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April Fools has inspired me to write a foolish story.

As Blue writes:

"The Gay Prank"

"~ Brad and Dale want to come out, though they feel a little foolish, and their parents' slip is showing. "

Hope you all enjoy it.

(A fool and his story are soon parted).


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I DID enjoy it, but somehow I was left waiting for the other shoe to drop. The true joke would have been if they really HAD been as professed. And I loved Jacques. Cool character, wandering around their house, as flamboyantly sexual as you please, with nary a worry. :D

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Yes Trab, I know what you mean about waiting for the other shoe to drop.I was constrained by time to get it finished before April 1 and had to settle for an ending that while okay I felt could have developed further.Glad you like Jacques, he became my favourite character as well. I might add he wrote his own lines as the opportunity arose. :evilgrin: Thanks for the most welcome comment. :biggrin:

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