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J's Resurrection



I keep thinking about Jason's blog entry. I keep thinking 'and there by the grace of God go I' but that's entirely wrong. I have been there in my own way. Similar but different.

I keep being told that addiction is a personality trait, and therefore genetic. In other words we are pre-programmed to self destruct. And I wonder is that right? Are there addictive personalities or is it just modern day psycho babble to excuse a whole tranche of society for misbehaving?

When I was small I was a classic case of ADHD. But then when I was small that nifty acronym hadn't been thought up. I was classified as naughty: occasionally thrashed for it and sent to child psychologists. Not a sniff of Ritalin, or anything else.

The one addiction I'm thankful I don't suffer from is alcohol. One majorly major hangover was enough to put me off for life. The rest (nudge nudge - a nod's as good as a wink to a blind man) I'd still be happy to 'suffer from', except for the outrageous cost: that and the inconvenience of possible jail time.

Then there's sex. Can you be addicted to sex? I'd say yes. If you can be addicted to powders that change your mood, why not to the ultimate high?

I have no idea where I'm going with this, so I'll thank Jason for his post and the thoughts it engendered, and stop.



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Can one be addicted to sex?YESOf course, I could be biased, after all, I'm an addictive personality. Anyone care to try an experiment regarding on whether or not sex is addictive? :icon1: We could have lots and lots of sex, just to see if we truly become addictive of course. :lol: Jason R.

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Quite a number of years ago, so far back that I would not be able to either count the years or find the references, I read a very interesting article of some research done on addictions. It seems that ANY repetitive actions or behaviours done by mammals (that means people) have the possibility of creating an addiction, particularly if the actions and behaviours have a pleasure component to the person or animal involved. Experiments were conducted and statistics gathered that indicated that in people there were proven addictions, in the true sense of the word in that the person would suffer withdrawal symptoms of convulsions etc, just like in heroin addiction withdrawal, in the forms of jogging, eating a variety of foods, and sky diving. Yes, sky diving. It seems that just doing that 2 times a day for weeks on end will cause sky diving addiction and not having your dive for the day will cause convulsions and other ghastly withdrawals.It seems that this applies to all mammals (not sky diving, but addictions) but other animals seem to be resistant. Essentially, anything you do regularly has the potential to addict you, so you'd best be careful what you always do exactly the same.

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