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  1. dude

    The Cabin in Maine by Alan Dwight

    Thanks Oliver and Colin. I'm fine. And thanks for your comments. I believe I will post the next story all at once, as that's the way I like to read them.  Arrghhhhhhh For the first time, Alan posted-at his request- a novel serially. We fast tracked it like we do with most stories these days at two chapters a week (one each on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At eight chapters it only took four weeks. But you guys complained. Now you guys go and talk him into posting all at once... a practice we seldom use anymore at AD. That means that his story is likely to be overlooked by readers who do a quick scan of the Current Serial Novels on the homepage. Grrrrr 🤔
  2. dude

    Something you've never seen before

    oooooookay... loved it.... Now we're on Mozart and The Magic Flute.... let me introduce you to a 14 year old Norwegian lad named Aksel Rykkvin who, up until this time last year, was arguable one of the most accomplished boy sopranos. Then his voice changed and he's decided to dedicate his young life to opera... as a baritone. This clip is from Norwegian television where he performs - with a young lady the same age - Papageno from The Magic Flute. Following this clip will be a couple of his notable performances as a soprano. Enjoy!
  3. dude


    This touched me too! Kudos to this lad and to Adam Rippon for being 'out there' and being themselves! Mike
  4. dude

    Kewl Dad

    Kewl Dad's excellent story has been received and hopefully will be posted at AwesomeDude in the near future. Mike
  5. dude

    A Hole in My Ceiling by Colin Kelly

    I have been following this thread with interest and - admittedly with some concern - since it was started. I think the message that guns are dangerous became pretty clear to the boys in this story, its readers and to young people in general. I don't believe - however - that a young author, who devotes a goodly percentage of his busy waking hours to providing an upbeat website and reading material for gay and questioning young people, should try to take on every aspect of every social issue in every story. Colin presents a story in a frame of reference in which kids perceive life. His own youth and personal experience provide a lot of insight into what is important to young people and that is what makes his stories credible with young readers. Colin is an excellent writer. I don't think he should be goaded into writing a 'sequel' to stress a message that parents, educators, and media should have made quite clear. The good sense of today's young people should not be underestimated, and what young person - gay or straight - wants to be preached to in the reading material he seeks as entertainment? In short, I totally agree with Cole's summation above. Mike
  6. dude

    Camp Refuge

    Wayne's stories Guarded and Camp Refuge are excellent. Wayne and I are in contact and we're working on bringing him and his stories to AwesomeDude. Mike
  7. dude

    New author error?

    New Authors Ivor Slipper, Greg Denton and Marin Giustinian all submitted their first stories to AwesomeDude this month. As they are single stories and all in the Newest Short Stories category, they will get AwesomeDude Author Page creations when they submit their second stories. I will, however, when posting the mid-week updates to the site on Wednesday, put their names on the Author's List and link their current single story. Clueless, however, about the reference of a link to Cynus ... ? Mike
  8. Here's another web collaboration with Alexandru (Norway) this time with Beamer from Canada. It's a cover of One Direction's Story of My Life.
  9. dude

    K-Pops goes gay!

    Introducing K-Pops sensation Holland who came on to the Korean pops scene openly gay. Here's his video Neverland.
  10. dude

    Can't Help Falling in Love

    The Internet is great! It spawns covers and collaborations among little know young artists all around the world. Here's a collaboration between 13-year-olds Alexandru and Danni Jules covering Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
  11. Coming this weekend... a new novel by John S. Lloyd (a.k.a. Seth Newman) "Leaping into the Quarry" starts its serialization. Illustrated story about a young man born into the circus.
  12. Brush up on your Rothenian, Henry Atwood is back! The greatest show on earth descends on Strelzen, and before the Eurovision Song Contest is finished with Rothenia it will upend many of the lives of its citizens, and indeed the city itself. For the feud between the Houses of Lucic and Staufer will have to be overcome before Yuli Lucic and Roman Staufer von Ebersfeld can find true happiness and bring peace to a divided city. Starting at AwesomeDude on Saturday, June 30th!