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*cackle 2*

Rose Strailo


So, not only am I an original writer, but I write fanfiction. I love fanfiction. Preferably Bleach or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I've decided I want to write one shots about various Bleach pairings. I posted the request and ended up with three reviews in 30 minutes. I also ended up with 25 pairings that make me want to coo in happiness. I love it and I'm looking forward to more coming. *cackles*


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Bleach is an anime. In all acutality the title is "BLEACH." It's a good show with much fighting, blood and...I said fighting didn't I? It's a good anime all around. I rather like it and it's just as popular as Naruto. Mind you, I don't usually watch animes like this, prefering japanation movies with pleanty of sex, blood, gore and creatures that come straight from your nightmares. *drools*

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