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(45) Checking out the Checkout Guy



Whatever must you all be thinking of me? I mean it is 12 days since my last blog entry.

So to catch up, my ribs a re much better, thanks. I have a short story in editing stage and I have a new computer operating without Vista.

I think I might have a new poem coming on, but these things can be elusive.

I know I had worked out the opening lines just before I fell asleep last night, but I can't remember a thing about them today, but it was a great idea and I'm sure it revealed several fascinating details about the human condition.

Talking about the human condition I always feel it should be available at the supermarket on the shelf alongside the human shampoo.

Our local supermarket probably wouldn't stock it though, as it is run by homophobic moron managers.

A wonderful, efficient, cheerful and intelligent young man in his early twenties has been the life of the checkouts, ever since he came to work with his hair spiked in the shape of Roman Centurion helmut.

I of course mentioned to him how much I envied his black spiky hairdo and told him I would have something similar (but in red) if I still had all my hair. He laugh flirtatiously with me and always smiles when he sees me.

I guess we both pretty much guessed we had a common desire in men's hairstyles, if you get my meaning?

Anyway a couple of weeks ago he was checking me out, or was I checking him out? No he was checking out my groceries...Oh dear that sounds kinky doesn't it?

A couple of weeks ago he was scanning my goods...errr, registering my prices, ringing up my items?

I was at the checkout counter with my purchases when I noticed he had blonded the spikes of his hair, but left the sides of his hair jet black. It suited his dark features and I complimented him on the hair style.

"The boss doesn't like it," he told me, "I have to have it normal by Monday or they will fire me."

"That's outrageous," I said, "An invasion of your personal self expression."

"That's what the union said," he said to me, "so they are going to talk to management tomorrow."

"Well if you need someone to say they are happy with your work, I am willing to stand by you." I told him. He thanked me.

Of course I would have been willing to stand, sit, kneel or lay down by him, but I didn't say so. I didn't want to scare the poor boy. I thought he was probably already stressed out enough.

He thanked me again, as I gathered up the scanned goods and departed with spiky images stored for late night fantasies at my house.

A few days later I saw him again and he said that management wasn't pleased but the union had made it clear, his hair style was not to be subject of his performance...as a checkout operator. He thought they would try to get him to resign though. :hehe:

A few more days passed and I had to go back to the supermarket for some more stuff, I swear I spend half my life there, when I realized I hadn't seen the spiky-haired one, lately.

So I asked the friendly but not so cute tubby checkout guy where he was. Now this youngish, but not terribly bright fellow looked to his left, then to his right, then leaning across the counter as he slowly confided to me, "They wanted to fire him, because of his hair, but the union wouldn't let them because his hair is an expression of his h-o-m-o-sex-u-ality." :lol:

"Quite right too," I said, working overtime to keep as straight a face as I could, "None of their business."

"Yes," he said, "It shouldn't make a difference as long as he does his work." :lol:

Today I learned the spiked hairdo has left for a job in another supermarket some miles away.

I will miss getting my goods checked out by him. :cry:

The supermarket management is badly in need of some humane conditioning.

I hope my spiky-haired checkout guy is happier with his new job.

I am sure his new employer will be satisfied with his work. :hug:


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Unfortumately Camy, the other supermarket is located in a different suburb. Cole, the boyfriend doesn't go shopping, that is my job. :lol: Now where did I put the hair spray?

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"They wanted to fire him, because of his hair, but the union wouldn't let them because his hair is an expression of his h-o-m-o-sex-u-ality."
...Liberty spikes are gay, now? Jeez. I always thought the Devilock was the gayest punk hairstyle, personally. And yes, I did wear one back in middle school. Gimme a break - I wanted to look like Davey Havok.
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...Liberty spikes are gay, now? Jeez. ... Gimme a break - I wanted to look like Davey Havok.
"Liberty spikes?" What a great name for them. I don't understand why you would want to look like Davey Havok, when you look terrific as EleCivil.Great photo. :lol:
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Oh, for cryin' out loud. I suppose that manager never liked any of the punk and the metal bands and the hair bands (guys with big hair) back in the '70's and '80's, either. I'm pretty conservative, but even in my more uptight college days, I got a grin out of seeing guys with punk hair. Recently, I saw a cute(!) young guy at Petco or Petsmart with a hairstyle somewhere between Neelix from Voyager and one of the traditional American Indian designs from the Northeast. (I've seen an example somewhere.) He was working and busy talking with his own manager (hopefully not against his hair) or I might've talked to him. (Hey, he was likely too young for me to date, though, darn it.) I haven't seen him since. (Darn again.)I don't get it. If a guy or a girl has an unusual hairstyle, that's up to them. If people notice, well, let 'em get an eyeful. In terms of sales, it might be good publicity and might generate business, especially if the guy or girl is friendly and a good worker. The people who think it's too scandalous... ehh, they should get a life and ease up. My opinions on such things are colored by having an artist mom who ran an art and frame shop. Although they might not have been thrilled by a guy with an unusual, punk or ethnic hairstyle, I don't think they would've demanded he change it or fire him.I've also worked for someone who would've not even hired a guy with "weird hair" without caring if he was a good, friendly worker.Heh... and the not-so-bright but semi-sympathetic guy who whispered the other guy's hair was "hooomo-sex-u-al"... aw, I can cut him some slack, since he then said it shouldn't make a difference.But -- Gay hair? OK, does that mean his hair's gay, but the rest of him isn't? So, like, if his hair saw a cute guy, it'd stand up really, uh, stiff, or curl eagerly (lustily!) toward said guy? Would his hair then whistle as the guy turned around, flexed, or bent over? Then again, what if his hair is straight-acting? Does that mean it's not wavy and curly, or that you'd never know it really likes guys, until it gets very ...stiff... and thinks no one's looking?Inquiring minds want to know!

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Blue - "Straight acting hair." too funny great comment. Yes the not bright guy can be forgiven, he was careful about not being overheard, and obviously trusted me, but he probably should not have outed the lad to me. Like you blue, I cut him some slack because he was supportive. I also agree that people in individual mode attract customers and sales.This same supermarket, years ago dressed their staff in black, ankle length aprons with black berets with a red tussle on top, on their heads. I felt like a was shopping in a Scottish morgue.(apologies to all those with Scottish ancestry, of whom I am one) :lol:

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