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(11) My turn



First the computer plays up, now I feel like a zac's (5 cents) worth of shit.

Actually a Zac was a threepenny piece in the old days before decimal currency.

Yep, Australia had a silver coin worth three pennies. (I told you, we were a bit strange.)

It was about 5/16 inch that's 8mm in diameter. That's the size of the coin people. (Jeez, I can't say anything can I?

We used to lose them all the time. I almost lost as many of those coins as the number of times my partners thought I lost my virginity. (It was the 1960s after all. We didn't have much else to do back then.)

Anyway I think I have some flu bug or something. Wait, I feel better since I logged into the web.

Must be the Awesome powers of the Dude. :shame:

Tune into my next entry when I will reveal the secrets of my experience with a farthing. A what?

Check out the great stories in A Writer's Challenge at the Codey's World Forum

All entries are now in and awaiting your vote.

Ronyx has posted chapter 9 of The Mask at The Mustard Jar

Do read it and email him with your thoughts.

In fact don't forget that all the authors really like to hear from their readers.

It only takes a moment do. Come on do it now. Hit the comment button and let me know how much you love me. :shame::lol::lol: You don't love me? ok ,tell me that too. :icon_tongue::lol:


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LOL. You have to hit the Reply to make a comment. Hitting the comment button only shows you the already written comments. Of course, when I did that, there weren't any comments, although now, for anyone else coming along, there WILL be a comment! Three cheers for Trab. Humpa Humpa Humpa. :)

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Blimey! You're either all totally perverted, or just not getting enough ... and I don't require an answer.Ok, perhaps I do. So, um, how do you hump a blog? Is a flatscreen monitor essential, or will on old CRT do? And, is the bigger the better?

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Camy,I don't know the answer to your question, but I suspect some very strange things are going on and if your not careful you may fall fowl to them. I advise covering the keyboard just in case or at least covering your head. :icon6:

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