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Lost ... and found, pills and trolls



It's past 2.00am and I'm pondering if I want to get up at 5.00am to watch the last ever episodes of Lost. After all, Lost is a phenomenonenomeything, isn't it? Well yes (he says, answering his own question) it is. I was addicted to the first season - why do they call it a season and not a series? Addicted, and couldn't wait for the second to start. Then, when it did, and as is usual in the UK (curses to all responsible) it was taken off free-to-air and bought by that scuzzoid Rupert Murdoch and his Sky TV station.

So, sadly, with tears free flowing, I gave up on it. Then ... eventually ... I got sucked into getting Sky and there it was: Lost. By this time it had become sooooo weird I had no hope of catching up, and honestly I though I'd probably be floating around a graveyard before it finally finished.

Now, in less than three hours, the final episodes are being aired. At the same time all over the planet. W00T! :hug:

But ... and here's the rub, am I going to struggle out of my beautifully warm and wuzzly pit to watch it? Do I really care that much? I guess it'd be kinda like having listened to the original Orson Welles 'War of the Worlds' transmission in the 50's.

2030 at a 2nd Life drinkyoos party. Everyone's wearing the latest virtual sex outfits with additional length (though smaller is still prefered by some): "Yes, yes, I watched live as the end of Lost went to air back in 2010. Oh yes, I was programmed with the J.J.Abrams virus, too. Another iPopper, anyone?"


And then there're pills. I still have a full box of Prozac yum-yums, and haven't decided whether to start taking them or not.

It's not a little decision, like taking asperin for a headache. And I don't want to make a mistake and turn into some sort of ravening beast ... or conversely hide my head under a rock for the next few years.


The writing is going well. There, I've said it. No more excuses. It's true that what I'm writing might end up being twaddle, but at least it's being written, and! I'm getting a buzz everytime I fire up the computer and begin.

And that, as they say, is that.

Will I watch Lost? Will I pop pills? Stay tuned for further waffle and possible updates. And if you fancy having a goog laugh then click HERE and read Jason's latest bloggy missive.

Cheers, y'all!

Camy :icon11:


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Try a nice cup of Chamomile tea, Camy. It is calming, refreshing and much cheaper than Prozac. (I like to chop up a little fresh ginger and add that to the cup as well.) I am writing too. I manage a word a day, so it sounds like you are doing better than me. :wav:

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Chamomile tea? I believe Peter Rabbit drank it, but until now I've never met anyone else who did. Awful stuff, can't stand it. I always suspected Peter's mother fed it to him when he was ill to encourage him to declare himself better just so he didn't have to drink any more of it. She was a machiavellian rabbit...

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Actually, the teas I really like are Earl Gray, Lady Gray, and Lapsang Souchong. I take them with milk - which is frowned upon by those who like to tell me how I should drink it. :wav:

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