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  1. Merkin

    Jack in the Box, by Driver

    Sorry folks, one thing I left out of my note above is this. If you start reading "Jack in the Box" and feel drawn in, be sure to take the time to read Driver's previous story "Sudden Storm". It provides necessary context for the new story.
  2. Merkin

    Jack in the Box, by Driver

    Driver has started a new story and is three chapters in. Too soon to give you a synopsis but I'm already hooked. "Jack in the Box" can be found at http://www.storiesbydriver.net/
  3. Merkin


    Awww. How sweet to find such rapport. A worthy 'Boys on Trains' interlude. I won't ask what was added to your stewed coffee.
  4. Merkin

    The Long Way Home

    Pure corn.
  5. Merkin


    I have a use for every one of these. Thanks! I can't wait for another batch of these, so I'll be leaving.
  6. Merkin

    Alike in Dignity

    Sadly, all good stories must come to an end, and Rothenia must once again retreat into the shadows of our imagination. Grateful thanks to Mike Arram for his continued devotion to detailing this magic kingdom and its wonderful cast of characters, both new and old, we have come to love.
  7. Merkin

    My Incredible Summer by Cole Parker

    I love Cole's stories, and I especially love the ones that I can begin and finish reading all on the same day.
  8. Merkin

    Z is for Zombie by Geron Kees

    Considering the quality of his output as a writer over the past couple of years, Geron Kees is a force to be reckoned with. There's no story of his that I haven't enjoyed and admired.
  9. Merkin

    Coming soon!

    Not if he works on day.
  10. Merkin

    Freshman Dorm by Colin Kelly

    Oh, boy, what a memory you guys have kicked off. My college had dorms built in a previous century. Freshmen all got single rooms, approximately 8’ X 10’, each with a single window glazed with loose 19th century glass, and heated by a steam radiator. This space was furnished with a bed fitted with a cot-sized mattress laid on boards, one chair with a rope-bottomed seat (and I still have the corrugations on my ass to prove it), a small bookcase and a stand-up desk. We were instructed to NOT bring anything besides clothing, since that was all that would fit into the clothespress. There were no closets. Needless to say hotplates and the like were routinely confiscated.
  11. Merkin

    Nymphomaniacs Convention

    I love starting the day with a laugh.
  12. Merkin

    No more Gay-Straight Alliance

    Shades of Cyril Northcote Parkinson and his famous analysis of the growth of bureaucracy in organizations. Among his observations is the notion that bureaucracies cannot be content unless they fiddle with what has gone before and invent new ways to make what may have been sensible into something more difficult. His book was one of the greater delights of the 1950s, and should not be forgotten. Check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkinson's_law
  13. Merkin

    Something you've never seen before

    C'mon, Cole, you old chauvinist, 'the girl' Inga Lohne-Otterstad's voice is truly extraordinary, especially for a singer so young, and pairs perfectly with Askel's baritone for this performance. The two together have wonderfully balanced stage presence.
  14. Merkin

    Britishisms gaining a foothold in the U.S.

    Thank goodness the English language is constantly malleable, unlike some languages that are more fixed. Full credit to writers and speakers of English around the globe who are willing to try out new idioms and turns of phrase and pass them on to world-wide audiences. In that respect, we Yanks also must not overlook the rich contributions to “our” language from our Aussie, Kiwi, and Canadian cousins. I especially liked the notion, as stated above, that ‘kerfuffle seems to be useful enough to Americans--who can never get enough words to describe kinds of conflict' Perhaps our own contribution to the English language, in the spirit of the many Eskimo words for ‘snow’, could be to offer up an all-inclusive conflict dictionary.
  15. Merkin

    Gabriel's Island, by Marin Giustinian

    Not much about the 21st century has much appeal for me but Colin and Doug's ability to have that sequence of experience makes it all worthwhile.