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My New Year Message 2009



I make no apology for the following links, but I will warn you, many of the images are disturbing.

For those who wish to get the full effect of my New Year message, please click on the underlined links as you read them, watch the video link in its entirety, and then return to this page to continue the journey.(21 minutes) :icon_rabbit:

Merry, merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (more than what you think).

Loving is not a problem because we are love, all we have to do is let our love exist, to let it be.

Our time is short and all we see is the time in which we live,

Modified by what we are told to believe,

But what if we discovered life was more,

Than shopping at the store,

That we live by more than what others have in store for us,

That living is not to have, but is being in love, not lust,

Giving us the hope that defeats strife,

As living is the only meaning of life,

And Love is the only sane reason for its existence.

The need to love is all you need to be able to love.

Thus all reality is already present in every hope and dream you can imagine.

So go to work and everyday without fear,

Help create a Happy New Year all year, every year.

So did you expect something else from a libertine, agnostic, peacenik, hippie orangutan? :icon_rabbit:



Recommended Comments

Happy New Year to you as well, Sir Orangutan
Thank you Lord Raccoon.
Nicely done, Des. Frankly, if I think about it too much, I despair at what little there seems to be in the minds of so many.
Thanks Trab. I think the Love we spread can help people realise there is more in their minds and their lives, than they think. :hug:
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