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  1. Slang

    I thought this article on Australian slang was quite interesting and worth sharing. The real surprise for me is the term "selfie" is actually Australian (or so the article claims).
  2. Starting Over, by Tony A

    From the description I started reading this at another site and quite enjoyed it, but the posting stopped after awhile without the story ending. I may be misremembering, but I believe I tried emailing the author, but got no response.
  3. The Discerning Palate

    Excellent story, but I think 'often slow to update' is a delicious understatement. 8 chapters over 12 years, with most chapters ending in some sort of cliffhanger statement/situation? Up to five years between chapters, and a maximum of two chapters a year (usually one or zero). This is the sort of story that shouldn't be read serially. Completed, I could read it again and again because it's excellent, but I couldn't handle waiting for the next chapter to come out.
  4. Thirty years to figure it was murder?

    They still don't know who, though, and sadly, they may never find out...
  5. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    The legislation has been passed by the Senate. It will now go to the House. All attempted amendments to allow increased religious and conscientious objections were rejected by the Senate. I don't expect the House to do anything different.
  6. Ayden's Eyes

    I've just finished reading an earlier story by this author, and I'll be starting on Ayden's Eyes soon. I'll admit that the fact that Ask Me was set in Melbourne was a big drawcard for me, but there are some wonderful characters in the story. Outside of the main characters, Mrs Green was my favourite.
  7. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    Thanks, Colin. Even though it's not applicable to me (my wife and I have just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary), I'm really happy that not only will other guys and girls get to marry their partners soon, but the survey made it abundantly clear that majority of Australians have their back. It's that latter point that made me so happy that day. Thanks for sharing yours and Dougs story, too. It's a special time...
  8. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    A reflection piece on what happened last Wednesday: My favourite quote:
  9. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    The voting survey: On timing of the first weddings:
  10. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    This is great news. I've been in a happy mood all day. To put things into perpective, more people voted Yes than voted for the winning party at last year's federal election...
  11. Notes
  12. As Seen

    I prefer my IT version of that sign. There are three types of people in the world: those that understand binary, and those that don't.
  13. Mark Bingham 9/11

    The Bingham Cup is named after him. That's the world cup of gay rugby, which I believe is an annual international competition (it was held in Sydney in 2014, which is why I know about it).
  14. Son of a Preacherman

    Very nice
  15. National Masturbation Day / Month

    Personally, I'm in favour of a National Masturbation Millennium...