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About me coming out.



I found a site that I am worried about called When I Came Out.

This site is a place inviting people to submit their story, in five sentences or less, which describes their coming out.

Sounds good? Don't get excited. The site conditions state that they reserve the right to refuse posting a story. Okay that's fair enough.

However they also state they will edit the story for length or grammar. It's only five sentences, how short do they want it to be?

What really annoys me is that they claim that the stories will become their property. DAMN that, it's the story of MY coming out and if anyone is going to gain from its publication, it will be me, not them. So I am posting my five sentences in my blog, here at AwesomeDude:

My Coming Out © 2012 by Desmond Rutherford

When I came out, it 1960, I was 16, and the only people I came out to were my sexual partners. You see, homosexual acts were a criminal offence subject to the often imposed penalty of 2 years hard labour. We lived under threat of blackmail and discrimination in housing, and employment. I lived as two people, one for my sexuality, and one as whoever I needed to be in order to survive. Decriminalised here, in Adelaide in 1973, it still took us a lot of protesting until, in the 1980s, we were protected enough by anti-discrimination laws to come out publicly, and now there are people who (needlessly) fear, homosexuality will be made compulsory, as we head towards recognising freedom of sexual expression for everyone.


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One day, I want to get to give you a hug, for real. I'm coming over to Oz in September, but I'll be in Sydney, which is probably nearly as far from you as New York is from Moscow. Nevertheless you deserve the biggest and most enduring bear-hug.

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:hug: Bruin, thank you so much. I love hugs and always hug back.

Some years ago I was on holidays and went to Warner Bros. Movie World theme park on the Gold Coast (in Queensland). I was approached by Sylvester the cat who wanted to have his photo taken with me, so he gave me a big hug and turned us towards the camera. Just as the photo was about to be taken, Sylvester put his arm around my body and tickled my ribs. Never one to miss out an opportunity I did the same to him. Such thin ribs.

I believe he is still recovering, from shock, in a nice room at the back of the theme park...

And yes Sydney is a long way from Adelaide, some 1,400 km by road.

have another hug. :hug:

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