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  1. Camy

    Happy Valentine!

    There's a great set of Valentine stories on the AD front page, and more on Codey's World.
  2. Ah, words. Gotta love 'em! I was thinking Parkerthon (noun) is a goody - as in reading a lot of Cole Parker stories in one go (been there, done it, big fun). Alas, according to our lord Google, it doesn't exist. However Parkerizing, which sadly doesn't mean 'turning your friends onto the fiction of Cole Parker.' does exist. Odd. And that's quite enough about Parker, except to say terrific story, and I read part 2. 😀
  3. Camy

    Trials and Tribulations of Being 13

    Any bookies out there? I'm wondering what the odds would be on someone stopping after part one...?
  4. Camy

    Open Call for Valentines Stories

    Yes! Which is to say I'll have a go. Not that I'm 100% convinced I'll succeed. After all, I haven't met Ceed. Yet.
  5. Camy


    Thankee James. I'm glad the 'by' helped.
  6. Camy


    Thanks chaps! You guys and your comments always make me happy! The narrator especially thanks the chocolate Lab. I guess you could see it like that. But the poem isn't contemporaneous: it's a once naive narrator's hindsight. And, in hindsight (and with an added 'by') I could truncate it to this: You are getting faint now, my love, you who once shone so brightly - a halcyon time long put to rest by Homo homini lupus est.
  7. Camy


    Homo by Camy (2019) You are getting faint now, my love, you who once shone so brightly - the weft of early dreams, wrapped around the questioning warp of my low esteem. I fucked my hand thinking of you sleeping across the dormitory - the snores, the grunts of others, the soundtrack of my quest. Was I evil... or was I blessed? Swift fumbling moments treasured, stored safely, deep within my mind - our youth, what fun! Lived to the full, a halcyon time, long put to rest. Homo homini lupus est.
  8. Camy

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Blimey. I've never been thirded before. Bless all your cotton socks. And it's arse, not ass. Anyway, who's to say I haven't been...?
  9. Camy

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Umm.. a short story in the same world as 'Going for Gold, or just another, merely excellent, short story?
  10. Camy

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Yep, another wonderful Cole Parker story with a life affirming, happy ever after, ending. Wonderful!
  11. Camy

    Seasonal Poetry

    Aye, downright spiffy!
  12. Jason, unless your boyfriend went outside to smoke, or your lungs work in an alternate dimension, you were 2nd hand smoke wrecked, bombed and befuddled. A stoned puppy, even if you didn't toke.... On the other hand I can say: "Me? Na, I've never done it, honest guv." Ahem. I might be fibbing, but I'll sort it all out in the confessional. Now, please excuse me. I have to go and feed the pink pixies and the unicorn.
  13. Camy

    That's not English?

    William, context would be helpful. Could you post a bit more?
  14. Camy

    That's not English?

    And just what do you mean by that, eh? ... ...