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  1. Support System, by James Merkin

    Bravo, James! You gave us a dark but relatively happy ending. I didn't like it. It made me shudder: powerful, but frightening. Would the protagonist have seen a twenty second piece about a murdered boy in the subway on the morning news bulletin, or would the boy have simply vanished? One or the other, probably. A perfect flash.
  2. A buddhist stops at a hot dog stand. "What would you like, sir," the vendor asks. "Make me one with everything."
  3. Caravaggio Eyes

    Props, Bi Janus. Just wonderful. To be read many times. I hope you don't mind me inserting an aide-mémoire for: ...'held fast Wondering at the mouth And its plain question' Boy with a Basket of Fruit (1593-94) by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
  4. Rodriguez

    A wonderful poem and turn on, so thank you. And another thank you, too: I'd never heard of Rodriguez, never heard any of his music, never heard of 'Searching for Sugar Man.' Now I have, and I have to get 'Cold Fact' and see the film.
  5. Nicolosi

    Bravo, James. Perhaps, one day, we'll all be enlightened enough to realise that sexuality isn't a choice, and we are what we are.... Here's hoping.
  6. Seasonal Poetry

    Navy blue, coyly folded in my back right hand pocket, apparently.... Shocked, I say! Shocked, and rolling on the floor mostly crying with laughter. Not to mention mortified that I had anything to do with 'Spring of Teal.' Also, red should come with a pre-booked hospital appointment. There was a dude who was pretty damn awesome until his hanky got dyed by mistake. He was far from a prude but lord when he saw some he threw that hanky in a bin by the lake. You have experienced a small thread hijack. Now, back to your regular programming on the AwesomeDude poetry channel. Great poetry for AwesomeDudes.
  7. Seasonal Poetry

    Swift and Tawdry compared to the marvelous two above. Still, it is Christmas. Consider this as a pair of socks... or a handkerchief from an aged aunt. There was a time Tum te tum When Christmas came Tum te tum My stocking was filled Tum te tum With presents inane Years went by Tum te tum I found my flame Tum te tum And so at last Tum te tum 'Santa' stuffed my ahhh... se
  8. King of Shreds and Patches

    TR left us a while back. He was a wonderful soul and I miss him. Wherever he is I'm sure he's happy you loved his story.
  9. Novels by JF Smith

    Here you go, Nigel;
  10. Notes

    Yep, we're like a gaggle of two legged jock-straps.
  11. Flash Fiction

    Flash varies, depending on who you talk to. Some say 300 words; some 500, we went for 1,000. Gee's 'After School Surprise' is, technically, complete. You might not like the ending, but it has one... or, perhaps he's leaving it open for someone else to continue?
  12. Watching the Inauguration?

    I watched. Couldn't not. The transmission cleverly omitted the appalled roar the crowd of protesters gave as he was sworn in. Then came his speech, and it all suddenly became real. A dystopia, often written about, is here. For real. Crap. Added to Brexit, the UK's nightmare, it's really not looking good. Hey ho. May the true force be with us all.
  13. A survey in 2012 showed that 55% of YA readers are actually adults. Harry Potter was printed with an alternate adult cover - for those embarrassed to be seen reading it.... Here's an article from the UK's Guardian that explores the reasons.
  14. I love science fiction. Especially the very English writing of John Wyndham. You'd probably know him for titles like 'The Day of the Triffids', 'The Chrysalids' and 'The Trouble with Lichen'. He died in 1961. Very sad. Anyway, I'd just discovered that some of Wyndham's work was available on-line, and had finished reading a short story called 'Consider her ways', when lo and behold I stumbled upon a story by Drake Hunter called 'Through Different Eyes'. Go and read it, it's brilliant!
  15. Kidnapped For Christ

    I'd say it was unbelievable, but I'm finding out there's a lot going on out there that's unbelievable. Do parents seriously think they'll ever see their children again after sending them to a place like this?
  16. An absolute classic! As well as being a magician John Lenahan is also a great writer. If you like fantasy and audiobooks then grab 'Shadowmagic' for free from It's well worth a listen.
  17. Wow! Oh wow, oh WOW! If it wasn't 4:00am I'd be leaping about whistling and clapping. This is a fantastic story—which is entirely fitting and right, seeing as Gee started this 'Coming Out Challenge.' Of course it helps if you understand Ice Hockey and don't have to keep referring to 'The Moron's Guide.' 'Out of My League' is truly heartwarming, and I don't regret one minute of lost sleep.
  18. Tapping by Kit

    If you like a well written and very 'English' ghost story, then let me recommend 'Tapping', by Kit
  19. Happy New Year!

    Just a wee cheery message to wish all at Awesome Dude a fantabulous, wonderful, and thoroughly stonking 2016! My waters tell me it's going to be a peachy year compared to the last one (El Nino excepted): fingers crossed they're right. Ave, upwards and onwards, and a big hug for the Dude.
  20. From an idea by Blue. How do you know if he likes you? by Camy I wasn't sure what to do next. I'd tried chanting 'he loves me, he loves me not' as I pulled the petals, one by one, off a daisy. The daisy wasn't keen on my chances, stupid flower. So I found a clock dandelion and, huffing and puffing and fervently wishing, tried the same thing. With one stuborn filament left he didn't love me, and try as I might the last one wouldn't bloody blow off. Apparently it was three o'clock, too, which was a lie as it was still pre-lunch. Dice didn't help, either. Apparently I was doomed to be lonely or I was a rotten dice player. I didn't want to work out the odds. Regrouping, I decided the only thing left was a full on frontal assault. I vaulted the garden fence and tapped politely on the kichen door. "He's in his room, dear," his mother said, smiling distactedly as she stirred a pan bubbling on the stove. I knew she loved me, so why couldn't he? It just wasn't fair. Stupid genetics. Stupid daisy. I took a deep breath and, mentally girding my loins, cantered up the stairs. I was about to knock when I saw his door was ajar. He was sitting on his bean bag with headphones and his laptop. Sneakily - 'cause who wouldn't want to shock their beloved best friend to death with a tickle attack - I crept up behind him, then stopped in utter shock. He was... well, he was doing what all guys do given the chance and the space, and a bit of privacy. That wasn't what shocked me, though. The shock was that he was beating off with a picture of me, full-screen, on his laptop. Needless to say things haven't been the same since... once he stopped shrieking and came down off the ceiling. Yep... the first kiss is the sweetest.
  21. If this bill passes it will put corporations above the law and let them share your data with the U.S. government. Congress is voting soon. Contact your senators now! More information here: And the text of the bill here:
  22. Ho hum.

    I'm sad. Occasionally I think of stuff I've read that I'd like to read again. Yesterday I decided I'd like to re-read 'Carrots & Celery' by Karla Schultz. It was one of the first stories I ever read on-line. It's a sweet story that got better and better as she progressed as a writer (she started it at 16). She posted it to Nifty originally and then Gayauthors hosted her - or rather that story. I couldn't find it. After a fruitless search I eventually discovered she's left the net and had the story - and others she subsequently wrote - removed.
  23. Capitalism...the worst images

    'Greedy prick' is putting it kindly. I don't think I've felt so outraged and angry in a very long while. Shkreli is either badly deranged or just plain evil. Either way he deserves an eternity with satan, his imps, and a plethora of sharpened pointy things. Watch the interview on CBS where he says the 5000% price hike is actually 'altruistic.' Smarmy git.