Coping with Future Threats

Please Come with Me by Douglas is one of my favourite stories on AD. I fear it may not be far from the reality.


'the love that dare not speak its name' is once again the object of the anti-LGBTQ bigots, particularly the religious bigots. For over twenty years I have sought to raise consciousness about the history of acceptance of sexual orientation. Very few nations have not sought to recriminalise homosexuality even when they had once fully embraced it as a human right and a normal expression of affection. 
 In more recent times acceptance of sexual orientation has been adopted by too many nations to ever be re-criminalised as it once was, and still is in some cultures. Glance at the Trump picks for his cabinet, including the vice president, and we can see that the writing is on the wall for the freedom of our human rights continuing. It is going to be subjected to state legislation that will maintain or return to persecution, ridicule, bullying and even killing us. 

If we cannot, as a species, as a culture, understand that the freedom of an individual is to return the love and affection that they are freely given, then we may well find ourselves being incarcerated again simply for who we love.

If you vote for the right wing conservative bigots, you vote for your own persecution, and they will execute whatever legislation it takes to diminish our right to know that we can and should live openly and lovingly on the Earth. Remember they have done it before, they have claimed the biblical right to murder us, or "help" us to know, to bow down to their god. I won't comply, and they have to learn that to deny us our human rights is futile.

As Harvey Milk told us, our best defence is to stand together and be seen as people who just want to love.

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Yes Chris, I saw the report on the Not-Mother of the Year. I am absolutely appalled. 

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