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  1. Hi everybody. It's open call for Valentine's Short Stories again and this time I mean OPEN! This year we're opening the stories not only to current AwesomeDude Authors but to anyone who wants to have their story read on AwesomeDude. The only caveat is that all stories must confirm to the submission guidelines posted on the AD story site. If you're a budding author who'd like to get your story seen here, just send it along to submissions@awesomedude.com no later than February 7th. Please submit in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format as we'll be short of time to do conversions from other formats. So welcome one and all. The earlier you get your story in, the better. Mike
  2. dude

    We Are the World - Against Bullying

    Thought I'd add another collaboration video - also organized by Alexandru Six boys in four countries participated in this one.
  3. dude

    Seventeen - The Video

    Here's a beautiful meld of scenes from Call Me By Your Name and Troye Sivan's song about losing his virginity Seventeen.
  4. dude

    Views for the mad Swedish Cajun

    Wow! The Warsaw Guitar Orchestra is great! And what a great idea..... Mike
  5. dude

    A twofer

    And I thought I was the one with eyesight problems! 😃
  6. and............from back in 2015:
  7. dude

    Dancing on a Star, by Ronyx

    Oh... same here!
  8. dude

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    At this time of year when those of us in the USA celebrate the things for which we are thankful, I’d like to express my own appreciation to all of you for your support of AwesomeDude.com. Next April 3rd, we’ll be celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of our founding. Thanks to our authors for their excellent stories and the hundreds of hours they dedicate to writing them. Thanks to our readers who come back week after week and who recommend our site, stories and authors to their friends. And special thanks to those of you who contribute to the upkeep of the AwesomeDude site. Paying the hosting fees, domain registrations, forums fees, photo royalties and many other items could put quite a dent in my meager Social Security income, without your help. So even though it might not be a holiday where you live… Happy Thanksgiving! Mike
  9. dude

    No Love - Ronan Parke

    This lad just keeps getting better and better!
  10. dude

    Medley of Young Artists

    He? That video should have triggered a string of about 50 videos of mostly young artists (mix) which you can view if you keep your finger on the SKIP AD button, like I do. Unfortunately, YouTube.com has over the period of a couple years raised their no-ad service by twenty percent and now costs $11.99/month. Any way, each time you log into this thread you should get a different video starting it. Depends on which browser you are using. Anyway I assume you are referring to Andrew Muccitelli and I agree with you he is something great. Mike