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    The Perfect Pitch

    Thank you Chris ☺
  2. William King

    The Perfect Pitch

    The Perfect Pitch by William King. Dark clouds scuttled across a grey sky that morning, like an ominous premonition of what was to come. No one spoke as they clambered down the side of the ship and into the landing craft, the only sound was the churning of the engine, the rest he blotted out. The boat rolled and bounced as it turned towards the beach. Private Williams’ stomach churned, not because of the sea, but with fear and apprehension. Even a glance at his buddy Jake could not dispel the knot in the pit of his belly. He followed the others down the ramp and splashed into the cold water that was up to their waist. Jake was beside him as they struggled towards the beach, his rifle held high over his head. It was as if someone had turned down the volume, everything seemed quiet, but the bullets zipping all around were real enough. The bodies floating in the water and lying on the sand in front of him were a vision from Hell. Matt Williams was never a great believer when the family listened to the preacher on Sundays, but for the first time in his life he prayed to almighty God to save him. He stumbled, crouching over, up the beach towards the dunes. There was nowhere else to go. The roar of gun fire, shouting, and screams, were everywhere. The zizz of a bullet whizzed past his face. He moved as if in a trance, adrenalin coursed through his veins. Just one goal – the dunes. He collapsed on the ground, curled up against the meagre protection from the little ridge. He wanted to make a hole and crawl into it. His clothes were soaked, from the sea and from his own urine. There was a thud beside him, Jake was there in the sand. His buddy looked over at a ghost whose face was drained white. A tiny smile formed on his lips as he reached out a hand. Matt couldn't feel anything but fear, he silently implored his mom to come and get him. When he realised that would never happen, he prayed if he was hit that he would die instantly. Jake's grip tried to calm his friend’s trembling body. He noticed the blood on his cheek, Matt was not even aware he'd been hit. “You guys alright?” Sergeant Drewer with eight others from their platoon had joined them. They were all hugging that little ridge for protection. Jake nodded to the Sergeant. Looking back down the beach it was littered with obstacles and bodies. He saw one landing craft take a direct hit. “We've got to follow the rangers up the cliffs, GET IT TOGETHER!” The Sergeant barked out the command. Jake and Matt turned to look up ahead. “Come on mate, we can make it.” There was no choice, Matt shifted himself off the sand following the others up the gully, which at least offered some protection. About halfway up they stopped. Looking back over the beach Matt got the impression the invasion had been abandoned, there were no more troops coming ashore. Further along the beach was a lot of smoke. Whatever was burning it was at least giving those poor sods some cover. “MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASSES WE'RE NOT HERE FOR A PICNIC!” One after the other they made the cliff top, scrambling over on their bellies into the tall grass. To their right the ominous concrete walls of a German pillbox protruded from the cliff. “Arnold, Williams, Slater, Davis, Berman get around the back. The rest of you with me. We're taking this mother fucker. NOW MOVE IT!” Matt and Jake crawled towards the gun emplacement, one behind the other, following Slater, Davis and Berman. Davis had been pitcher on his high school team and for some unknown reason he decided to break cover. Matt went to stand up and pull him back down, but Jake grabbed him. Davis pulled the pin and threw the grenade, it must have been sixty feet. The crack, crack, crack, of machine gun fire spat out. Who knows what makes a hero? Davis fell backwards, Matt's eyes followed the grenade. It hit the outside edge of the angled opening and must have dropped down just inside. The explosion was muffled by the thick concrete. It was the perfect pitch. Davis stared unblinking at the rolling clouds, a tiny stream of blood trickling from the side of his mouth. Jake crawled over, but there wasn't anything to do. He was dead, shot three times, in the chest and neck. They moved forward quickly now. Standing up and bent over, running around to the back of the pillbox. They came in behind Drewer and the rest. There were several shots. As the smoke cleared Matt looked away. Coming back out he moved over to the wall, stretched out his arm to support himself, and vomited. “Who the hell told Davis to throw a grenade?” Matt, Jake, Slater and Berman didn't answer. Sergeant Drewer sat down and took out a pack of cigarettes. He didn't want an answer, it was an insane thing to do, but probably saved their lives. “You look like shit.” Jake put an arm around Matt's shoulders. “Thanks.” He tried a tired sort of smile, but couldn't quite get his lips to move. “Least we made it.” “Yeah.” There were nine of them including Sergeant Drewer, which was less than half the platoon. “What now Sarg?” Arnie Slater was the little guy from New Jersey, the wise guy, he was always first with the questions. Berman was from Brooklyn, Ruben, he was Jewish. Matt and Jake were basically country bumpkins, least ways according to Arnie and Ruben. Poor old Brian Davis was a good kid from a small town, Milton, Delaware. He always told everyone it was the most beautiful town in America. Drewer gave Slater one of his crooked smiles and took a long drag on his cigarette, blowing the smoke out in rings. “One thing’s for sure. We ain’t nowhere near where we're supposed to be. It's a fucking mess.” “Where are we s'posed to be then Sarg?” “Fuck off Slater, and stop bugging me!” “Maybe we should find the lieutenant?” Briggs was a big guy, built like a tank, he was probably being serious with that suggestion, but it only served to wind up Drewer. “Look mountain man, you see these stripes?” He was poking at the three bands on his uniform. “Because they fucking mean I make the decisions here, GOT IT?” Everybody was quiet, we all knew how Drewer was, a lot of barking, but he looked after his squad. “The lieutenant copped it on the beach, I saw him get hit. Okay, let's get moving!” About four hundred yards across the dunes was a row of houses and probably a road. Looking around they seemed to be on their own here. “Over there.” Drewer indicated the houses. “Now be fucking careful. I don't want no more dead heroes.” The tall grass between them and those houses could hide anything. Four hundred yards suddenly seemed like a hell of a long way. But four hundred yards was no distance at all compared to the days, weeks, months, that lay ahead. The invasion hadn't been called off and they'd played their part, started that long road to freedom. Perhaps they were amongst the lucky ones? Over nine thousand Americans who landed with them never left. They lie in one hundred and seventy-two acres that over look those beaches. Endless white crosses or the Star of David. Neat rows forming lines on an impeccably manicured lawn, a powerful and humbling final resting place – lest we forget! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The End.
  3. William King

    Russian Roulette

    @Jason Rimbaud I really appreciate you commenting, I'm kind of humbled by what you said. Thank you.
  4. William King


    Thanks guys for your nice comments. I missed @Cole Parker and @Merkin, way back in February - sorry about that, I didn't mean to ignore you 😮
  5. William King

    Dominic 1 & 2

    Great story, very well written, and real. I wrote my first online gay fiction in almost the same way as you. A boy x boy romance. I got a couple of nice comments, which inspired me to continue, although I thought it would be really difficult to carry on the story. I liked my own first chapter, just as I like this, but would the rest be as good? Well yes, and after the second chapter, I just kept writing. I fixed a chapter length of 1500 to 2000 words, and ended with a book (40k words). Okay, it was raw and a little rough, but I still like it, and now I'm re-reading and tidying up. I'm telling you all this, because it would be a shame if you didn't continue. New writers come on the scene everyday, but it isn't everyday you get someone like yourself who can convey a real story in an engaging way, that is easy and enjoyable to read. So you should know this story warrants a book, you've got the talent, please write it.
  6. William King

    Child Abuse

    Yes, a good, well written story, about a sensitive issue, handled with care and conveying an important message. Child Abuse, the short story...
  7. William King

    Separate Tongues

    Same here, those regional accents could almost be a foreign language and if you listen to Glaswegians talking, it is. Funny thing accents, especially if like me you were born and bred an Englishman and can barely understand your fellow countrymen. I leave out the Scots, it's another country!
  8. William King


    I second that. Not great perhaps, but it is certainly a very good story, with a well thought out plot. Which is a really nice change from all those stories that simply let events unfold. It's entertaining to read a thriller, with its twists and turns. I don't think it is an easy thing to achieve, so all praise to the author for pulling it off.
  9. William King

    The GOP and American Nazis

    I appreciate your point, but I'm not sure that it's hard to believe. There is a growing movement of nationalism around the world, from Russia, through Europe, so it's not too surprising to find this in America. Things start with nationalism and finish with a dictatorship which persecutes minorities. We've seen it before, we are seeing it now in Russia, where Putin wants a fifth term. The one thing America has going for it, is that it's a big country dedicated to freedom, I could never see the USA as a dictatorship!
  10. William King

    Russian Roulette

    Yes, a very different story. I should have dedicated it to David F, but of course, he'll never get to read it! It's another tiny cameo from life. Terrible, sometimes things just go the hell wrong. I still think about him, he was twenty something.
  11. William King

    Site lag on forum.

    It happened today when I posted. Lag then error message. So it's not fixed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you pay for this forum? If you pay they should fix it. Someone should raise a ticket to flag the problem. This being my second post today, I confirm that it only happens on the first post. This posted instantly.
  12. William King

    Russian Roulette

    It’s worse than running a red light. Sure, one time you might get hit, but... Doesn't mean it’s all over. Depends. This was different. One of those chambers wasn't empty. Russian fucking roulette. Keep playing. And it’s gonna happen. Inevitable. Some things you can talk about, even need to. But I don’t need to talk to anyone about this. I know what being in love is. Feeling sick. Thinking all the time about him. Wanting to be with him. Wanting... to be him. I changed the brand of cigarettes I smoked. Peter Stuyvesant. Because... Because that’s what he smoked. He was a great dancer. I never saw a guy in a suit dancing. I never saw anyone dancing like him. When he was living in the same house as Brendan, he said I could come over. That was a shock. I had no idea Brendan lived there. I hadn’t seen him since school. Shit, I never imagined Brendan moving out of home. People can surprise you. I thought about what might happen. This was the first time we were alone. If you step back and look at it, yes. He was weird. That wasn't his fault. Bipolar Steve said. What the fuck is that? Somebody who tells you he didn’t show because he stayed on the bus. Decided not to get off at the stop. Followed this guy, a stranger he didn't even know. Why? He thought it was normal. Nothing happened when we were in his room. In that same house where Brendan lived. He lay down on the bed, face down. He had his clothes on. Told me to lay on top of him. I did. What’s normal anyway? Who tells you to do that? He felt how hard I was. There was this one time I was taking a piss. He came up behind me, unzipped, took it out, and pissed through my legs. How fucking normal is that? Bipolar? Is that what it is? That night he said I could sleep over. I did. Of course I did. I was like a love sick puppy. I hung around him, all the time. All the time I could. Nothing happened. He kicked me. In his sleep. Really hard. Kicked out. I spent the night on the floor. We could talk. Normally, I mean. Although thinking about it, I’m not so sure. He never got to the end of the story. I knew he left home. Runaway, kicked out? I wasn't sure. He told me he turned tricks. Met some guy his age who showed him how to make money. In the station toilets. Was he gay? Don’t ask me. I don’t know. We lived together. I fucked that up. How? How do you live with someone like him? I couldn't live with half a story. Half a person. Bipolar? Is it like that? Half a person. I fucking loved him! But it was inevitable. Russian roulette. You shoot up with heroin. What are the chances? Overdosed. Heard it by his friend. My heart was frozen like a Siberian lake. You'd have to drill deep to get through. He had the final word. Russian fucking roulette.
  13. William King


    What you didn't mention was that this is a story in progress. Never mind, it's a competently written thriller and that is a nice change from the usual teen romance. I'm kind of intrigued by the author, is Wayne G a male or another female MM Romance novelist, not that it matters a great deal? And yes, I know, I said it's a thriller, but the protagonists are in a rapidly developing relationship, so both things are going on, hand in hand. There's ample foreshadowing, but not enough to give the plot away, so this story keeps you guessing. Like all really good thrillers, you can see how things are building, and you keep trying to imagine how it's going to turn out. It keeps you hooked, because, of course, you just have to know how it will end. If you like mystery thrillers with romance thrown in, you should give this a read. It's in progress, being serialized I imagine, read it now or wait until it's complete, but read it, it's good!
  14. William King


    I just saw this - great - movie over here on the state TV channel.
  15. William King


    Chapter One is promising. I get the impression the author is youngish. He did a little research but not quite enough to be realistic regarding living off grid (an electric oven and frozen food with 1kw panels, he'd have to leave the food outside in the snow, lol). None of that really matters, because the essential is the building intrigue and cliffhanger chapter ending, keeps you wanting more. Only thing I don't find cool is his email address! I'll come back when I've finished it. Thanks for the recommendation.