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  1. The Frost Covered Marker

  2. Rivers of the dead

    Because I prefer to read a novel all at once, rather than waiting for installments, I waited until now to read Rivers of the Dead. Wow! Of all the things that Cynus has written so far, I would consider this his magnum opus, a larger-than-life epic that elaborates all the important themes which gave birth to the ancient myths around which this tale is woven. If someone could read only one of Cynus's novels, I would recommend this one.
  3. Article of interest to all writers

    Mike, I was going to say, "No, don't reduce it to weekly; make it daily; feed my addiction!" And then I came to the part where you mentioned that updating weekly would reduce your workload. Yes, please. Weekly is sufficient. And BTW, thanks! peter
  4. Fearless is at IOMFATS

    I'm delighted to see it there. It deserves a wider audience. I look forward to seeing Weightless there, too. I like Clint and his friends and think I might have to go back and re-read them both stories. If so, I'll do it here, of course. I have no patience to wait for installments.
  5. Nickels and Dimes by Cole Parker

    I just got around to reading it. As I have said in this forum several times, my favorite stories involve redemption, and Nickels and Dimes serves that in a way that is both convincing and heartwarming. Charles's redemption is the most obvious, but we also see it in Gray, a frustrated and not very happy boy who learned to respect himself enough to insist on respect from Charles, and even a little bit in the way Chip grew in his sense of purpose and direction. Very nicely done. I guessed, fairly early in the story, that Charles's redemption would involve working in the restaurant, and I wasn't disappointed. The job gave him a perfect opportunity to learn empathy and humility—or he could have just let it turn him into a more bitter person. Ultimately,while redemption usually involves some exterrnal trigger, it always depends on a choice by the person being redeemed. p
  6. The Americanization (Americanisation) of English

    Apparently, the answer to that was the great public boarding-schools, with A Burrell, in his 1891 Recitation, A Handbook for Teachers in Public Elementary School stating, "It is the business of educated people to speak so that no-one may be able to tell in what county their childhood was passed." The Wikipedia article ( is informative.
  7. Son of a Preacherman

    Mike, thanks for the additional information. I would not want to intrude on their privacy. If Wiklins and Hurley had made public comments about the creationof the song—not that that is a common thing for songwriters to do—I would have liked to add them to the Wikipedia article about the song. Again, thanks for posting the link to that video. I think that even without the video, the Tom Goss cover would be my favorite. I will never hear that song the same again, regardless of who is singing. p
  8. Opinions being solicited

    [Snark mode ON] I dispute that the octothorpe is a proper "pound sign." (And I'm not even British. Is it really true, as I have heard, that the British celebrate Thanksgiving on July 4?) :)
  9. Flash Fiction

    Merkin, thanks for that background. I guess I would argue that there is already a forum—the bull pen—where people can post things that are not ready for prime time. An argument for the status quo is that all the flash fiction is in one place. If flash fiction were posted both in the forum and on the author's home page, both goals—findability and visibility—would be achieved. For now, I will satisfy myself by reading them in the forum. p
  10. Flash Fiction

    Thanks for the clarification. In retrospect, I could have looked this up before posting. <sigh> OK, so the upper limit for FF (here) is 1,000 words. Is that also the lower limit for short story, or is there some area of overlap, e.g., 500–1,000 words, where something could be considered either? My real question, though, is why flash fiction is locked into the ghetto of a forum, where it is so much less visible. p
  11. Son of a Preacherman

    Wow! Very powerful! I listened/watched several times just now and really heard it for the first time, despite having listened passively, many years ago, to versions by Dusty Springfield et al on the radio. Can you clarify what Wilkins & Hurley had in mind? Have they made any public statements regarding the song?
  12. Flash Fiction

    Regarding my second question, I may have an incorrect concept of what flash fiction is, which would be why i generally avoid it. For instance, I consider both With a Whimper and bilal's Javed (posted in the Bull Pen) to be excellent short stories that give me a sense of completion. On the other hand, Gee Whillickers's After School Surprise, something that I would consider flash fiction, leaves me frustrated, echoing Colin's question, "When are we going to get the next part?"
  13. Flash Fiction

    The Flash Fiction forum, which I have recently discovered, leads me to wonder: * Why is flash fiction in the forums, rather than integrated with other stories? For example, I stumbled across James Savik's With a Whimper in the Flash Fiction forum but cannot find it on his page. It seems to me that a lot of readers must be missing out on some very fine short stories. * Is there an agreed-upon definition for flash fiction? At what point does it become a "short story"? p
  14. Javed (Short human interest story)

    I really, really like this story. Original, with an unexpected (for me) ending. And well written. The dialog is quite believable. A great feel-good story. I hope to see it online some day. p
  15. Come Away With Me. 2

    This has developed into a lovely romantic story. And now you have made it interesting and more realistic by adding some tension at the end of this chapter. I look forward to reading more. p