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  1. William King

    Dominic 3

    I agree with @Cole Parker , a little tidying up here and there, but well written. Regarding the storyline: there is plenty of scope, a whole lifetime. Personally, I would avoid the 'well off' benefactor who can arrange things that wouldn't normally happen, by exerting his influence (time off school, chauffeur etc.). It's a ploy used all too often, to easily smooth through the story progression, but is not at all realistic. I would watch carefully how the older boy, Matthew, reacts. He begins to exhibit the characteristics of someone much older, 'I really can’t expect you to feel the same way as I do, you’re much too young to start thinking about relationships, and it would be unfair of me to try and get you involved in one.' Do fourteen and twelve year olds start discussing relationships? That aside it was engaging and I immediately liked the characters, so good job 👍
  2. The definition of hypocrisy, the country (USA not Canada)that started the war on drugs and screwed the world, now legalises it🤣🤣🤣
  3. William King

    Desert of the Real - a short story

    I came across this short story Desert of the Real on the story lover site and I was deeply moved by it, a story from the soul, an allegory of the search for salvation, acceptance, companionship, sacrifice. It's all in there, in one short story.
  4. William King

    Z is for Zombie by Geron Kees

    I haven't read this story yet, but I am guided on what to read by the posted comments: so, I won't be put off by the title (although I was, before @Ivor Slipper commented); I agree with @Merkin that Geron is a force to be reckoned with (so, another great tale from him); but @Jason Rimbaud I don't know what to make of a half comment, you'd recommend it, but a couple of things bothered you? (What, would it be a spoiler to mention them? Is that why you didn't?). Generally, I do find peoples comments and recommendations very useful in choosing what to read.
  5. William King

    Britishisms gaining a foothold in the U.S.

    I'm not too sure how many people will get that allusion... we're in danger of everything going tits-up!
  6. William King

    Britishisms gaining a foothold in the U.S.

    I have always read it as odd that our American friends use the word "tidbit," rather than its equivalent "titbit," which being British I am much more familiar with. By chance, I happened across this rather interesting, even humorous, explanation: It is not, of course, that the British do not use the word tit for ‘breast’; it’s more that they use it for some other things that North Americans don’t really use it for and so it doesn’t have as naked an association. https://sesquiotic.com/2014/05/04/titbit-tidbit/
  7. William King

    US Expenditure

    LOL... but I bet if we go back far enough you used to be one of those funny looking college students that didn't work much!
  8. William King

    UN Survey

    That's just too funny... 😂
  9. William King

    Summer Job by Altimexis

    I found it was like an epilogue to the Valentine's Day short story February Surprise, interesting to find out what happened, but nothing more, except it gave a great insight into life in the US as an American Asian.
  10. William King

    Gabriel's Island, by Marin Giustinian

    @Merkin I just wanted to add (a little off topic) that I read this story because you recommended it. I enjoyed it and passed on the recommendation, and it spread like ripples, so others enjoyed it also. I think it's great to pop in links to stories you've liked with a brief indication as to why and what the story is about. I've discovered lots of good stories this way. So thanks for the recommendation.
  11. William King

    Gabriel's Island, by Marin Giustinian

    Looking into stuff about soul mates and souls I came across the inevitable scientific rebuttal of their existence. You would be looking for one person in half a billion and given you would become acquainted with around 50,000 people in your lifetime, unless you got very lucky you would only find true love (your soul mate) in one lifetime out of 10,000. Nice statistics but the basic assumption is that the process is random. It is not. Love is all around you. Around two thirds of Americans believe we have a soul, science says we are stuck in Cartesian dualism, we see our physical bodies separate from the "spiritual stuff of souls" which don't exist, and all memories, feelings, and sense of personal identity coming from an immaterial soul are actually just "a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules," (Francis Crick, biologist who co-discovered DNA). Both are right. We are stuck in dualism. The immaterial soul is greater than those individual memories and sense of personal identity, but feelings persist. Memories fade, personal identity is a construction. It's feelings that connect us to the universe and through which we may reveal the world and discover a soul mate. Feelings carry with them a vague sense of person, memories can linger, feelings reside in the soul, are often inexplicable, and last beyond a lifetime!
  12. William King

    New author error?

    When adding the link to Discord chat you get a cameo of the website. Presumably, what the site owner has set up. For instance, in the case of gay authors, you get a large GA logo, but as you can see (above) with AwesomeDude for this story you get, Gabriel's Island, A story by Cynus. I'm not either techie enough or familiar enough with these forums to tell you where it is set up like that. It's probably hidden somewhere where you never even thought about it, because usually links back to sites are just, well a link. I guess things are getting more sophisticated (or is that complicated)!
  13. William King

    New author error?

    The short story http://awesomedude.com/marin-giustinian/gabriels-island/gabriels-island.htm Gabriel's Island by Marin Giustinian is some how linked to Cynus and there is no author home page or listing on the authors column?
  14. William King

    Gabriel's Island, by Marin Giustinian

    A short story that evokes the experience of life, the search, a journey, in some non-comprenhensible way, a sort of compulsion to find your home and perhaps your soul mate. The story is as beautiful as the landscape in which it is set.
  15. William King

    The Perfect Pitch

    Thank you Chris ☺