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  1. Merkin

    Next Tuesday

    I see it more as a push-back than a repudiation. There's a long way to go. Breaking Trump's hold on the Republican Party is going to take massive effort. I'm no political strategist, but I believe the Republicans are still thrilled at their so-easy access to Trump's base.
  2. Merkin

    Troye Sivan - Seventeen

    So real, so sad. And Troye just the right voice for this.
  3. Merkin

    Dominic 3

    Good job. But please don't cap this story off so soon. There's plenty of room for these two engaging characters to develop between this really nice beginning and the Epilogue. You might think about giving us glimpses of their relationship every ten years or so.
  4. Merkin

    Just for Mike

  5. Merkin

    Not Carrot Cake, by Pedro

    Now that's one smart cat. Handsome, too.
  6. Merkin

    Writing Stages of Life

    I'm rooting for you, Jason. I've always admired you, both as a person and as a writer, as someone who tells it like it is, and I am confident you can work as hard on your own behalf as you did for so long for someone else's gain.
  7. Merkin

    Jack in the Box, by Driver

    Sorry folks, one thing I left out of my note above is this. If you start reading "Jack in the Box" and feel drawn in, be sure to take the time to read Driver's previous story "Sudden Storm". It provides necessary context for the new story.
  8. Merkin

    Jack in the Box, by Driver

    Driver has started a new story and is three chapters in. Too soon to give you a synopsis but I'm already hooked. "Jack in the Box" can be found at http://www.storiesbydriver.net/
  9. Merkin


    Awww. How sweet to find such rapport. A worthy 'Boys on Trains' interlude. I won't ask what was added to your stewed coffee.
  10. Merkin

    The Long Way Home

    Pure corn.
  11. Merkin


    I have a use for every one of these. Thanks! I can't wait for another batch of these, so I'll be leaving.
  12. Merkin

    Alike in Dignity

    Sadly, all good stories must come to an end, and Rothenia must once again retreat into the shadows of our imagination. Grateful thanks to Mike Arram for his continued devotion to detailing this magic kingdom and its wonderful cast of characters, both new and old, we have come to love.
  13. Merkin

    My Incredible Summer by Cole Parker

    I love Cole's stories, and I especially love the ones that I can begin and finish reading all on the same day.
  14. Merkin

    Z is for Zombie by Geron Kees

    Considering the quality of his output as a writer over the past couple of years, Geron Kees is a force to be reckoned with. There's no story of his that I haven't enjoyed and admired.
  15. Merkin

    Coming soon!

    Not if he works on day.