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(29) Donuts for Breakfast



My sense of smell has returned; I can smell the donuts again.

I can always tell when I am getting better after a bout of the flu' or a cold etc,

I start to feel myself again. - :w00t: (You people have one track minds!)

I also start to feel like feeling the boyfriend again.

So I told him at breakfast I was feeling better.

"Anyone I know?" he asked.

I looked at him. This was unusual, the b/f cracked a joke in the morning, before he finished eating his donuts too.

It usually takes him all day to work up to a joke.

Wait a minute, that's the clue, he's not making a joke. :omg:

"Oh I am sorry," I say, "but I have been sick, and I didn't want to give you my cold.

erm...How long is it since we..."

"Nearly two weeks," :cry: he says looking down at the donut on his plate with almost a lusty stare.

"Two weeks? Two weeks! oh you poor dear, you must be ready for experimenting with inanimate objects."

"Oh No. It is alright, I have you." he says with just the faintest flicker of humour in his gorgeous brown eyes.

"I'll make it up to you, or you can make it up..."

"That would be nice," he says.

Nice, nice? Since when has our unbridled excursions into celebrating the meaning of love, been nothing more than "nice?"

I have my work cut out for me. I'll do the romantic dinner thing tonight, and then a hot tub followed by a lot of cuddling :hug: while we watch a movie and then..." :spank:


Okay it is the next morning.

We both fell asleep in front of a very boring movie.

Breakfast is looking back at us again. Hot donuts look very tempting at the moment.

"Tonight?' I ask.

"Tonight!" he affirms.

"Tonight, tonight

I'll see my love tonight.."

I love the smell of donuts in the morning.



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That IS sweet, but I'd recommend avoiding the movie, and get right down to business. Obviously you both have attention span deficits.
Be polite, Trab. When you get to their age you'll understand. Des is pushing 90 years old. He's lucky he can even FIND it anymore.
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I don't know about the rest of you clowns, but I NEVER tease anyone I think will either be offended or who I don't like. :icon1: :icon1: :hug:
We know that Trab and love you for your sophisticated teasing . :hug:
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First off, haven't you already posted this particular topic a few days ago?Second, I'm shocked that Wibby would say you are nearing 90 years old. We all know that you aren't a day over 85.Thirdly, have you already posted this particular topic a few days ago?Fouthly, I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you get to feeling the boyfriend very soon. Though I must admit I'm a bit jealous of him.Jason R.Happy three twenty day

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No Jason the post a few days ago was about scones versus donuts and nothing to do with the adventures not had in this post.Don't be two hard on Wibby he likes to think I am nearer his age than I am, and if it makes him feel better then who am I to complain? Thirdly, the post a few days ago was about scones versus donuts and nothing to do with the adventures not had in this post.The boyfriend said to tell you not to be jealous, he said something about you not missing out on anything...I may need to talk to him. :icon1:

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WBMS, you are NASTY. Besides, isn't that why Des has a partner, to wield the magnifying glass?
No, that is rude and I will rush to his defence. The partner is not there to hold the magnifying glass. In fact, I *DEMAND* you apologise to him. The only reason his partner is there is to hold the tweezers. Des hold the magnifying glass himself.
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It is a bit like a Zen tea ceremony actually.My b/f has the tweezers, I have the magnifying glass AND the razor blade. I then cut the hairs and the one that bleeds is "it!""Mummy, Mummy, the other boys are picking on me again." "Don't worry dear, they are just jealous because their undies are too tight." :icon1::icon1:

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