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Don't crush their little ribs.



I've added a new category 'Claptrapish' This is for claptrap that has marginally more ... erm ... possibilities than straight common or garden Claptrap.

Here's an example: Astrology. Believe? No. No proof; but it can be entertaining.


Aries March 21st - April 19th

'"If you hold your dreams too tightly, you'll crush their little ribs," was the message scrawled on the wall of a public restroom I visited today. I immediately recognized that as excellent advice for you. While I'm usually all in favor of cultivating a ferocious devotion towards one's goals and desires, I've noticed lately that your grasp on yours has turned into a manic clench. Please let them breathe better. Give them some slack. Maybe tell yourself a joke about how funny you look applying that death-grip.'

Totally meaningless, but entertaining = Claptrapish.


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I didn't think it meaningless at all,In fact it made me feel guilty for not laughing at myself and my hopes desires more often. I must have a look at my horror-scope.
I, too, laugh at myself -- mostly when there's a mirror and I'm naked. :icon6:
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