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  1. Cole Parker

    Kilted Yoga

    These pretty much answer the question of what Scots wear underneath those kilts! C
  2. Cole Parker

    Kewl Dad

    Alan: Great to see you here! Sorry, I can be no help at all about what you're asking, but I've been thinking of writing you and asking you to participate here more, and, voila, here you are! Great to hear from you! C
  3. Cole Parker

    A Hole in My Ceiling by Colin Kelly

    I knew that you weren't criticizing the story per se, Steve. But you were suggesting it be written differently, and that didn't seem entirely fair to me. Colin was writing a story the way he wanted it written. It wasn't meant to be a moral lesson to kids. That wasn't his objective. Is such a moral lesson a good thing? Sure it is. But not every story, on CW or anywhere else, is going to provide the sort of advice you were asking for in this story. Just like every story with teenage sex isn't going to go into a lecture on condom use. That's a horribly important message for teens. Quite possibly a lifesaving one. But if it doesn't fit in the story the writer is creating, then it is best for the story that it not be there. If the writer wants to explore that avenue, he can do so in a story that's structured to include that message. What goes into a story and what does not are among the dozens of decisions we make with everything we write. I think it's important that writers be able to tell a story the way they want it to be presented. Telling them that in someone else's opinion they should be written differently just, well, I've already explained my point. C
  4. Cole Parker

    Summer Job by Altimexis

    Very pleasant read. C
  5. Cole Parker

    A Hole in My Ceiling by Colin Kelly

    Um, well, I guess I can say this: very enjoyable story, Colin. I'd guess you did with it exactly what you set out to do with it. Well done. C
  6. Cole Parker


    His ass may not draw metal, but your writing is sure to attract readers. Keep it up! C
  7. Cole Parker

    In Year 69

    I'm no poet, but it appears to me that could be developed a little further. Just saying. I catch the drift, and think there's more to say. C
  8. Cole Parker

    The Summer I Was Thirteen by Cole Parker

    Thanks, Rut. As I often do, I took an experience from my past, tweaked it little, and made a story out of it. That was where this came from. The incident that happened with me was just a brief one, a time I was making a new friend and was jealous when an old friend wanted to butt in. It was quickly resolved, as most kid things are, but that's about all it takes to turn something into a story. This story was nothing like that, accept for that part of it, and even then it wasn't quite the same. C
  9. Cole Parker

    The King's Race by Cole Parker (Short Story)

    Thanks, guys. Think of it as a fairy tale with and edge. It was fun writing. C
  10. Cole Parker

    The King's Race by Cole Parker (Short Story)

    Thanks, Chris! C
  11. Cole Parker

    Tennis Anyone by Cole Parker

    I’m I’d guess they’re more articulate with each other than with fogies. We probably wouldn’t get their lingo. C
  12. Cole Parker

    Inspiration by Cole Parker

    As is easy to tell, I like to leave things for the audience to figure out. Usually, like in the case of the camp fee paid for Aaron, the conclusion is either easy to figure out to the reader's satisfaction, or doesn't move the story one way or another. If every blank is filled in, the problem isn't so much that the story will be too long—it's more that many parts of it will be boring. I do try not to leave important holes. C
  13. Cole Parker

    Inspiration by Cole Parker

    Thanks, Ricky. You make me blush. C
  14. Cole Parker

    Inspiration by Cole Parker

    Thanks, Gee. You deserve half the credit! C
  15. The thing is, he could really have said all that! Sounds just like him. C