.00000mkumd8go7fhozucc8k4jklqg
  9. ChrisR

    Why it's so difficult to get schools to deal with bullies

    And within a week, if it's a somewhat slow student body, there will be the high school equivalent of a Mile High Club and suddenly the problem about bullying is forgotten. Building physical obstacles to bullying is not much of a solution. It's in the hearts and minds of the students that the war must be won, and if you can't win that, you'll never solve the bullying problem.
  10. ChrisR

    The Perfect Pitch

    Well done, William.
  11. ChrisR

    More About Boys on Trains

    The boys have already won an important victory - by holding hands. That was their statement. And whether they read approbation or disgust in the Response Interrupted, nobody really knows. But the boys have already made their place in the world. Bravo! And nicely written.
  12. From today's news: Actor Peter Fonda calls for Barron Trump to be kidnapped, caged, raped. https://dailycaller.com/2018/06/20/melania-calls-secret-service-after-actor-peter-fonda-threatens-to-kidnap-barron-trump/ Mr. Fonda's day in the limelight is long past, though he has a new film coming out next week. Somehow I doubt anybody in Hollywood has the balls to cancel the release. But I'm more than willing to be surprised.
  13. ChrisR

    Canada Passes Federal Marijuana Legalisation Bill

    Well, if the men are already flying high, imagine how much they'll save of jet fuel!
  14. ChrisR

    JFK's Secret Meth Habit

    It's somewhat important to remember that it wasn't until 1970 - 7 years after Kennedy's death - that meth made it onto the federal "Thou Shalt Not" list. (Might have been illegal in some local jurisdictions, but I don't know of any.) The whole War on Drugs has only really lasted about 50 years, and there's likely no telling what sorts of products were used/abused by our various Fearless Leaders over earlier years. On top of that is the 'brave' people who will now speak about ancient facts after the subjects are dead, or at least well into their dotage. Perhaps a few such stories are fully valid, but I have a sneaking hunch that lots of these "years laters" claims, inuendos, lawsuits, etc., are the work of overactive imaginations, over-willing attorneys, and over-eager authors and lawsuit claimants.
  15. My parents were both social workers and we saw some of the problems up close. On a few occasions we even ended up as a very temporary foster family. (usually <72 hours) The problem was always "what are the options?" and there are very few. And this was back in the days that most of the kids were local yokels. Today the greater problems is immigrants. Families arrive with zero preparations to live in American society and come face to face with "The System". They don't know the language, the culture, the infrastructure... nothing. Education and marketable skills are limited or non-existent. They have hope for a better life, which is a great start, but where do they go from there? Where are the funds supposed to come from to support programs for these folks? Nancy Pelosi makes $193k (same as Mike Pence) in salary and I don't see their donations. How many people here at this website have put off buying a new car and sent the money to a juvenile center? (And yeah - don't be surprised when the money gets used for new office furnishings instead of on the kids.) It's ugly out there, but so far I haven't seen Bill and Melinda donate their billions to an actual, functioning, kid-centric system. Nor do I honestly expect to see it any time soon. The crisis seems more useful in generating political heat than solutions.