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  1. What splendid copy for such a spliffing splendid day!
  2. Camy

    My Incredible Summer by Cole Parker

    I concur and ditto, too. Wonderful! Thank you Cole.
  3. Camy

    Coming soon!

    Forsooth, finally - date notwithstanding - he's come!
  4. Camy

    Coming soon!

    Well ... poop.
  5. Camy

    Coming soon!

    Day - month - year. Seems simple. Shortest to longest period of time. Logical and scientific. But no.... Tea in the harbour, mess up the date, burn the flag, stoke the hate. Really quite Trumpian. Except for my ancestors apparently losing a large chunk of Maryland, I'm not complaining. It's yours fair and square. But the date thing irks.
  6. Camy

    Coming soon!

    How shortly thereafter is your short that isn't short going to arrive? I need to know, because ... well, I just do. As a Bird with less brain than the Bear I lack his dubious patience - not to mention his girded loins.
  7. Status? Yes please.

  8. Camy

    Britishisms gaining a foothold in the U.S.

    Gaw blimey guv'nor, wotta luverley thread.
  9. Camy

    Coming soon!

    That's a very, very long tongue you have there, Bruin. 😜 Now I've lowered the tone sufficiently, I'll depart... ...and wait for Cole's tale of derring-do!
  10. Camy

    A Hole in My Ceiling by Colin Kelly

    I love that film! 😊
  11. Camy

    In Year 69

    Bi Janus' poetry always makes me think. Some I get, some I don't, some I really have to work at...
  12. Camy

    In Year 69

    I've never really got haiku. However, after a lot of thought and cat stroking I think I'm there. Love it. Of course I may be well off the mark and dancing in my own universe.... Still, as art is in the eye of the beholder, I'm beholding.
  13. Read this! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jul/12/trump-looks-forward-to-not-meeting-anyone-in-britain-england?
  14. Thar he blows, over Parliament Square.
  15. Oh, what sweet irony. Justice and Karma all rolled up into bite sized nibbles. On a more prosaic note: that'll teach the fuckers! Read and applaud here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-44728507