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  1. Italian Confessional

    Good one! C
  2. An Owl On My Sceptre, by Joe

    This story has great possibilities. C
  3. Scammers on the phone

    There are certainly a battalion of these scammers extant. I haven't been lucky enough to be approached by Microsoft; instead, I get a rather relentless assault from the IRS. Numerous phone calls. 'This is the IRS. We're notifying you that we're filing a lawsuit against you. If you would like to discuss this matter, please call *** *** ****.' The IRS doesn't call people like that. These people do, and they're assiduous. I don't call them; in fact, I don't answer my phone. Every call gets screened, and I pick one up very seldom. I get twenty calls from business or charities or such for every personal one. Letting everything go to the machine and listening while the caller delivers his spiel saves me lots of time and even more irritation. Most callers don't even leave a message. They just hang up. Then call some other supposed sucker. C
  4. Two "newsish" issues

    I think the point Chris R was making, though, was the possibility that some of these people were 'coming out' as a notoriety stunt rather than a true expression of their feelings. I read the Aaron Carter message and it sounded a little weird to me, the way he expressed it. I think Chris's comment could have some veracity in it. Once famous, the urge to stay that way is profound, and the loss of it feels catastrophic. C
  5. Nickels and Dimes by Cole Parker

    Thanks, guys. C
  6. Featured Author Joel

    Evidently the forum's housekeeper came in with her dustpan and broom because only one posting is now available. I'll second your comments on Joel. He's a very compelling writier! C
  7. Without a Word Spoken

    Wonderful! C
  8. Arthritis

    Good one! C
  9. Nickels and Dimes by Cole Parker

    Well said. C
  10. By the Lough

    Amazing how many ways those letters can be pronounced. C
  11. By the Lough

    I would have liked a pronunciation guide to go along with the original poem. I had no idea how to pronounce most of those. But I wasn't saying enuff in complain. In jest only. C
  12. By the Lough

  13. Novels by JF Smith

    No links? I guess they're not online stories. C
  14. Arkadelphia Plantation by Sequoyah

    It's a fine story so far. Haven't read 26 yet. Now there's even more reason to. C
  15. The argument against having kids

    And here I was only being whimsical! But there certainly are brats among us. Tell me, do you serve brats at your restaurant? Either kind? C