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  1. I think, after reading the first chapter, it's safe to say that Joe has hit a home run with this tale. I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter. He's got fourteen year olds down pat, and apparently he's very familiar with owls (wait for it... that's a 14 year old's joke).
  2. Without a Word Spoken

    This fabulous art institute is in Sarasota, Florida, and is worth a visit for their many galleries exhibiting highly-talented student work in all conceivable graphic fields. The school is also noteworthy for having as its mascot Remy the Armadillo.
  3. By the Lough

    Wow! (Or should that be wough?)
  4. Arkadelphia Plantation by Sequoyah

    Lots of bumps in the road so far but this latest chapter (26) takes an alarming turn.
  5. The Americanization (Americanisation) of English

    Interestingly, the region where I now live (as a non-native speaker) is in the mid-South close to the West Virginia border with Virginia. Here folks take great pride in their regional accents, and work at identifying a person’s origin down to the county level based on the way he speaks. I guess it’s fair to say that instead of a ‘received’ accent ensuring sameness, here we aim for a ‘perceived’ accent.
  6. The Americanization (Americanisation) of English

    That's correct, Cole, unless you're speaking of czechers. Then its draughts. By the way, any nation that would put Jane Austen on a bank note instead of Beatrix Potter is as mad as a dog in the mid-day sun.
  7. The Americanization (Americanisation) of English

    They won't take a check, either. Cheques only.

    11. "We are really fucked now, Eve." --Adam, 0 B.C.
  9. The Words I Don't Ever Say

    Very moving. I'd like to hear this set to music.
  10. The best kind of news

    Bravo! Why is it that often kids can think and feel more clearly than adults?
  11. A video for you

    Thank goodness that we live in the modern era, when performances like that can be captured and preserved.
  12. After School Surprise

    Wonderful last line.
  13. Comma Queen

    I'm wondering how Chris Rice gets to that stage of interrogation. I barely ever get past 'Do you come here often?'
  14. China Boat by Douglas

    Amen to that. What a wonderful achievement. And a special thanks to Doug for including the Coda, for without it we would have been bereft.
  15. Incorporating Music in a Story?

    This is a really interesting question, Chris R, because it wouldn't have arisen before the modern era of on-line publication. As a consequence there hasn't been enough unanimity to develop a standard. Personally I tend to like an embedded link enclosed in parenthesis to show the reader it is an aside. But that's only one reader's opinion, made by a reader who is still partial to print publication where what you hum while reading is your own business.