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The Week From Hell

Richard Norway


I usually post my experiences with having a foster son here, but tonight I'd like to say what happened to me over the last few days. As most of you know, I was in Philadelphia for a conference for the past week. When I returned, I tried to boot up my computer. NOTHING happened. I took it to my friendly computer geek and he ran a diagnostic and I found out that my hard drive was toast and also that the chip set was bad, New computer, right?

New computer now, but all of my data was lost, like every drawing that I had produced for my engineering business over the past 6 years, plus accounting, plus my taxes, plus my writing, plus...plus...EVERYTHING!. Now that I'm retired, I hope that no one calls to get a copy of their drawings. If I don't write to anyone, it's because my contact list is gone and I have no idea how to contact you.

But I learned something. Back up...back up...back up. My new computer is up and running and the first thing I did was to sign up for a web based backup service. I recommend it to everyone.


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That's terrible, and I feel for you. I had to wipe my hard drive and start fresh, but my backup, on a peripheral hard drive outside the computer, allowed me to recover 99% of what I had. I was worried sick, though, that it wasn't going to work. So I can easily imagine what it's like to really happen.So much lost. I'm so sorry.C

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Thanks Cole,The web based service that I'm now using is called Carbonite. The backup with this service is instantaneous so that as I'm typing this, it's being backed up. And at $ 0.15 per day, it's worth it.

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OMG, Richard, that's terrible!I do what Cole does, I backup to an external hard drive, including the AwesomeDude site and forum data base. And the really important stuff gets backed up to a second external hard drive as well. Obsessive/compulsive? Could be but it has saved my butt and my job several times. I hear Carbonite is good but to totally recall all the mega and gigabytes of stuff I save, would take forever to retreive online.Anyway, I commiserate with you. I started my backup habit after a lightning strike took out everything about six years ago in Korea, so I've been there.

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