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White gold. Texas coffee.



Like I mentioned in an earlier blog, I've started writing again. It's rough going. I've never written this dark before, other than Fistfights With Flashlights (At least, I think - I wrote FWF all in one shot over the course of an hour or so, with no editing, no second draft, and I have yet to read it again). And, because of the nature of this new story, I keep putting way too much of myself into it. Every couple paragraphs, I've been stopping, thinking "Man, this is getting too personal. I've got to stop," closing the Word document, and walking away to do something else for a while. But I keep coming back.

On another note, what's the deal with people and sidewalks?

My college's campus is fairly open - a lot of grass and trees, with just a few sidewalks cutting through. I was walking from one side of campus to the other when I noticed that everyone else - EVERYONE ELSE - was crammed together on those little sidewalks. I was the only one crunching through the fallen leaves. The whole time, I was thinking, "C'mon, guys, if you're not going to kick through these leaves, what's the point of having trees around? Other than the whole oxygen thing, I mean." Humans are weird. I guess I still like 'em, though. They did invent non-dairy creamer, after all, and I do love some non-dairy creamer.


As far as I'm concerned, mankind is redeemed.

"We're going down, down, down

To the bottom of everything,

Just to see how dark life can get."

"Down, Down, Down" by Daniel O'Sullivan


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EleCivil. A man I thought I admired, looked up to even. Aspired to emulate in my writing. And then the bottom fell out of my world, it all came crashing down around my ears. The structure of my universe collapsed and I am left with a pile of rubble. The man actually likes non-dairy creamer. I can hardly bring myself to think it. Doesn't life suck?

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Ele, some serious advice, really. The best stories are the ones that have some of you in them. Parts of me are in AWMS, NEAWMS, ADIP, and DOG. Some more than others. It's okay to write yourself or parts thereof. It lends it credibility and believability and nobody will know which parts are you. Then again, if someone criticizes your story, they're criticizing you. (Happily, I much don't give a shit what most other people think so I take it all in stride....)

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WBMS, you made me laugh. "I don't much give a shit..." Priceless.As for Coffee Mate, you won't get any argument out of me. I can't handle dairy, but the artificial stuff works just fine, thank you very much. It is particularly helpful that they've once again removed soy as an ingredient.

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Let me know when they remove the trans fatty acids from Coffee-Mate and I might try it. :hehe:Never-the-less I won't judge EleCivil by his partaking of such substances in his coffee. I think it might be preferable though, if he can find someone to cream his coffee for him.I must confess that like Wibby, there are little hunks (pun intended) of me in my stories.Of course most of those hunks are imaginary or at least done over (I wish) to disguise the horrible innocence of my youth. :icon6:

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I think it would be difficult to write a really compelling story and not have autobiographical elements in it. I think we all do that. We also disguise it very well, mixing and matching. We draw from our experiences, our knowledge of people and psychology and incidents we've witnessed. Even my most non-autobiographical works contain some of me, in some manner or aspect. It's inevitable.C

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