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  1. Italian Confessional

    With what is going on in the world the war may be continuing
  2. Equality can come at a price...

    The nondiscerning depriving the deserving
  3. Equality can come at a price...

    Yes it does. The arts are viewed by the right-wing cults as either a nuisance or an infringement of their agenda to control the populace. What they do not seem to appreciate is that the arts are a harbinger, a forerunner...a vanguard of excellence in thought and beneficial deed for advancement of the culture; even if at the expense of more conservative and reactionary ideologies, dogmas and doctrines. Come to think about it, it becomes obvious as to why the Right so often seeks to limit the arts, and the Left views the arts as progressive, especially when the objective is to free the mind from the Right's restrictive control. We must also include the desire to appreciate and propagate the sense of wonder and beauty that the Arts makes accessible for human enjoyment. Yeah, it's open season on the arts, education, and science.* Treating the arts as being nothing more than a business is an anathema, a curse on human artistic expression; on our aesthetics which, are so essential in all that we do as creative and innovative beings. *(It's not by accident that it is called, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.)
  4. Legislative payback in Texas

    I would be happy to assist keeping watch on all the men to make sure they are well regulated.
  5. A Prophetic Voice from the Past?

    Seems somehow familiar...
  6. THE FREEDOM TO MARRY PROMOTED BY AUSTRALIAN MARRIAGE EQUALITY Date: Sun, Apr 2, 2017 4:00 PM Where: Wallis Piccadilly Cinemas 181 O'Connell Street, NORTH ADELAIDE, South Australia, 5006, Australia You are invited to the Adelaide Premier of Freedom to Marry hosted by Australian Marriage Equality
  7. Regular Sex Helps Your Mental Health

    Thanks Graeme, that's good news for us all. Well worth reading.
  8. Jedi Lament

    Perhaps not a sequel as I wrote it first, but it does convey where my feelings are, I think: The Slaves Lament Even moderate examination of recent wars and political directions, let alone extended experience of these modern times, cannot dissuade the rational thoughts of impending doom; of some new world that is neither brave nor free. Slavery of people by the people for some of the richest people has been the objective of fascism. The rule of the tyrant to divide and conquer can be seen in nearly every business , every political party and every government. Segregation of the deprived sustains the ignorance of the enslaved, and even hides the fact that the masters are slaves themselves. The right to not only pursue happiness but help each other to find that happiness is hidden from all and sundry. Worse, under the terms of fascism, the masters are encouraged to believe that happiness is the pleasure of watching the suffering of the deprived. The Trump/Bannon/Miller regime has now brought this suffering to the United States based on the religious need to atone for sins that, in reality, no one has committed because they are fabricated in fiction. The enslaved do not know that freedom is their right, the masters know it, and the authoritarians revel in the misery they have brought to humanity. Demand Spartacus to come forward, and if he does not stand then shout back, "I am Spartacus" because we cannot wait any longer for our freedom, we must claim our own freedom and the freedom of us, all...and if we are crucified for wanting our rights, then so be it.
  9. Jedi Lament

    Jedi Lament Authoritarian, Totalitarian, Tyranny: I was assured these were no longer the main forms of government on Earth when I agreed to go to your planet as an assessor of Earth governments' suitability to be admitted on to the cosmic council. I have contacted my home planet and told them to go ahead and use the death star that we confiscated from the Evil Empire and requested its use to remove your fascist world from the solar system. We can no longer permit you to endanger and infect our universe with your primitive forms of hatred and war like behaviours. We tried to warn you but you just won't listen. Best of luck for your final days of existence...I'm out of here.
  10. Is America fostering the stupid generation?

    The next President is going to have a very difficult time trying to restore the integrity of the White House and the administration; respect will take even longer. The real problem will be getting the rest of the world to accept that Fascism and the Trump presidency have been defeated. It's probably a little too optimistic to hope for the defeat of ignorance as well.
  11. Same Sex Marriage Associated with 7% drop in teen suicide

    Just because some of us don't want to get married doesn't mean that we are against marriage equality. My companion and I have been together for over 45 years and we have no inclination to marry, but we speak out for the right to marry at every opportunity. We do so, not because we want to marry, but because we believe that if its good enough for the gooses and ganders then its good enough for all the geese, too...if they want it. What we are adamant about is that the turkeys should not have the right to stop the geese from marrying each other regardless of their gender, or should I say, gander.
  12. Dangers of Equality

    George III is well known in children's history books for being the "mad king who lost America". In recent years, though, it has become fashionable among historians to put his "madness" down to the physical, genetic blood disorder called porphyria. Its symptoms include aches and pains and blue urine. I suggest watching the movie, The Madness of King George for a more modern view of the life and times of the king.
  13. With A Whimper

    I'm glad I didn't read that before I had my operation, but I think my Oxycontin induced hallucination was just as threatening; I thought the doctors and nurses were trying to kill me. Frighteningly well told James
  14. Dangers of Equality

    My warning in 2004 that no country who accepted LGBT people didn't later recriminalise them, worries me greatly. The hate groups and the alt right, white supremacists, are on the rise, as is the fascist mindset which has invaded the White House. It does not please me to be correct in my prophecy, but it might be wise to recognise the danger that is posed by the marriage registries. The hate mongers could conceivably use the marriage registries as a list to know who they should target with their insane hatred. The answer is not to hide from them, but to become more vocal in proclaiming our human rights. Join an anti- hate group in your locale and work as hard as you can to defeat the right wing bigots, the despots, and the horrors of yet another war against tyranny.