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Stages of Development



So, the other week, I called off work to take a six hour long standardized test. Three hours of Science, three hours of Pedagogical Theory. Fun. And I get to do it again for Language Arts in November.

Here's the part that really sucks: I've been asked to play some classical guitar for my college's annual Arts Festival. However, since I'm taking all this time off of work to take these tests, I can't get off of work to go perform. Sonuvawench, right? Well, whatever. They told me I could come play next year as an alumnus.

Oh, speaking of performances, I got to play the part of "Handsome Young Lover" in a one-act adaptation of "The Lady or the Tiger" performed for some middle school kids. That's right - I had to pretend to be lusting after not just one, but TWO girls. Heh. It was fun. I don't get into the drama stuff that often, but I don't mind hammin' it up on stage every now and then.

In other news, I'm writing again. This time, however, I'm going to wait until I've got a fairly large chunk written before I start releasing chapters. My goal is to have a regular release schedule with this next one, rather than my old "Two chapters in a row, then four months of nothing, then another chapter, then two months of nothing, etc." schedule.

SO! It'll be a while, but it's coming.

"And as the spotlights fade away,

And you're escorted through the foyer,

You will resume your callow ways,

But I was meant for the stage."

"I Was Meant for the Stage" by The Decemberists


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So, by my calculations, if you write one chapter then take off for two months, a 20 chapter story will not start posting until about mid to late 2011. Welcome Back to writing.

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Great news! A new story! We'll be waiting for it.And waiting.And waiting.And. . . .Sorry. Just teasing. They say fine wine, and fine scotch, need time to age to come to perfection. I don't mind a bit of waiting for your stories because I know how good they'll be when they do emerge from their coccoon.CPS- Three hours of pedagogical theory? I didn't know there was that much. Not that was meaningful, anyway.

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