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No training wheels, though.




My roommate, my friend, and I have decided to grow handlebar moustaches. Given that none of us can really grow a decent moustache, it'll take a while...but it'll be worth it, because the handlebar moustache is possibly the funniest thing in the world.

Now, I know that posting something like this without pictures is crazy, but I'm lacking in the digital camera department...so you'll have to settle for these quick CorelDRAW sketches.


[image removed]


[image removed]

Yes, I'm assuming that we'll form a barbershop quartet. And yes, I recognize the intrinsic numerical flaw contained within that prediction.

"She broke up with me two days later. I think she met Don Juan in Italy. She has a new man, I have a new moustache!"

-"Razor Burn" by Lagwagon

...it's hard finding relevant lyrics for a moustache-centric post.


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And yes, I recognize the intrinsic numerical flaw contained within that prediction.
Mathemmatical jiggey-pokery is not unknown in the naming of musical aggregations, viz. in Barbershop's sister musical genre, Dixieland, The Firehouse Five Plus Two. Following that formula, you might dub your group something along the lines of "EleCivil's Bunkhouse Four Minus One." Of course, these's nothing really stopping you from further elaboration: "EleCivil's Bunkhouse Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Forty-Two Minus Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Thirty-Nine."
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I've never been keen on facial hair - possibly 'cause I'm lacking in what ever brain chemical is required. However, my BF thinks I look ... umm ... 'cute' when I'm trying - so I try, and try, and weeks later end up looking like 'shaggy' from scooby doo.All the best with your effort, can't wait for the album!

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Quick update:Jest's little sister (she's 10, I think) stopped by the other day. She saw me, and said "Oh no...you're not growing a moustache, too, are you? You guys look so stupid.""Oh," I replied, "We'll be looking a lot stupider. Just wait until they're long enough to curl.""He's really going to do that? Like, at work?""Yep.""He's going to get fired for looking stupid."Heheh.

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10 year olds have a talent for honesty and accuracy. Tact doesn't appear until a few years later.I used to have a moustache when I was younger. The logic was that by having hair under my nose, people wouldn't notice the receding hairline at the top....Now, I just keep what's left of my hair so short that with the logic being that that way they won't notice that there is a large section where there isn't any to keep short.

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