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  1. Cole Parker

    JFK's Secret Meth Habit

    We do know JFK had serious and very painful, practically incapacitating, back pain. Would someone have recommended or prescribed meth to overcome the pain? I have no idea. But I suppose it's possible. C
  2. The ones I worry about in LA are the ones given to families who are signed up for kids only for the money that comes with them monthly. Often the care the kids get is minimal, or less. We've heard many horror stories, and even of deaths of young ones. The system is drastically undermanned, every kid in a social worker's charge needs a multi-page report written about them each month, and the worker has almost no time to actually check on each child. The system here is beyond broken. C
  3. Cole Parker

    Home Run in Sportsmanship

    They understand priorities. C
  4. Cole Parker

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    Exactly! And that's one of the great things about the forums. You can find out what worked and what didn't. C
  5. Cole Parker

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    Thanks, Oliver. Everything you mentioned was intentional. Isn't it great when what you're trying to accomplish actually works? I don't think that's ever a given for a writer. C
  6. Cole Parker

    Boys wil be...

    Camy is a master writer and always has been. Kudos. And 'I want some more, sir?' C
  7. Cole Parker

    Cats and Music

    Aren't they looking for praise for their prowess? C
  8. Cole Parker

    Site lag on forum.

    With or without accents, dialogue spoken very rapidly is generally indecipherable for me. As you age, you have more trouble separating the words. Sure, such dialogue in an accent would exacerbate the problem, but even without, I usually am running subtitles on all shows I watch now. C
  9. Cole Parker

    Best Summer Ever! by Cole Parker

    You guys are too kind. Thanks! C
  10. Cole Parker

    Best Summer Ever!

    The first chapter of a summer novel is now posted. Enjoy Aaron's ups and downs as he navigates the waters of summer camp. C
  11. Cole Parker

    Site lag on forum.

    The names are hilarious. I especially like the virginal son's name: Nausiaus. C
  12. Cole Parker

    God made you this way

    I'd say that's a specious analogy, equating ax murders, gang enforcers and rapists to gays because God made the all. Quite obviously the first three are despicable choices those fellows made after God had created them, and the Pope must have meant that for gays, their being wasn't a choice; otherwise the statement makes no sense. C
  13. Cole Parker

    Bullies by Colin Kelly

    Perhaps I should leave it to Colin to defend himself. He's good at that. C
  14. Cole Parker

    Bullies by Colin Kelly

    I have a different take on this: Jerry's testimony (and many other students could also testify to this) that he saw them sitting in the cafeteria the next day as though nothing had happened would be devastating at a trial. If this behavior was truly out of character for them, they would show remorse, guilt, and probably revulsion at what they had done . . . especially since it was against someone they lived with. Because these two sitting in the cafeteria as though nothing had happened is entirely consistent with how some teens might behave after having done what they'd done, I don't find it strange at all. They'd cover up any remorse, guilt and revulsion because they'd want to get away with what they'd done. They'd want to look normal. They well may not have known the result of their aggression at that point. They may have thought Mike would have no memory of who did it because of his trauma. They may have thought he'd died. They had no idea the man who chased them had gone to the police. They were probably hoping to get away with what they'd done, no matter what they felt about it. That's how kids think! Many an adult would turn himself in and face the consequences of his actions. Very few teenagers would. As for filling out the story with legal proceedings and punishments, to me it didn't seem that that was what the story was about, and it was already a long short story. No, it was more about how this all affected Mike, and in that regard, I thought Colin did a wonderful job. C
  15. Cole Parker

    God made you this way

    And if he really means it, then the obvious conclusion is gay must be good, because the things God made are good. I guess. I'm not much of a theologian. So if God made people gay, then that's why they're gay, and so the question then arises, why should they be deprived of a full and satisfying life? Priests, being celibate, have make that choice for themselves. Gay men haven't. C