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  1. Oliver

    Passing It On

    Great beautiful story indeed!
  2. Oliver

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    Wow, last chapter, that's fast all of a sudden! That was the first thing I thought when i saw "final" in red print. After reading it: not to fast, it is just complete, good developments. Without giving any spoiler to anybody who read this first before the last chapter: I liked the epilogue. 🙂 Thumbs up, thank you again Cole! Altimexis, you can start reading again. You'll like it. 🙂
  3. Oliver

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    You're right Cole. How cunning your plan may be, when it really works, it is the best feeling you can have as a writer.
  4. Oliver

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    And what a start. You can picture him right from the beginning. You can feel compassion immediately. A bit of happyness at the start of the camp, with a possible friction, all in the first chapters. Like it very much allready. You got me hooked again! 🙂
  5. Oliver

    High School Hero by Cole Parker

    You can throw one, Cole. With words. Right on the spot were it's needed to be. Thank you!
  6. Oliver

    High School Hero by Cole Parker

    No. It's you that pushes our curiosity ahead. The big "why"-card that you play wonderful as always. It's why I am immediately hooked when I start to read one of your works. Complaining about that burden? Nah, secretly I love it! :-)
  7. Oliver

    High School Hero by Cole Parker

    Still one of my favorite writers here on AD. With this good start, as you mentioned Chris, I know I won't be disappointed this time again. Thank you Cole!
  8. Oliver

    Fearless by Cynus

    Nice story, with a good plot. And a good laugh! Thank you!
  9. Oliver

    Fearless by Cynus

    Chapter 4. Cliff hangers. Should be forbidden. Still brilliant story though.... :-)
  10. Oliver

    Fearless by Cynus

    Great start. It made me laugh a good couple of times! I like the way Clint acts, thinks... You got me to follow this one!
  11. Oliver

    Ren by Cole Parker

    I had the luck to just find this new story of Cole. I could read 16 chapters at once. :-) Forced to wait now like everybody else.... You did it again Cole! Nice work.
  12. Oliver

    Puppy Love by Cole Parker

    Promising, promising.... As always with Cole's story. Count me in as a regular follower. :)
  13. Oliver

    Quitting Smoking

    Thanks for sharing that. Wish you all the luck and strength you need. I know how it feels. (never made it, but you don't want to hear that, I think.)
  14. Oliver

    Scurvy Dog

    We can say that too. You're too kind, Cole. Thanks so much for your words in writing, which warm our hearts. It's a really good, nice, heartwarming story. I'm jealous. I want to be able to write like you. Greetings from the not so cold anymore Netherlands, Oliver
  15. Oliver


    Great story, as you said hilarious! Why is everything Cole writes spot on right? Great job agian, Cole!