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Here's some pictures from Halloween:


My first attempt at a Jolly Roger pumpkin. Pretty bad, but still, it gets its point across.


This was supposed to be a werewolf howling at the moon, but it turned out more like a werewolf shooting a basketball. But, hey, remember the movie Teen Wolf, where Michael J. Fox was a basketball-playing werewolf? Yeah, I think it works.


Usually I dress as a pirate. As in, on days other than Halloween, I dress as a pirate. So, this year, I dressed in all black, tied a shirt around my head, and went as a second-rate ninja, for irony's sake (because of the ancient pirate/ninja fued, of course). I went outside and juggled clubs while handing out candy. After an hour, my hands were numb, and I was dropping them all over the place. I place the blame on some kind of ninja curse.

And an update on the handlebar moustache thing: it's a bust. I just can't grow decent facial hair. This is what I look like after five days without shaving:

[image removed]

At that rate, it'd take me roughly two years to get a decent handlebar going.

Just got back from feeding my ballot to a Diebold touch-screen machine. Maybe now I'll stop getting calls from Robotic Bill Clinton, Robotic Mike DeWine, and Robotic Mike DeWine's Wife.

Currently Listening: "I Am Ninja, My Life is Lonely and Difficult" by The Dauntless Elite


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Damn right it's a ninja curse. Not any schmuck with a black t-shirt on his head can just evoke the power of the ninja. I?m surprised the spirit of Hatori Hanzo didn?t sneak up behind you and eviscerate you with one of your own clubs, just for mocking his disciples.Go back to raping and pillaging, you clean-shaven, well-spoken corsair.

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