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Ann comes out



Ann came out as much as I did. If you imagine that people had trouble with my sexuality, you can guess that a lot of people thought she was naïve at best and nuts at worst to stay with me. She saved my life and discovered that rather than occasioning loathing, my affinities struck an erotic chord in her.

In fact, we share the same taste in men. I’m sure strangers would be confounded if they overheard her, out on the trail or on a walk along the river, point out some particularly attractive guy so I wouldn’t miss him. Somehow she saw that what she loved in me was inseparable from my core.

How does such a relationship last the decades? Luck in the first choice, forgiveness, and reinvention of the stronger, more conscious self. She has done the majority of the fresh underpinning of our love. I know who got the better part of the bargain of our life together. The sacred whispering of a lifetime with her liberated my soul.

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By far the most important part of a relationship is the friendship. If you haven't got that then I don't see the point. Sure, great sex is great, but ultimately meaningless if the eyes that you're looking into would rather be elsewhere, or slide away to the game on TV.

I'd wager Ann is your best friend. :D

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