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  1. Merkin

    UK Government to Ban Gay-Straight Conversion Therapy

    Good one, Nigel
  2. Merkin

    I hear it's some day of note to you Yanks...

    No, Gee. Our fireworks are meant to thin the Canadian Geese.
  3. Merkin

    God the Problem

    'Strangling nature while collecting fares' is brilliant, bi. We're all being forced to pay a grotesque amount to ride the God machine.
  4. Merkin

    Why it's so difficult to get schools to deal with bullies

    Although I like Colin's suggestion of video camera evidence, I think that one of the primary locations for bullying is within the walls of the restrooms, both boys' and girls', and I am pretty sure that placing video cameras in those environments is a big no-no. Documenting who enters and exits the restrooms may be possible but I bet it would be a very touchy subject in most districts. I do think Cole's position is the only one possible. James
  5. Merkin

    Camp Refuge

    Very engaging. Full of twists and turns. Every character is a revelation.
  6. Merkin

    JFK's Secret Meth Habit

    One can hope his coronary arteries vote to impeach him.
  7. I support your entire comment, ChrisR, but this appears to be a crucial point. Children from immigrant families have overwhelmed the "juvenile care system" as we know it, and it is unable to respond. In fact, it was never constituted to be able to respond to what is, indeed, a situation a whole order of magnitude more complicated and significant in its own right. I believe we should separate this element of the care puzzle from the purview of our presently in-place juvenile care apparatus and invent one that works for immigrant families. I don't have the answers but it is clear to me that undertaking necessary reforms to our present "system" has been overtaken and overwhelmed by the current situation with immigration in almost all of our states, yet it is, I think, a somewhat different set of problems. We actually have two crises on our hands. Both of them demand our attention.
  8. You may have thought that we have a generally practised foster care system in this country. Guess again. If you are a homeless teen be careful to choose the right state to be homeless in. http://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/blogs/stateline/2018/06/14/giving-group-homes-a-21st-century-makeover
  9. Merkin

    LGBTQ Pride Month

    The Academy of American Poets supports LGBTQ Pride Month with a great selection of gay poetry: http://academyofamericanpoets.createsend1.com/t/ViewEmail/y/80D70051C302ACA7/10FDA5FEE832BC64FCACEB58A033025D To get us started, here is the first stanza of Frank Bidart's very moving poem "Queer": Queer Frank Bidart Lie to yourself about this and you will forever lie about everything. Everybody already knows everything so you can lie to them. That’s what they want. But lie to yourself, what you will lose is yourself. Then you turn into them.
  10. Merkin

    Cats and Music

    Yet from time to time cats catch and bring us sacrifices. Weird.
  11. Merkin

    Site lag on forum.

    Dang! It used to be enough to swot up a bit of Shakespeare and learn the list of British monarchs... Now it seems we must sit through all those obscure jokes uttered too fast in impenetrable accents.
  12. Cole is a master at setting up a story and even better at ending a chapter just when you don't want him to. I love summer camp stories and this promises to be a good one, with a feisty main character with depths yet to be discovered and needs not yet realized. Almost as good as going off to camp yourself.
  13. Merkin

    Dominic 1 & 2

    I agree completely with Cole and William on this. You've clearly got the talent. Have you got the persistence? That's the part you have to acquire over and over, setback after setback.
  14. Merkin

    Boy - by Camy

    That's beautiful, but also so sad.
  15. Merkin

    God made you this way

    Pope Francis, bless his heart, has said words to this effect several times. What he leaves out is the subtext: 'it's OK as long as you don't practice homosexuality'.