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I don't get politics :/



And since I don't get politics, I won't talk about politics. It's just a reason to sound stupid.

I'm sitting in the Business computing commons waiting for the proctor approval. It's been fifteen minutes and my patience is dwindling. I don't know how many more times the damn browser will refresh itself before I lose my patience and throw the monitor at the girl in front of me, who's most likely checking her myspace or facebook, as most people are doing right now.

A rhetorical question: Why do we wait for straight people to validate our equality?

Until I see a serious gay candidate for the presidency of the United States, I will not have witnessed equality. I don't care how many benefits I am promised, or how many I am given. Meh. More to come a little later. I now need to heed the TA's calling and do my test.


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I don't get politics either. It's a beastly rotten behemoth, and it's not saving the whales either, gay or otherwise.I hope your test went well.

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Politics is actually relatively simple: it's all about the acquisition and application of power, which can take many forms: money, influence, and (rarely) leadership. As long as you remember that politics is primarily about expanding any given player's power base, it's pretty easy to see why the politicos do what they do.cheers!aj

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