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  1. Benz by Rick Beck

    People will be people, and when the powerful ones have faults, well . . . C
  2. Benz by Rick Beck

    I was surprised to not find any mention at all of Rick Beck's latest, Benz. I read it in one sitting yesterday. Yeah, it wasn't a story to stop once started. If anyone else hadn't read it, do so. You're in for a treat. C
  3. Here we go again

    One hates to be stereotyped. And it gets boring if you write the same story over and over again. I also like the challenge of trying new things. But in all cases you have to consider what is the best way to present a story. All these decisions . . . C
  4. Swedish Pronoun: Hen

    'They' can and is used as singular, but the situation has to be right. It doesn't always work. We do need to be as canny as the Swedes and create one. C
  5. Notes

    Wow! You guys are so supportive. When I get a little down, I can read comments like these and can't keep from smiling. Thanks to you all! C
  6. Gull Island Light

    What a beautifully written, moving story. A must read for everyone here. Wonderful writing. C
  7. Another Summer in Georgia

    Thanks. root vegetable! I really had fun writing this one. Doubt there'll be a followup, but it's good to know people want one. If I did, then yeah, Colt would be older. But I'm frying other fish at this time. But what I'd really like is more stories being sent in to Mike. And you guys are the ones to do it. You're great writers, and not writing! Let's get with it, huh? Borrow a few hours from your busy schedules and write a story. If I can do it, you guys certainly can. We need to keep this site active, and the only ones we can truly count on is ourselves. C
  8. Another Summer in Georgia

    Changing what Dodger did -- assuming he's a fictional character, even if he isn't in this story -- certainly won't have any impact on the course of history, as this story was set about 200 years ago. Many of the side characters were real, but they are long dead, and in any case were made sympathetic characters. No, I don't think course of history was desecrated or subverted by the excursions into the imagination of Mr. Pratchett. But it's an interesting topic with no rules, I'd guess. When and how much can you change reality. When writing fiction, it seems to me there are no limits. If you're trying to write a historic novel, then there's some reason to keep things more of less factual, but the working word here is 'novel'. C
  9. Another Summer in Georgia

    Except Pratchett did say in his end notes that when he had to change an absolute fact to fit his story, he did so. As he was writing fiction, I see nothing wrong with that approach. C
  10. Another Summer in Georgia

    I agree with Chris R. I just finished reading Terry Practchett's Dodger, which is based on various truths in London back in the mid-1800s. He tries to keep the story authentic as to the people and aspects of the times, yet mixes fiction into the souffle. He explains at the end some of the liberties he took with fact to make the story come alive. In other words, just like Chris R stated, he didn't let reality get in the way of a good story. C
  11. Another Summer in Georgia

    Thank you, Nigel. Looking forward to your next one. C
  12. Release of the new Haywood's Journey

    Congratulations! That's great! C
  13. Another Summer in Georgia

    Next part. Ha ha ha ha ha. But thanks for the kind words, James. C
  14. Query

    The last time you bought a cured ham, did you stop to consider what had been wrong with it? C
  15. Article of interest to all writers

    I wasn't clear enough, William. The stories I meant wouldn't be missed were the ones James was specifically pointing to. Sure, there are good stories at Nifty. You really have to sort through a lot of chaff, though, to find the kernels. C