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  1. Seven words you can't use in CDC budget proposals

    So now the Trump Abomination, oops, Administration, is attacking the 1st Amendment? Really? Maybe he's dyslexic and meant to challenge the 2nd. That would make more sense. But asking for sense from this group is, well, nonsense. C
  2. Boys on Trains

    What a delightful, well-crafted short story this is! Wonderful stuff. Congratulations, Pedro! C
  3. Seasonal Poetry

    Or even Weatherby George Dupree if he's interested.
  4. Seasonal Poetry

    Inspired by Pedro's gift, I tried one myself. It isn't as good as his, but it was fun putting together: Christmas is again upon us Where hope and joy exists. So why is it I fret and fuss And my sour mood persists? Christmas is a time of joy, All peoples hold it dear, A time for every girl and boy To fill their plates with cheer. Girl and boy? Yes, that’s the thing; For old men, joy comes naught. When I was young, Santa’d bring Gifts to warm my heart. But now, alas, the excitement’s dim, Few thrills wait ’round the tree. Santa’s replaced with a tired hymn No happiness there for me. I sigh and settle in my chair And long for yules past. Now full of sadness I cannot bear Yet I must stay steadfast. And in that mood, lacking hope I suddenly turn around For something’s stirred me from my mope— I’ve heard a ringing sound. It’s our front bell, it rings again— My mate, sprightly still, arises. He shrieks, as he does, now and then, When faced with happy surprises. “Dad!” our son says, brushing off snow, With him is his son. “Gramps!” he yells, and then I know— Christmas has begun.
  5. Seasonal Poetry

    Wonderful! Anyone else? C
  6. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    That's great, Des. You've not only recovered, you've recovered your humor.
  7. Sex in novels

    Spoilsport! C
  8. Australia votes YES for same sex marriage

    Finally: Les is legit!
  9. How the Internet changed the way we write

    Some of the problem with Brit TV shows or movies isn't the language they use, it's the rapidity of the speech. This is probably something the show directors want, but much of it I find unintelligible, and I understand English just fine. Subtitles don't help. When the speaking is that fast, the subtitles flash on and off before you can read them. C
  10. Sex in novels

    My opinion is that good writers can include sex by making it integral to the story rather that superfluous and there only to titillate. A good example of this is Douglas at AD. He includes lots of sex in some of his stories, graphic sex, yet I never found it excessive or indelicate. He used it to define characters, to support the story, and it was an important element. So many stories at Nifty have sex as the reason for the story's existence. They are sexual romps with a little plot thrown in to support it. That's where the sex becomes boring. I, like William above, thought sex scenes obligatory when I began writing. They grew fewer and less obtrusive as my writing progressed, and I realized it was character that was important to make a story, not sex. My current story has sex in it, but I hope it's seen at character development, which was my intent. It surprises me now many people who write me laud me for not depending on sex scenes to sell my stories. I'm afraid I'll disappoint them with this one. Unfortunately, I don't have Douglas's skill. But then, few do. C
  11. Brass Balls

    I could see it was tweaked; you've told me you use to write more steamy stories, but I've never seen any of them. I'm not so sure about the sensibilities of AD readers, but I went the opposite way of you with my next story, which will be appearing soon. I think there's a place for both types here, and if I feel a little squeamish about what I just wrote, well, let the cards fall as they may. Brass Balls is great so far, and I'm waiting for Ch. 6, which I assume we'll have tonight. C
  12. How the Internet changed the way we write

    Interesting. I can certainly see the fogies among us railing at some of their style points. But the article makes some good sense, too. I do have a quibble. It says grandparents don't have to have a translator for message they send to their grandchildren. From speaking to grandparents, however, I've found the shoe is on the other foot and many do need translators to help with the messages they get from the kids. Kids are learning to write in a phone messaging argot, a wholly different language than what we learned while still on the tit. Or even in our adolescent years when our parents scratched their heads while listening to us speak the modern language of our day. But we didn't turn much of our language into pet phrases we spelled out in just initials. These have so proliferated that now, even the kids can't keep up with the new ones. There oughta be a law. C
  13. Brass Balls

    I'm surprised not to find any mention of this story here. I was also surprised to see five chapters have been posted, as I hadn't seen any of them before. I've been busy writing, but thought I'd been checking the AD home page every day. Odd. Anyway, Brass Balls, i.e., the two chapters I've read now, is great. Definite Chris James work: his style, his flair. Very enjoyable so far. And it promises even more to come. Now I'm going back to read the chapters I haven't gotten to yet. I hope the rest of you do yourselves the favor of joining me. C
  14. Ho Ho Ho by Cole Parker

    I'd like to put a forward on that story, then, to address their change of heart. C
  15. God's Plan for Mike Pence

    Good article. C