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  1. I'm concerned about what happens to the kids in those states/counties where group homes are forced to close due to the funding cuts. Will they somehow manage to find foster families for them? If not, will they stay in a group home that has no funding, meaning no clothes, no food, no supervision...?
  2. The rise of same-sex soapies in Thailand is changing attitudes in the still largely conservative nation.
  3. Graeme

    God made you this way

    @Cole Parker Exactly! One of the reasons some people use for discrimination is that being gay "is a choice" and hence isn't a protected attribute. Having the Pope say it's not a choice undercuts some of those people (though, I'll concede a lot of those people probably think the Pope can be ignored, anyway, since many of them are Protestants, not Catholics).
  4. Graeme

    Grammar, A Judge, and the F Word

    Nope. The gap is simply the space between the post and my signature. I believe the signature is aligned to the bottom of my profile on the left if there's not enough text in the post.
  5. Grammar, a Judge, and the F word I thought people here might appreciate the analysis the Judge used.
  6. Graeme

    God made you this way

    @Merkin the interesting thing here is he's saying it's not a choice, that the gay man was born that way. While I concede your point, saying God made him gay is a big step forward. Indeed, it's the first step towards removing that subtext...
  7. Graeme

    God made you this way

    Pope Francis's comment to a gay man It's still early days, but if true, this is a big step forward for the Catholic Church.
  8. Graeme

    Camp Refuge

    Definitely. I can make some predictions as to what will happen, but the writing is good, and I wouldn't be surprised if the author has several twists coming. It looks like he's still assembling the cast, which argues for a long story (which is a good thing, since he's posting frequently).
  9. Graeme

    Leopard Hunt by Graeme

    Thanks, Nigel! Chapters will be posted on a two weekly cycle until I'm ready to switch to a weekly posting cycle. Old favourites amongst the characters will reappear from chapter one.
  10. Graeme

    Leopard Hunt

    The Leopards have scattered, some interstate and others to different parts of Melbourne, but the events of 2014 continue to bind them together. In the meantime, new Leopards and new friends have their own challenges that must be overcome. This includes one newcomer who is unaware he's being hunted.
  11. Graeme

    Congress: an Urban Dictionary definition

    Unix has a program called fortune that spits out random sayings, such as you may find in a fortune cookie. I still remember one from the 80s when I was at university: Pro is to Con as Progress is to Congress
  12. Indonesia isn't a theocracy, but there are certainly provinces that are heading that way. Indonesia is a mix of very conservative (eg. Aceh province with Sharia Law) and very liberal parts (eg. Bali province, a favourite of young Australians).
  13. Graeme


    I thought this article on Australian slang was quite interesting and worth sharing. The real surprise for me is the term "selfie" is actually Australian (or so the article claims).
  14. Graeme

    Starting Over, by Tony A

    From the description I started reading this at another site and quite enjoyed it, but the posting stopped after awhile without the story ending. I may be misremembering, but I believe I tried emailing the author, but got no response.
  15. Graeme

    The Discerning Palate

    Excellent story, but I think 'often slow to update' is a delicious understatement. 8 chapters over 12 years, with most chapters ending in some sort of cliffhanger statement/situation? Up to five years between chapters, and a maximum of two chapters a year (usually one or zero). This is the sort of story that shouldn't be read serially. Completed, I could read it again and again because it's excellent, but I couldn't handle waiting for the next chapter to come out.