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Wow...I have one question to ask you all... Did your brother ever ask you if you lost your virginity or not? Well, Ty did...Even though he is only 14.5 years old. I was shocked when Ty asked me, "Mike, did you lost your virginity or not?" No sounds come out of my mouth. Instead, I said, "TY! I don't think that anyone can ask their brother if they lost their virginity or not." Ty said, "Not my fault...I was curious." My guts is telling me that once Ty find a girlfriend, he would lost his virginity to her, for sure. Then, it was the time for a really serious conversation. I explained to him that losing his virginity can cause the problems such as diseases, pregnancy and others. I answered Ty's question whether if I lost my virginity or not. Keep in your mind, I am not definitely going to tell you all if I lost my virginity or not, since it's my personal business. I also told him the consequence that my friend, who lost her virginity to her boyfriend and got pregnant, had. Ty really listen to me carefully and pay attention. Wow, just wow...Mind you all, I do not force Ty to not have sex, but instead, I am telling him to do the right thing, not the wrong thing. I am always protecting my younger brother, no matther what. He's my brother and I love him. I hope that Ty will remember this conversation and know that he will not do anything stupid. Oh yes, I talked to Ty about safe sex and condoms and other things. It made me feel better that I can discuss with Ty about this thing, in order to teach him to do the right thing, not the wrong thing. I told him, "Ty, promise me, once you find a right person, you can do it..." In my mind, "After you get married to her, hopefully." I seriously hope that he will do a right thing. I'm still worried if Ty will make a wrong choice and end up having the problems. Sadly, I can't watch him like a hawk every day, but I know that what I told him will influence on him to make a right choice. I hope so...

My summer is going well. I am kind of getting ready for college. What I'm scared of the most is that I'm on my own and no one to depend on. I am also scared of making wrong choices when it comes to difficult conflicts. But, I'm little bit excited to be on my own, no brothers or cousins to annoy me. But, what I'm scared the most is losing my friendship with my high school friends. I hope that it will not happened. I heard that it did happened to some people. Ty is sure lucky to be in high school for few years.

I am going away in beginning of August, to visit my cousin and his wife in NC. I haven't seen them since last year. My cousin and I are close. He is one of the people who supports me while I have a strained relationship with my parents, and also was there for me when Saul died. I am really thankful, and he is like one of my brothers. I am excited to chill with my cousin.

Tara and I have good times on our dates. I always love her, no matter what. Tara really brightens my day always. When she smiled at me, I know that everything will be okay. I am really lucky to have Tara as my girlfriend. So, we are still going strong.

Have a fun summer!

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I think your answer to your brother was good. Yes, it's okay for a sibling to ask you these questions. Whether you answer or not is up to you. But it's good you communicate, and it's better when you deliver a little lesson along with it. That's what an older brother/sister does for a younger one. Good show.Your virginity doesn't concern anyone but you :)

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