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  1. Merkin

    Nymphomaniacs Convention

    I love starting the day with a laugh.
  2. Merkin

    No more Gay-Straight Alliance

    Shades of Cyril Northcote Parkinson and his famous analysis of the growth of bureaucracy in organizations. Among his observations is the notion that bureaucracies cannot be content unless they fiddle with what has gone before and invent new ways to make what may have been sensible into something more difficult. His book was one of the greater delights of the 1950s, and should not be forgotten. Check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkinson's_law
  3. Merkin

    Something you've never seen before

    C'mon, Cole, you old chauvinist, 'the girl' Inga Lohne-Otterstad's voice is truly extraordinary, especially for a singer so young, and pairs perfectly with Askel's baritone for this performance. The two together have wonderfully balanced stage presence.
  4. Merkin

    Britishisms gaining a foothold in the U.S.

    Thank goodness the English language is constantly malleable, unlike some languages that are more fixed. Full credit to writers and speakers of English around the globe who are willing to try out new idioms and turns of phrase and pass them on to world-wide audiences. In that respect, we Yanks also must not overlook the rich contributions to “our” language from our Aussie, Kiwi, and Canadian cousins. I especially liked the notion, as stated above, that ‘kerfuffle seems to be useful enough to Americans--who can never get enough words to describe kinds of conflict' Perhaps our own contribution to the English language, in the spirit of the many Eskimo words for ‘snow’, could be to offer up an all-inclusive conflict dictionary.
  5. Merkin

    Gabriel's Island, by Marin Giustinian

    Not much about the 21st century has much appeal for me but Colin and Doug's ability to have that sequence of experience makes it all worthwhile.
  6. Merkin

    In Year 69

    Warmth may result from either choice.
  7. Merkin


    Stick to writing stuff like this, Bruin, and you'll attract lots of readers.
  8. Gabriel's Island by Marin Giustinian ‘…We all should become who we want to be, deep down inside, without paying mind to what others say or think. We should do all we can so that the little boy we were, when we were ten years old, isn't sorry to have wanted to grow up.’ This lovely story is more than a beguiling tale. It may be a compelling handbook for living and loving, written just for you. Do not pass it by without giving it a chance to work its magic. http://awesomedude.com/marin-giustinian/gabriels-island/gabriels-island.htm
  9. Merkin

    Camp Refuge

    Wayne's newest story "Ash and Ember" is up and running. He says this one won't be appearing on Nifty, but it can be found here: https://www.storylover.us/?t=CWYSqpOrsQlyY9vo
  10. Merkin

    Ashes and Embers by Wayne Grey

    I'll second that, Nigel. Wayne's last offering, "Camp Refuge" (Nifty, Camping category as well as on Story Lover) had a strong finish and is a great read. Now a new one looks to be even more polished. If you send Wayne a note he'll keep you notified of new chapters.
  11. Merkin

    Can't Help Falling in Love

    These are great finds, Dude! Please keep them coming...
  12. Merkin

    UK Government to Ban Gay-Straight Conversion Therapy

    Good one, Nigel
  13. Merkin

    I hear it's some day of note to you Yanks...

    No, Gee. Our fireworks are meant to thin the Canadian Geese.
  14. Merkin

    God the Problem

    'Strangling nature while collecting fares' is brilliant, bi. We're all being forced to pay a grotesque amount to ride the God machine.
  15. Merkin

    Why it's so difficult to get schools to deal with bullies

    Although I like Colin's suggestion of video camera evidence, I think that one of the primary locations for bullying is within the walls of the restrooms, both boys' and girls', and I am pretty sure that placing video cameras in those environments is a big no-no. Documenting who enters and exits the restrooms may be possible but I bet it would be a very touchy subject in most districts. I do think Cole's position is the only one possible. James