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  1. Oliver

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Bullseye! 😉
  2. Oliver

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Loevely ending indeed! Thank you Cole!
  3. Oliver

    I'll kiss you in the rain by William King

    Nice last chapter with some wise lessons from Jake. Looking forward to the sequel! 🙂
  4. Oliver

    The Education of Tyler Prescott

    It's a great story Alan! The first chapter grabbed me, but after that you grow with the development of Tyler. Oliver
  5. You will probably love the stories by Wayne Gray. I'm continually either laughing, smiling, or crying. When he's writing he posts about once in 5 or 6 days, but is currently between stories. They are sequential, although with minimal crossover, so don't panic if you get the sequence wrong. 

  6. Ironically, I've almost stopped reading incomplete stories (with a few exceptions) because some writers take soooooo long to get to the next chapter that I end up having to reread several chapters first, just to remember what happened. One writer, whose writing I like, is posted about once in 6 or 7 months. That just bothers me no end, but it's free, so I can't really complain (much).

  7. Started today with the first fifteen chapters and it got me sucked into it. Mixed feelings about Alex, and I feel sorry for the sweet Matty. That, together with the supsense about things happening around school, you've got yourself a pageturner to read and read. I like it, despite the fact that after finishing the last available chapter, the calendar will now decide when I am going to turn the next page. 🙂 Thank you, William!
  8. Oliver

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    It's getting difficult.... Not so nice for the main character, but very nice for the reader of this, again, brilliant story. 🙂 Thank you, Cole!
  9. Oliver

    The Cabin in Maine by Alan Dwight

    To be honest, I like the sequel of two times a week, or even once a week. If a story is complete, I always hesitate to start, because of the amount. (And the knowledge of being unable to stop halfway. ? ) The extra benefit is that the characters are "with you" for several weeks, combined with the curiosity of what will happen a few days later. It makes a story more "alive".
  10. Oliver

    The Cabin in Maine by Alan Dwight

    Hope you're back and well soon, Alan!
  11. Oliver

    The Cabin in Maine by Alan Dwight

    Wahhh, that was a fast ending! Thank you for the story!
  12. Oliver

    The Cabin in Maine by Alan Dwight

    Only two more? Mixed feelings always. It soothens my curiosity on how it will end, but it also means that the warm travel with the characters will stop. Looking forward to it, that's a fact!
  13. Bumped into this one, just roaming on AD to have something to read. I wanted not too much, because I have to write for my own site in Dutch. Not too much distraction.... ? There was one chapter, that couldn't do any harm, could it? Shouldn't have done that. I got hooked. Six chapters already, with a great development; caring, sweet, coming-of-age theme, with some extra twiches I am not goint to mention here to avoid being the big spoiler for people who haven't started this story yet. But you should! Thanks Alan, I like it a lot. Isaiah and Kieran are in my mind, and I am curious how they will figure it out together. I am confident they will!
  14. Oliver

    Passing It On

    Great beautiful story indeed!
  15. Oliver

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    Wow, last chapter, that's fast all of a sudden! That was the first thing I thought when i saw "final" in red print. After reading it: not to fast, it is just complete, good developments. Without giving any spoiler to anybody who read this first before the last chapter: I liked the epilogue. ? Thumbs up, thank you again Cole! Altimexis, you can start reading again. You'll like it. ?