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Hard when single handed



"I done gone and made a video!" the fool said proudly.

"Good, good," said the cat, flexing her claws and going back to sleep.

And it nearly was good. The thing is that making a video on your own is bleedin' hard. No nifty camera moves, no slow zoom in whilst tracking out. All of the cutesy things you can have fun with with mates are impossible. And then there was the hat's damn label.

I was wearing a hat, and without anyone to point out that its label was showing, the label had a staring role ... or should that be starring. It's certainly there and very eye drawing. In fact it's all I can see. Turning the thing to sepia didn't help and then posterizing it was waaaay overboard. Oh well.

So today I have to do the whole thing again. Bah.

Cats are useless things. Love them I do, but they just won't help.


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Is it just me or was that the most pornographic post I've read from you????Oh, it's just me, is it? Uniquely mind-in-the-gutter? Not fit to be let out into polite society?Sorry, I'll just go and eat worms. :wav:

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erm, oh. Sorry, Bruin, I suppose it could have been read like that. Perhaps it's my bad or that I'm starting to write in innuendo. It was a sepia tone music video, the hat was a baseball cap (non-latex variety) and the Cat is gray. Okay? :hug::hug: Mmm, nice worms. :wav:

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