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(5) Blog discoveries and quests



Oh I see; if I want everyone to see my blog entries I have to click on the "publish" button. Duh!

Now what the hell are the other buttons for?

And what is RSS and Trackback?

Does lock do anything?

Oh how I hate learning curves.



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Darned if I know Des. I think RSS has something to do with that online service in which they let you know (somehow) that there are additions or changes to a website/webpage. I just set my preferences so that I get an e-mail when someone replies to one of my forum entries. I check the blogs enough that I don't worry about needing a notice. As for trackbacks, I have no idea. Neither do I for Lock, but I suspect it just means that nobody can add any more comments, sort of like locking down a thread if hostilities arise.

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Thanks Trab. You confirm my guesses and thoughts about RSS and Lock.Like you I am happy with the email notifications, which also emails me of any new blog comments.As for learning curves, when I wrote that I almost added something similar to your comment.I am glad to see we think along similar lines...err I mean curves.

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