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(14) At the Video store



So there I am bored off my face waiting for a customer to come in to our video store. It's my partner's store really, I just give him coffee breaks.

Finally a middle aged woman comes in, briskly walking to to the counter.

"Hi," says I.

"I am after a video.' she says.

"We have those.'" I say.

She looks at me quizzically, but decides to press on, giving my sanity the benefit of her doubt.

"It's a special video," she announces.

"You're in the right place. All our videos are special." I tell her.

Her eyes widen. "It has Michael Caine in it."

I look at her blankly.

"And Sean Connery." she adds.

"I want to hire, "The Man Who Would Be King." she says.

"I want the man who would be a Queen," I say.

She waits a moment, raises her left eyebrow with disdain and asks, "This is not a Blockbuster store is it?"

"No it isn't and they don't have the movie," I tell her as I pull the DVD off the shelf and hand it to her.

"Oh you have it." she says , looking at the cover.

"So I have been told." say I.

"How much is it?' she asks.

"I don't charge," I tell her, "Oh you mean the movie? To buy or rent?"

"To rent." she says but I am not a member here.

"Well you have to join up to rent it." I say.

"I'm a member at Blockbuster." She says.

"I guessed that." I say, "You will need to fill out the application form. Do You have your driver's licence for identification?"

"Yes," she says.

"We will need a cheque for ten thousand dollars along with your details of tonight's dinner menu."

She looks at me, then bursts out laughing hysterically, just as my partner returns from his coffee break.

He takes over, looking daggers at me.

He is much quicker at this sort of thing than I am.


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Gee Camy, sorry if I have shocked you.
He's not the only one. At some point I'm going to have to tell Dude that we've been invaded by people who are not entirely straight. (Or those like me who aren't straight in the head.)
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So, she didn't walk out immediately, but it took her that long to figure out finally that you were kidding.Ahh, the public. Customers. Retail. Brave man.Hahaha, when I was doing that, I usually waited to get a first impression of a customer, before kidding around. However, the ones who can't take a joke, you don't often want as customers.Loving that you kidded her.Again, brave man.

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Try as I may I guess the air of respect for the customer just doesn't come through in the interaction above.It is okay to say nearly anything to a customer provided you leave them room to feel it is not directed at them.In the video store it is all about being in the entertainment industry and performing appropriately for each person.Something about this woman just told me I could portray the disgruntled video store assistant to amuse us both. She has been back and announced that we are now her favourite video store. Another happy customer! :icon6::inquisitive: Thanks for the comments guys.

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