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  1. Camy

    God made you this way

    @Cole Parker So sorry, I thought you said 'Priests being celibate.' Redundant journalists, tabloids shutting up shop, and choirs celebrating - Heaven forbid!
  2. Camy

    Boy - by Camy

    Boy - by Camy. © May 2018 Downright blatant, he loiters by the tree cozening strangers with youth and sly glances. It is all a front, though not many see the pain buried inside transient amour.
  3. Damn funny! But it is Wales - specifically Mid-Wales. They're an odd lot. A bit staid. Most have probably never heard of Kim Kardashian. The majority are bi-lingual with Welsh as their mother tongue - the name of the school might give it away: Ysgol Gyfun Gymunedol Penweddig. Try pronouncing that after a couple of stiff Lagavulins!
  4. Camy

    My ménage

    East to west, my ménage has moved. More news to follow shortly. All remaining tickets to the bunker have been sold.
  5. Camy

    Cats and Music

    Very black and Pythonesque, Cole.
  6. Camy

    Cats and Music

    I wonder if it would work for Trump and Kim Jong-un, when they meet?
  7. Camy

    Cats and Music

    Human master? You have it all wrong, Chris. We're on the planet to serve Cats, not the other way around. Ask any of them.
  8. Camy

    Support System, by James Merkin

    Bravo, James! You gave us a dark but relatively happy ending. I didn't like it. It made me shudder: powerful, but frightening. Would the protagonist have seen a twenty second piece about a murdered boy in the subway on the morning news bulletin, or would the boy have simply vanished? One or the other, probably. A perfect flash.
  9. A buddhist stops at a hot dog stand. "What would you like, sir," the vendor asks. "Make me one with everything."
  10. Camy

    Caravaggio Eyes

    Props, Bi Janus. Just wonderful. To be read many times. I hope you don't mind me inserting an aide-mémoire for: ...'held fast Wondering at the mouth And its plain question' Boy with a Basket of Fruit (1593-94) by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
  11. Camy


    A wonderful poem and turn on, so thank you. And another thank you, too: I'd never heard of Rodriguez, never heard any of his music, never heard of 'Searching for Sugar Man.' Now I have, and I have to get 'Cold Fact' and see the film. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixto_Rodriguez
  12. Camy


    Bravo, James. Perhaps, one day, we'll all be enlightened enough to realise that sexuality isn't a choice, and we are what we are.... Here's hoping.
  13. Camy

    Seasonal Poetry

    Navy blue, coyly folded in my back right hand pocket, apparently.... Shocked, I say! Shocked, and rolling on the floor mostly crying with laughter. Not to mention mortified that I had anything to do with 'Spring of Teal.' Also, red should come with a pre-booked hospital appointment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handkerchief_code https://user.xmission.com/~trevin/hanky.html There was a dude who was pretty damn awesome until his hanky got dyed by mistake. He was far from a prude but lord when he saw some he threw that hanky in a bin by the lake. You have experienced a small thread hijack. Now, back to your regular programming on the AwesomeDude poetry channel. Great poetry for AwesomeDudes.
  14. Camy

    Seasonal Poetry

    Swift and Tawdry compared to the marvelous two above. Still, it is Christmas. Consider this as a pair of socks... or a handkerchief from an aged aunt. There was a time Tum te tum When Christmas came Tum te tum My stocking was filled Tum te tum With presents inane Years went by Tum te tum I found my flame Tum te tum And so at last Tum te tum 'Santa' stuffed my ahhh... se
  15. Camy

    King of Shreds and Patches

    TR left us a while back. He was a wonderful soul and I miss him. Wherever he is I'm sure he's happy you loved his story.