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Automobile blues and other stuff.



I love my car, I really do. She's a little silver-grey Renault Clio and goes for miles on very little petrol - which is a boon with petrol at nearly ?5 ($9) a gallon. Yes, she's done me proud ... until late Friday afternoon when her clutch cable snapped. I won't repeat the words we had as I drove her (double de-clutching is a doddle if you don't value your gears) in first and second all the way to M's. Sighing, he then drove me home in a borrowed 3.5 litre BMW that was built when petrol was A LOT cheaper. Comfy? Yes. Expensive? You better believe it!

It's odd that garages don't like to work on Friday afternoons. Or saturday mornings, either. So tomorrow I have to get up at the crack of sparrows and schlep into town. Bollocks. :icon_rabbit:


My first story in an age and a half is up. It's called Dearly Beloved, and I hope you like it!


'Fringe' Rawks! Kinda like The X Files on speed with Pacey. A good first offering - though I haven't seen J.J. Abrams signature Polar Bear, yet. 😞



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