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Soft tissue on hot concrete.



I was walking through a parking lot today, just a few hours after a heavy rain storm. The rain had driven the worms out of the soil and on to the pavement. I see that a lot of them are stranded out in the middle of the lot, stuck on the spots where the puddles had dried out. These worms were a good 30 feet away from the grass, and the clouds were clearing up. I knew that if they didn't get off of the pavement pretty soon, they were going to be fried and dehydrated - I've seen it happen before.

So, I started picking them up. It was really the least I could do - I'd feel like a prick for the rest of the day if I just left them there to die. After all, if I was crawling naked at the rate of two inches an hour across hot, jagged gravel and blacktop, I'd sure appreciate some help.

So, there I am, with two big handfuls of worms, when I run into somebody I kind of know. We've never really spoken, but we've seen each other around a few times. He stops, cocks his head at me, and just gives me this weird look. I say hi, and he nods back, and says "What the hell are you doing with all those worms?"

I shrug and say "Just taking them over there", and nod toward the grass.


"'Cause they'll probably like it better over there."

He gives me a "what the hell?" kind of expression and just walks away, shaking his head. I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, what a weird guy." I told the story to some friends, and they sided with that guy, saying that transporting worms was a pretty weird thing to do.

Ever have a situation like that? Where you feel like you're doing the most normal thing in the world, but then find out that everyone else thinks you're crazy? Doesn't happen to me very often - usually, I'm well aware that what I'm doing is pretty strange, but this time I was honestly shocked. I was going that way, they were going that way, I had gloves on...so, why wouldn't I? Man, humans are weird sometimes.

"Listen up, I gotta ask - how can we be so cruel?

You say you care? That's a lie.

My true compassion is for all living things, and not just the ones who are cute, so I do what I can.

I wanna save lives and I've got a plan."

-"Cats and Dogs" by Gorilla Biscuits


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It's not like you were going out of your way to help the worms. Because if you were, that would be a wee bit strange in my book. Though now that I think about it, the spine might be broken on my book. As for knowing when I'm acting a bit crazy or strange, that's a bit tougher. Normal and strange tend to blur together for me. One day I'll get the dosage right.Don't ever change, you stay your strange/crazy pirate loving self. Everyone is just jealous of you anyway.Jason R.

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I'm a nutter anyway, so asking me if something is normal is pointless. I know exactly what you've felt because I've been there, done that before. I am as normal as a three-dollar bill.

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Excellent. Another human being who truly has compassion. Although I cannot stand the feeling of the worms wiggling, due to hyper sensitivity, I've done it when I had gloves. My favorite shocker, which, like your shocker, was perfectly logical to me, was in a rest area in central Oregon.In the urinal, one of those which go right down to the floor, was a salamander. Actually, a Pacific pink newt. It couldn't get out, no way, no how, and guys were just pissing on it. Well, I flushed it, then reached right in with my bare hand and escorted it to safety outside in some thick bushes. Then I came back in and finished my business. The shocked looks on guys' faces was a puzzle to me. I only did what is 'right'.

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I've thought of rescuing worms, too, though I've never done it. It's not weird -- unusual and exceptional, but not weird.You were doing it for the right reasons -- what other people think about it is irrelevant.

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