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True story:

Student 1: "Mr. Civil, Student 2 just tried to bite me!"

EC: (Turns and glares at Student 2) "I knew it!"

Student 2: "What?"

EC: "You're a vampire! I've been saying it for years, but does anyone ever listen to crazy old Mr. Civil? No. Well, now they'll see that crazy old Mr. Civil isn't really all that old. I mean, crazy." (Rolls up a newspaper into a cone.)

Student 1: "What are you doing?"

EC: "What must be done. Hold still, Student 2, you're going to feel a slight stakey sensation."

Student 2: "I'm not a vampire!"

EC: "That's exactly what a vampire would say."

Student 1: "That's paper. The stake has to be made of wood."

EC: "Well, paper is made from wood pulp...which is made out of wood. I'm sure the transitive property applies to vampire slaying."

Student 2: "I'm not a vampire!"

EC: "...You sure?"

Student 2: "YES!"

EC: "Oh. Well, then. Stop trying to bite people. Now, where were we? Math? Yeah, let's do some math."


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I don't visit the blogs for a while and look what I miss! Shame on me.

Inspired, E/C. That's what that was. Now I just hope Student 2 doesn't knock the snot out of Student 1 for ratting him out.


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I want to enrol in your class, Ele, do you take mature age students? Can I pay admission fees and just watch?

(Transitive properties, for a Transylvania defence.)

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That...was truly inspired!

"Transitive properties...wood pulp...then stop biting people!"

Hahahaha! Oh, man, that is so classic! Hahahaha!

I would love to see that in a story!

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