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  1. After having posted on a once-weekly (Saturday) schedule from January 1st of this year, AwesomeDude will return to twice-weekly posting (Wednesdays & Saturdays) from April 2018. Although we still have lots of catching up to do -updating AD Author Pages and other 'housekeeping duties'- we've worked out a new schedule to try to catch up most of these by mid-year. This will give AD Authors and Readers more flexibility in posting and reading stories here at AD. Mike
  2. Har de har har!
  3. Now and Then

    A star is born!
  4. Hava Nagila Boys

    Well, certainly not your traditional hora!
  5. Although we currently update the AwesomeDude site every Saturday, since Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday this year we'll have a special posting on February 14th. Included will be stories from such popular AwesomeDude Authors as Altimexis, Cole Parker, Cynus, Merkin, Pedro and William King. Don't miss this special Valentine's Day posting on , Wednesday February 14, 2018! Mike
  6. Breaking the rules

    Holy Cow! That was great! I'd never seen that one before.
  7. Kids from New Jersey

    Can't belive its been two years since this video was made.
  8. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    Congratulations, Australia! It is done!
  9. Thank you for a great home page

    Will, if you're referring to the Refugee Home Page, it was my concept but the brilliant execution was at the hands of the talented Alien Son, our Design Editor. Mike
  10. I was pleased to see that Steve Temke's story Not All Angels Have Wings was featured in Codey's World Halloween Collection this year. It is one of the most moving stories I've ever read and brings tears every time I read it... which has been several times. Mike