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Okay so now I have a blog. What do I do with it?

I could blog on about lots of stuff but that would bore me and anyone reading it.

I just want to see what happens for the moment so I'll post this and then get back later with something more...or less, meaningful.


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Des, I simply cannot imagine YOU, of all people, boring anyone. Of course I mean 'boring' in the sense of 'non entertainment' and not in the other way. I'm sure you can bore and drill with the best of them. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, Say no more. :inquisitive:

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Thank You Trab, I am really pleased you left the comment as it gives me a chance to try out the "reply" button. As for boring anyone, I am always a little shy that no one is interested in the things that interest me or that I waffle on too much.As for the nudging and winking about drilling and boring, I haven't been boring or drilling lately, but I have been nudged a couple of times which led to a few winks as well. :inquisitive: Seriously, Trab, thank you for your comments most appreciated. :icon13: Des

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You're mightily welcome Des. I assure you, these blogs are read, and yours will be of interest to lots of us regulars. I think it is important to be yourself here, as stories may show us as we are, to some degree, but unvarnished truth is much deeper. It doesn't have to be anything private, as you can write anything you want, but for me, it seems to need something of myself that I need to reveal, share. I have enough problems communicating with people that I find the written word much easier to use when sharing my inner turmoil than the spoken word. That, I cannot do at all well, as I choke, cry, get tongue tied, and generally distract myself from my own discussion.

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Thank you again Trab. This is so much fun.Your words of advice are very welcome.I had decided that my blog should be a place where I can speak my mind (with care of course) and also accommodate the comments from the readers. I like the way it can be interactive and you are most welcome to make comment at any time.I will probably try to write a welcome so ppl know I enjoy exchange of thoughts here just as much as in the forums. Of course I will be making some inane and banal entries about what is occurring in my life as well as the things that are of interest to me. I can assure you that I can distract myself quite as easily in the written word as I can in speech. :inquisitive::icon13:

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You know Des, I don't think that there is anything inane about any of our lives. The inane don't come to AD, and they certainly don't make blogs. You can distract yourself even in the written rain is worse than ever, but I hear it going to be tax deadline time in just a few more weeks, but maybe it is different in dolphins and killer whales are mortal enemies, yet they both have been know to rescue capsized mariners.

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The inane don't come to AD, and they certainly don't make blogs.
I'm totally inane. and probably insane too.Anyway, I'm wondering how you make a blog. Does it come flat-packed, with a terrible instruction leaflet in Swedish? Or do you require four paper towel tubes with lots of paint and glue? Or....Enquiring minds need to know.
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Camy,The inane are often insane but mostly the inane are mindless whilst the insane have lost theirs which explains why they have become inane. I personally would rather be inane, insane or even in Spain than be in politics where it is mandatory to be in a constant state of utter stupidity. Making a blog is not all that difficult. What you must do is make sure you do not make a blog mad at you, or you might find yourself "blogged" or being given a good blogging, and that might be unpleasant. And that sentence should prove I too, am inane and insane or plain stupid which is better than being utterly stupid. :inquisitive: Thanks for the comment Camy, I loved it. :icon13:

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