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(30) Am I a drama queen?



Why do I do these things to myself?

I am obsessed with sound and music and drama...don't say it...I know what you are thinking...drama-queen! Right? I suppose it sounds better than music-Queen.

So I decided I would record my poems for posterity. "Why Butterfly" was a test post.

Just posted at Codey's World is my poem called, "A Scent of Love."

This was not easy. I wanted to do something a bit different. I gave much thought to what I could do with the poem.

I began rehearsing the lines while driving across the city of Adelaide to the Video store.

Have you ever noticed that other drivers think you are a little weird when you talk out loud whilst driving the car?

One fellow circled his finger around his ear to signify that he thought I had bats in the belfry.

I smiled at him, but he put his foot to the floor and drove off in a huff.

I continued reciting my poem out loud in the car. Just as I recited the line, "I loved him and forever I could tell..." at the traffic lights a woman looked at me from the safety of her car and smiled at me. If I read her lips correctly she either said, "It's alright dear" or "He's not worth it."

On top of all that I caught a cold or flu or something and my voice went hoarse. I was neighing and hacking everywhere all over the poem, all over the house and all over me.

The car was the only place I didn't cough. Maybe I have found a cure for coughing, drive the car.

Determined like the trooper I am I pressed on and after weeks of cursing the beta of Audacity (great program) and auditioning a great cast of character ideas, rehearsing the musicians, and consulting with my doctor, who stupidly told me to go home to bed, I finally finished the epic.

It is now available to hear for your amusement at Codey's World sound page:


You decide if I am a drama queen or not.


Recommended Comments

Des did a fantastic job on the poem.The web page and text:http://www.codeysworld.com/desdownunder/po...nt-of-love.htmlThe audio file:http://www.codeysworld.com/desdownunder/au...ent_of_love.mp3There'th lotsth more audio (or odd-I/O) at Codey's World, including poems by DesDownUnder,a great punk jazz reading by Civility C and the Talentless Three (aka EleCivil), short stories by Graeme, and Codey, and Blue. We are adding more as we can get to them.Please also listen to http://www.AwesomeDudeRadio.com/ and check the audio recordings on AwesomeDude.com. Check out Camy's songs and Cam Clarke's songs. They're great! -- If you aren't listening to the great stuff Dude's providing at AD and AD Radio, you're missing out.

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