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Brokenhearted pt. 3: A Brief and Triumphant Conclusion



Test results, today. Bad news - I'm gonna keep on tickin', so it looks like I'll have to actually do that pile of homework that's been building up next to...that other pile of homework that's been building up.

The doc says I'm good. Apparently, the chest pain was left over inflammation from that case of e-Syph...er, strep, that I'd had earlier. The arrhythmia is harmless. All it does is make my pulse speed up and slow down a little at random intervals, rather than holding a steady beat.

That's right. My heart's a nonconformist. It pulsates to the beat of it's own...um, beat.

...Should have seen that one coming, actually.

"A rebel's embrace shall give us a taste

Of truth that is masked by a sly poker face.

A spirit is well and alive...

Live and we will survive."

"A Rebel's Romance" by Mischief Brew


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So, you're syncopated? *cool!* (Well, be careful, but I'm glad it's not something severe.)Also glad your inflammation's less, uh, flaming. :grins:Get through the h.w., then get some rest, and then if you feel like dancing, good. Ya gotta try out those new socks, after all.All hail EleCivil of the rockin' heartbeat! May it keep that crazy jive beat for all time!Here's hoping it always turns out good for you. :)

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