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By A Hair



After lunch at school, I decided to go to the mall. I haven't been there in a while. The last time I was there I was working in one of the fastfoods there.

So I spent some money in the arcades. Soul Calibur, to those who are curious. On the other side was a guy who has long black hair, probably grown his hair playing there because I did my damnedest to kick his ass. And mother, I finally did after losing a game! The guy was using Astaroth and I used Siegfried both games. I was patting myself on the back and silently goading that hair-brained dude. I think I infuriated him. BECAUSE. After knocking him out, I kept kicking him. His character, Astaroth, I mean. With my character, Siegfried. So there I was thinking he's gonna use Astaroth again, but no. He uses Voldo and he didn't let me hit him even once. He didn't even give me a round! I mean, come on, it's just a game. No need to get pissed off. So I looked around, hoping maybe nobody saw what happened.

But there was a crowd behind me. Damn, I forgot it's Saturday.

You goddamn hairbrain! You embarrassed me! I'll teach you! ROAR!

So I chose Hwang. I decided to take the edge off of me. Play around first. My heart was still beating wildly. I'll let it settle first. Predictably, I lost. The next game, I chose Siegfried again. Hey, I can't help it if I play my best using him. Get ready for me, dude. I'm gonna crush you! I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I already lost two rounds to him! One more lost round and I'm a goner! There's no way I'm going out of there a loser. I was thinking of paying someone to pull his hair while I played the third round. That'll give me a big advantage. But I thought, cheap tricks, I'm not one to use cheap tricks. Concentrate. Back. Forward. B. Oh my god, he's gonna do it again! G. G. G. G. Whew! He almost got me there. Take this! Forward BK. Off you go! RING OUT!!! I won! I fucking won round three! Two more rounds! Sigh... two more rounds. I won't lose. I won't lose. Concentrate. Concentrate. Round 4, Fight! Fast Forward YOU WIN! Whew! One more round... I got your moves, you hair, I know what to do with you! Haha! You can't seriously try that again with me. Take this! This... and this... this... and this. Come on, don't be so stubborn. Lose. Let me win. I mean, I'm gonna win. You're gonna lose. Take this! Oh yeah!


Here. DOWN K K K K K K. Haha. Doesn't matter if you're down already. I'm still gonna kick you. Loser!

NEW CHALLENGER! Ha! Wanna try again to beat me, huh?

I looked at the crowd behind me. Finally, my eyes settled on a guy. "Hey, man, you wanna play?" I asked and he nodded. I stood up from my chair. "Here. Kick his ass. Bye!" I made eye contact with hair brain and flashed him a smirk. Kiss my ass, dude. You can't defeat me! Bye! I waved at him and he actually waved back. Ha! Grow some more hair, you! I'm not gonna let you beat me again. Your last memory of me would be me kicking your ass. Barely. But still, I won. By a hair.


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I think I infuriated him. BECAUSE. After knocking him out, I kept kicking him.
Awesome! Haha that part really got me laughing. I, myself, am no good at Soul Calibur. I'm fine with Mortal Kombat but Soul Calibur's too fancy for me, plus the noises get me too excited.
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Man, I haven't played Soul Calibur since the Dreamcast days. My strategy was always to pick Maxi (Dandy of the South Seas!) and then mash the hell out of some buttons. Needless to say, you'd probably kick my ass way quicker than you did long-hair-dude.

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Me too, Ele. I thought before that I only had to mash those buttons to win until I found out that there are combinations there. I think I spent more time studying that than my homeworks. It's just a fun way to release some frustrations.Hoppi, kick the enemy, even when he's down. LOL. It's just arcade, dammit. Haha.Des, you surely have a way of stroking my ego. If my head gets any bigger than this, I think I'm going to need surgery.

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