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A great Father's Day!



A Great Father?s Day,

Well that?s how it ended up. It certainly didn?t start out that way earlier in the weekend. You see, my son has been off at University for almost 3 years now. He?s working a full time job now too that he really enjoys, so he hardly ever comes home. In fact, the last time he was home was just for one day over Easter. I hadn?t seen him since, and was quite anxious to spend some time with him when he announced his upcoming Father?s Day visit over a week ago.

Of course he is unaware of the problems my wife and I are dealing with right now (see blog entry number 1) and we agreed that there is no need to drag him into the middle of all this till we know ourselves how we are going to deal with it. We both agreed, when the time is right, that I will be the one to talk to him.

Anyhow, I was quite excited about spending some time with him. On Thursday, though he called to say it would be Saturday afternoon before he could make it as he was doing a special project for his boss. I already knew from an earlier call, that he was bring his room mate with him to go to a concert that evening. Well, he finally showed up just in time for supper. I had grilled some burgers and they were quickly devoured just in time for them to again leave for the concert, promising to return early so we could have some time to sit and talk.

Well, early became quite late, and they still hadn?t showed up. He called and said they would be later than planned as something had come up with no other real explanation, I threw a selfish tantrum, because now I thought I wasn?t getting my time I had so been wanting. I fired off a really mean text message to him that I now seriously regret, and went to bed.

The next morning I learned that they had hooked up with some current college and old high school friends, and one of them had gotten stranded and they waited with her till her Mom could pick her up. I felt like crap, and I apologized. Then he goes to the car and gets gifts, he had bought my wife a little something, some scented candle things he knows she loves, then he whips out my Father?s Day gift. He bought me an Ipod Nano! With his own money! I almost fainted. I told him to take it back, but he absolutely refused, and before I knew it, he had it hooked up to my puter and was putting in several gigs of music files he brought with him. So not only did I get the Ipod, he even brought the music!

After that, we spent the day on the boat. His room mate left that morning after they rode the jet ski for a while, as he had to go back to work, and then we took the boat out for a while and anchored out on the lake. Yes, the wife was there and we had a really nice ?family day? without a hint of ?issues?. After we got back to the dock though, the wife decided to go on back to the house to start on the weekend?s laundry and Alex and I spent the rest of the night on the boat, just us guys, some beer, and a great time. It was a wonderful day!


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It sounds like you had a great visit. I must confess though, I was hoping, down deep inside, that you were going to report that your son came out to you about him and his roommate, thereby resolving your marital discussion issues at the very same time.

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Hello Rick,Well we are very much alike it seems. More so than you will ever believe. I am also a married man (to a very wonderful wife) who some 35 years ago had a wonderful man in my life. I set aside my gay self and got married when my ex and I broke up. It was my fault and had come to terms with that a lot of years ago. But my ex has always been my first and really only true love. Not that my wife hasn't been a wonderful companion -- it just isn't the same. Believe me I know how you feel and what you are going through. Sometime maybe I tell you the whole story.Might be a good enough story to put here on AwesomeDude. Who know.Wayne

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