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  1. Article of interest to all writers

    Reading your comments has been interesting and enlightening. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating making AwesomeDude into a legacy or archive site. I just feel that having regular updates is vital to keeping the site in the minds and hearts of readers and that visiting us on a regular basis is vital to keeping up our reader base. A few years ago, almost all sites - with the exception of Nifty - updated once a week or even less often. I believe -if my memory is correct- that it was when we started posting twice weekly, because of the volume of stories we had going, that other sites like our friends at IOMFATS and CRVBoy started doing the same. Perhas it was in friendly competition or possibly because they were experiencing increased volume of stories as well. Prolific writers like Cole took advantage of this and requested chapters of his stories be fast-track posted. Now, I haven’t consulted with Cole on this, but what if we went back to a weekly posting schedule? I’m sure the two above-mentioned sites would follow suit unless they have a lot more quality stories on their plates. This might take the pressure off a lot of our authors as well. Especially those writers who have a good track record of supplying chapters on time. Again, my suggesting this may move me to the head of Cole’s s—t list, but posting once a week would certainly lighten the load for me and allow me more time to seek out new talent. Any comments, pro or con are welcome. And don’t forget, I welcome emails at dude@awesomedude.com or phone calls at (760) 459-5211 anytime. Mike
  2. Welfare Info?

    Nah... sounds delicious!
  3. Another Summer in Georgia

    Welcome, Benji! Mike
  4. Welfare Info?

    Has anyone heard from our friends who were in harms way in Florida and Texas and the Caribbean. Chris James, Steven Adamson, AD Forums member ChrisR and others? I haven't heard from any of them since the storms passed. I hope all are OK. Mike
  5. Mark Bingham 9/11

    I thought of that brave, gay rugby player as I awoke this morning.
  6. Coping with Irma!

    Shelter in place! http://www.npr.org/2017/09/07/548981618/flamingos-in-the-men-s-room-how-zoos-and-aquariums-handle-hurricanes?utm_source=npr_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20170910&utm_campaign=&utm_term=
  7. Without a Word Spoken

  8. As we welcome new author - William King - to AwesomeDude, we'll begin posting REFUGEE Saturday, August 5th. Here's a synopsis: Can you imagine the future when you are thirteen years old? When you’ve lost everything? From the ruins of war in a bombed out town in Syria; the desperation of refugee camps; and slum cities in Turkey, the paramount goal is safety and the impossible: Europe. This story is of our time and does not shy away from harsh reality. There is abuse, exploitation, huge risk, suffering and pain, but there is also romance and a few good souls. Watch for it! Mike
  9. The Americanization (Americanisation) of English

    Truly, cunning linguists!
  10. Flash Fiction

    OK... I have been considering adding Flash Fiction to the regular AD site for a long time. It has been a part of the AD Forums for some years now and it's become such a popular literary form that it's time to give it its due. Just how to do so, is the issue. Give me a couple of weeks to ponder this and consider the options. I'll be putting up a post here in Dude's Desk with a poll to find out how you folks want to do this. Mike
  11. Son of a Preacherman

    I spent several months with Ronnie & John in 1967. I don't want to go into the personal lives of these two who have been close friends since their schoolboy days but their is no doubt among any of those who know them well that this was 'their song.' As far as any public statement from them, I am not aware of any. Cam Clarke recorded the song on a CD more than fifteen years ago, clearly from a maie-male point of view. Mike
  12. Ear Wax

    Hmm, been watching Graham Norton again, Bruin? Mike
  13. footnotes

    Joe, Sure... send it along won't know if there are any problems if I don't have the story. Send it along to dude@awesomedude.com. Mike