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    Happy Valentine!

    There's a great set of Valentine stories on the AD front page, and more on Codey's World.
  2. 'A Valentine's Day story' by Cole Parker is ... well the fact there is a Cole Parker you haven't read should be enough for you to click the link now. If it isn't you're mad. It's a Cole Parker for goodness sake! 'A Valentine's Day story' by Cole Parker is a super sweet story about an outgoing sort who falls for a quiet introverted type. He ties his shoelaces a lot, too - that's the outgoing one, not the introvert. See, it's complicated. And there's dancing as well. And it's Valentine's day. Umm ... have I mentioned it's a Cole Parker?
  3. Camy

    My ménage

    East to west, my ménage has moved. More news to follow shortly. All remaining tickets to the bunker have been sold.
  4. Ah, words. Gotta love 'em! I was thinking Parkerthon (noun) is a goody - as in reading a lot of Cole Parker stories in one go (been there, done it, big fun). Alas, according to our lord Google, it doesn't exist. However Parkerizing, which sadly doesn't mean 'turning your friends onto the fiction of Cole Parker.' does exist. Odd. And that's quite enough about Parker, except to say terrific story, and I read part 2. 😀
  5. Camy

    Trials and Tribulations of Being 13

    Any bookies out there? I'm wondering what the odds would be on someone stopping after part one...?
  6. Camy


    Homo by Camy (2019) You are getting faint now, my love, you who once shone so brightly - the weft of early dreams, wrapped around the questioning warp of my low esteem. I fucked my hand thinking of you sleeping across the dormitory - the snores, the grunts of others, the soundtrack of my quest. Was I evil... or was I blessed? Swift fumbling moments treasured, stored safely, deep within my mind - our youth, what fun! Lived to the full, a halcyon time, long put to rest. Homo homini lupus est.
  7. Camy

    Open Call for Valentines Stories

    Yes! Which is to say I'll have a go. Not that I'm 100% convinced I'll succeed. After all, I haven't met Ceed. Yet.
  8. Camy


    Thankee James. I'm glad the 'by' helped.
  9. Camy


    Thanks chaps! You guys and your comments always make me happy! The narrator especially thanks the chocolate Lab. I guess you could see it like that. But the poem isn't contemporaneous: it's a once naive narrator's hindsight. And, in hindsight (and with an added 'by') I could truncate it to this: You are getting faint now, my love, you who once shone so brightly - a halcyon time long put to rest by Homo homini lupus est.
  10. Camy

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Blimey. I've never been thirded before. Bless all your cotton socks. And it's arse, not ass. Anyway, who's to say I haven't been...?
  11. Camy

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Umm.. a short story in the same world as 'Going for Gold, or just another, merely excellent, short story?
  12. Camy

    Going for the Gold by Cole Parker

    Yep, another wonderful Cole Parker story with a life affirming, happy ever after, ending. Wonderful!
  13. Camy

    Seasonal Poetry

    Aye, downright spiffy!
  14. Jason, unless your boyfriend went outside to smoke, or your lungs work in an alternate dimension, you were 2nd hand smoke wrecked, bombed and befuddled. A stoned puppy, even if you didn't toke.... On the other hand I can say: "Me? Na, I've never done it, honest guv." Ahem. I might be fibbing, but I'll sort it all out in the confessional. Now, please excuse me. I have to go and feed the pink pixies and the unicorn.
  15. Camy

    That's not English?

    William, context would be helpful. Could you post a bit more?
  16. Camy

    That's not English?

    And just what do you mean by that, eh? ... ...
  17. Camy

    Brexit - Fact vs Fear - Stephen Fry

    It's been pointed out that those people who didn't have refugees* living in their towns voted for Brexit, whilst those who had refugees living locally voted to remain. It's the terror of the stranger that seems to affect people negatively. In other words: get to know them and, provided they aren't themselves insular, you lose the fear of them. * In middle England refugees is interchangeable with 'different class', 'not a member of the cricket club/W.I.', 'Weird', etc.
  18. Camy

    Brexit - Fact vs Fear - Stephen Fry

    The problem is... the problem is... oh, where to begin? Let's start with the middle east - but after Kuwait and Iraq. The Arab spring - greatly helped (some say caused) by the social media revolution. 2011. Syria. You have ISIS, the Kurds, and a shed load of smaller factions, all armed to the teeth, fighting each other AND trying to oust Bashar al-Asad, the president, who is a dictator and being propped up by Russia. Syria has a border with Turkey who now has a 'president' for life (dictator). The Kurds want to forge their own country. The USA is in there too, providing arms and 'training.' It's a powder keg. Ordinary folk who have been bombed out and want to survive, either go to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, or pay to cross the Mediterranean and, unless they drown, mostly arrive in Greece (part of the E.U.). They set out on foot to get to a 'better life.' The following is from The Guardian, a respected UK newspaper: More than 4 million refugees have fled Syria since the war there began in 2011. According to the UN’s refugee agency, almost 1.8 million have gone to Turkey, more than 600,000 to Jordan and 1 million to Lebanon – a country whose population is just 4 million. On Monday, Angela Merkel said Germany expected to take at least 800,000 asylum seekers this year. The figure is likely to go up, and could hit 1 million, Berlin says. In 2014 the European nation that accepted the largest number of refugees in proportion to its population was Sweden. Hungary, Malta, Switzerland and 13 other countries accepted more asylum applications than the UK, according to Eurostat. Between June 2014 and June 2015, the UK took 166 Syrian refugees. They were resettled from camps in Jordan and other neighbouring countries under a new government scheme. The “vulnerable persons” relocation initiative began in March 2014. Under it, the UK has taken 216 people. In June David Cameron said the scheme would be “modestly expanded”. The Home Office says that since 2011 almost 5,000 Syrians including family members have been given asylum under normal procedures. However, the figure includes many Syrians who were already living in the UK, and who were unable to return home because of war. Britain is the second biggest bilateral donor of humanitarian aid. It has pledged £900m, the Home Office says. Colour me disgusted with my country. However, this is the backdrop to BREXIT. The UK seems to have become increasingly xenophobic. Add that to the NIMBY gene, and a blithering idiot in the then Prime-minister David Cameron, and you get BREXIT... ...or maybe you don't. There is a looming possibility it might not happen as the U.K. government is in complete disarray. And then there is Trump....
  19. Camy

    Brexit - Fact vs Fear - Stephen Fry

    If only. We're heading for an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. People's Vote!
  20. Camy

    A twofer

    W00T! More Cole Parker is what we want, What we want, what we want. More Cole Parker is what we want On a fun filled Christmas morning. 'nuff said.
  21. Camy

    Brexit Explained

    A very wise poss who should be in Parliament.
  22. Camy

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    It's human nature, Cole. The older you get you more you realise the stupidity, but most 'soldiers' are young, malleable, and like the tech. When I was in my early teens we used to get dressed up in thick coats, and romp about with BB guns shooting each other. BIG FUN! That we could have ended up blind never crossed our minds.