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  1. Camy

    A Hole in My Ceiling by Colin Kelly

    I love that film! 😊
  2. Camy

    In Year 69

    Bi Janus' poetry always makes me think. Some I get, some I don't, some I really have to work at...
  3. Camy

    In Year 69

    I've never really got haiku. However, after a lot of thought and cat stroking I think I'm there. Love it. Of course I may be well off the mark and dancing in my own universe.... Still, as art is in the eye of the beholder, I'm beholding.
  4. Read this! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jul/12/trump-looks-forward-to-not-meeting-anyone-in-britain-england?
  5. Thar he blows, over Parliament Square.
  6. Oh, what sweet irony. Justice and Karma all rolled up into bite sized nibbles. On a more prosaic note: that'll teach the fuckers! Read and applaud here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-44728507
  7. Read the complete article at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44732754 I wonder what ol' Donald's going to think of that?
  8. Camy

    God the Problem

    As always, Bi-Janus is thought provoking. Probably why I imagine God and Trump as interchangeable.... I can see him as an Uber driver too.
  9. Oh, follow me will you... then back at you with knobs on! :tongue: Where on earth have you been this last eon?

    1. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      I’ve been working and living with a boy named N

    2. Camy


      N. What a very sensible initial.

    3. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      He's a very sensible fella

  10. Camy

    JFK's Secret Meth Habit

    According to U.K. newspaper The Sun, JFK had a secret (well, that's obvious) Methamphetamine habit. Here's the headline: JFK had secret crystal meth addiction and demanded regular injections of the drug to ‘maintain his image of youthful vigour.’ The US President had liquid methamphetamine injected into his throat by German-born doctor Max Jacobson. Here's the link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6517645/jfk-john-kennedy-president-crystal-meth-addiction-drug-injections/ Queen Victoria took morphine and cocaine - even I have inhaled pot (and proud of it) - so I'm not entirely surprised... or am I? I wonder what floats Trump's boat? His doctor certainly looks a likely sort.
  11. Camy

    Bullies by Colin Kelly

    Rutabaga, Yo! It was a great short story. And, try as you might, you can't cram a season of Law and Order into a short story....
  12. Camy

    Boys wil be...

    Boys will be... by Camy. © June 2018 I like your smile, your coy sly looks. I like the bangs you hide behind I like your balls, your pubic hair Too much I like to watch and stare I like your stomach flat and lean I like your legs and what's in between If I've said that before, apologies, Around you my mind's cotton wool I like that thing between your legs It's growing fast - I'm going red But should we do this here and now? Your parents might come home...
  13. Camy

    LGBTQ Pride Month

    Word... sadly.
  14. Camy

    Site lag on forum.

    If you haven't seen Up Pompeii then you simply have to. It's part of British comedy as much as Python and Blackadder - though it's closer in genre to the Carry On films.